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Florian — 2014-10-10T13:05:07Z — #1

Hello everyone.

Some time ago we asked you about general tactics. Today, we would like to ask you about making plans, struggling to carry them out, and this moment when they do come together. Please, tell us your epic stories of how initial plans did come together.

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Crom — 2014-10-10T17:57:46Z — #2

Would have to say the 1st week of 7th Cav being a legit AG/REG after the 30 day probation( 7th Cav was the last AG to have to go thru 30 day probation period before you could play legit games that counted) One night we had a few matches with NSD, now this was pre Blitze/ Heat days. Was AJthFacePooner Death,allweneed,Chemical cutthroat,Myself and a few others. Not real matches but they played us anyways. Our plans were simple but we played like a true team and came away with a few sweeps. Which for us was a big deal, NSD was one of the top AGs and we were playing some good players.Our vent was going nuts, So not really about a certain plan coming together, more about the team coming together. Which I hope above all else that carrys over to the new version, Thats what made CoC stand out was the way you connect with your people.

Snip3 — 2014-10-10T18:15:47Z — #3

Crom your alive? 7th here we go.

Crom — 2014-10-10T18:17:28Z — #4

Why of course I am, Waiting like the rest of us,amazed at the work completed so far. How ya been Snip3

Snip3 — 2014-10-10T19:40:51Z — #5

Same as you, waiting for version 2 of call to come out, and for 7th to ride again.

hotwheel300 — 2014-10-10T20:57:43Z — #6

Does anyone remember hotwheel300?

Shayan — 2014-10-10T23:31:22Z — #7

Mm..I guess some of my favorite times were rocking with 22r. I played with a lot of people and we had some amazing games but nowhere else were the teams as stacked against us as when I was with that crew.

Anywho, the best was when a good ambush paid off, or we completely juked the opponents and shifted guys without them noticing. We got wiped out more than a few times but the challenge and watching the enemy team counter act and pull feints of their own was thrilling as all hell.

The guys there really learned how to take advantage of eyes, smaller ranks always went wide, better naders hugged the walls, and response time was crisp.

My best memory is being trapped in the middle building on Farm..we'd routed most of the enemy but a few squads were left and they rushed me. Most of my team was in prime shooting position, and even though I ordered them to pick them off while I held out as long as I could, they pushed in, nades flying.

Totally kept me alive, and I got points that day.

Snip3 — 2014-10-11T00:50:07Z — #8

Good to see you also alive and kicking shayan. Been a while

Monkey_Bullet — 2014-10-11T03:11:08Z — #9

my story is an AG match which might have happened whilst myself and HEAT were in BiA, or perhaps sooner . It's actually about the other team's plan coming together I guess though

Heat and myself were 2v2ing two others whose names I can't remember, and we lost. I was pretty much to blame, and I was beating my 11(or so) year old self up for it. I remember with amusement halfway through, Heat shouting on teamspeak "MONKEY!!!". I was intimidated by a lot of people when I was 11, so it got to the point where I wouldn't announce I had lost a soldier out of fear of repercussions. So naturally I was terrified at that point. Now, I laugh at it and place it on my virtual mantlepiece for periods of reminiscing smile

[EDIT] Thinking about it, I think I was more like 13-14

Costas — 2014-10-11T04:38:16Z — #10

First of all I have to clarify that when I'm talking about planning, I mean laying the strategy on a big game. I'm not saying that 2s and 3s don't include planning, but usually those games were all about teamwork and utilizing your strongest close combat fighter properly inside buildings.
In a big game, the plan as far as I'm concerned consists of the following elements:
1. where would the opponents be less likely to be paying attention? Which side or position on the map would be less likely to be guarded heavily or be guarded by a not so experienced player?
2. time it properly. If you create a diversion will you have time to achieve your goal into taking the part of the map you are planning to, before the opponents can move back there?
3. think ahead. If the opponents counter attack, what would be your own weakest spot? Maybe give that spot/person a machine gun to buy some time the rest of your team to either advance and flank or retreat and assist.
4. know your team better than they know themselves. Apparently 99% of the players would "own" everyone if you asked them. However not only the truth would be far from it but as a commander, why would you rely on a single guy to "own" his opponents when you can have a plan not evolving around 1 person but utilize each and every person in your disposal based on their true abilities.
5. know thy enemy. It's true, when you play a few thousand games against the same people you tend to know how they fare and where, and you learn their weaknesses (being arrogant to a fault would a big one). Eventually it would become easy to bait them challenging their arrogance of superiority.

Snip3 — 2014-10-11T05:19:15Z — #11

Monkey, I've had similar situations, where I would play with heat and others and all you could hear over vent is heat yelling.

Monkey_Bullet — 2014-10-11T23:42:41Z — #12

Yeah, it was pretty funny though, would enjoy seeing him in v2 smile

Snip3 — 2014-10-12T00:19:49Z — #13

I'm sure he stalks these forums, like most of the vets who don't like to speak .

rengar — 2014-10-12T04:27:03Z — #14

Ryu712 here

Sn0wdrifter — 2014-10-12T07:25:14Z — #15

I have too many memories to isolate a single moment, but my favorite moments usually involved matches alongside mageofsilence in the short-lived revival of 45T. I played long enough to meet some great folks and immerse myself in the environment of several AG's, though.

Ryan — 2014-10-12T10:43:42Z — #16


I will always remember HEAT going MENTAL at me when we played 2s a long time ago. I never really played with him after that, but I assume he calmed down over the years.

In regards to the question my favourite plans were always the ones that had an initial element of cheese in them. Some of the funniest games I've ever played have involved just waiting behind a wall with no vision because I was told to do so and I was the lowest on the chain. We had a month where whenever OLS was CO, he'd send a squad to the corner of the map to just wait for a flank, great games.

El_Dorado — 2014-10-12T23:46:22Z — #17

Jesus Christ. Someone's actually trying to reboot CoC. I remember being on my dial tone Internet and screaming at my sister for picking up the phone and kicking me off mid reg match!

My favourite tactic was putting someone EPIC in stone house, that was like the ultimate symbol of skill to be placed there or having one person run to the walls outside stone house and have the WHOLE others do complete edge of the map flank.

When this game comes to life, I gotta be there!

Just let me know how to run it on a MacBook Pro!

UltimateGod — 2014-10-13T00:03:35Z — #18

The engine we are using is fully capable of running on windows and osx.

Rapidkiller — 2014-10-13T00:59:43Z — #19

I agree with Costas and his steps to success in games. No plan is ever executed perfectly; changing on the fly separates the best from the rest. To be honest, choosing not to use teamspeak or vent and instead only typing was detrimental to my game, and I hope for, but don't expect, an in-game voice-chat that's not run by a third party.

As for the question, I think the most exciting games were the "comeback" games, where you are down many men but instead of winning by killing them all, you rush a VP point and grab it at the last second and win. I don't know if the VPs idea fits in to V2's more realistic feel but the system was definitely something that drew me to CoC. Simply killing everyone on the other team isn't good enough (ahem opens ahem).

Great to see the new forum up and running and best of luck.


Doom — 2014-10-13T19:40:24Z — #20

Planning the campaigns was always epic smiley