Something to play while waiting for CoCV2?

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Bobo1441 — 2015-01-04T19:32:20Z — #1

I gotta say, I've just stumbled onto CoC and I'm really excited to play it, but are you guys aware of any similar games available now?

I've got Men of War 1 and Assault Squad, but the thing I find really appealing about CoC is the extremely small scale, and just can't find anything like it, either turn-based or real-time, with a focus on multiplayer?

Cossack — 2015-01-05T04:28:42Z — #2

There are no other game that parallel that I now of. Many of us that have played this game would now about it. On that note, the only game that would be like it is the original call, Chain of Command, but that game was taken down at the same to time put all focus on the new one.

I wish I could be more helpful, sorry about that. haha

Wargamer — 2015-01-05T19:25:28Z — #3

Yes, you can't find any other game like coc. I am playing Insurgency (hardcore FPS) while waiting.

DeathStriken — 2015-01-09T06:11:02Z — #4

Call of Combat is Call of Combat, nothing comes even close to being like it. Its why we are all so addicted to it :D But hopefully we will be back to it in a few months :D (I hope)

Rocky — 2015-01-11T22:00:37Z — #5

CoC is kind of in its own niche.. but I also enjoy Aces High which is a an Air and Ground 3d simulation with a WW2 theme except you can select aircraft or vehicle from Allies or Axis regardless of team. You can play it on a decent lap top.

WW2 Battle Ground Europe is also an interesting game but you'll need a clocked up computer to run it. Its a first person shooter 3d simulation but also has air combat.

Essence — 2015-02-02T14:09:21Z — #6

i am currently cow tipping i love watching cows tip over in the mean time while i wait for call of combat v2 what is life without call of combat there is none duh. it is my life and my game smile

Rifel — 2015-02-08T11:47:06Z — #7

CoC is about talking with people, having laugh, and meeting new friends, in the meantime you play together as ag and have some angry leaders raging smiley

BlitzEY — 2015-02-08T21:34:09Z — #8

It's unique. Which is what makes it so great.

I'm also currently playing Insurgency whilst I wait.

Canhead09 — 2015-02-18T16:17:44Z — #9


FearTHeReaPeR — 2015-02-18T21:29:13Z — #10

go to the kickstarter and play this

GameMation — 2015-02-18T21:30:20Z — #11

No more waiting m8. XD let's delete this one.

12Lives — 2015-02-19T13:19:58Z — #12

I bet if someone opened up a Teamspeak server for all players waiting for Call to release we could find other games to play while we wait. On that note I dont know why nobody ever started a CoC gaming community after CoC went offline.

FearTHeReaPeR — 2015-02-19T22:18:34Z — #13

holy crap sup 12lives

Cossack — 2015-02-22T23:54:47Z — #14

12lives, while steam was popular. I it has really over skyrocketed in the past few years, and by then... CoC lost people when it went to Beta version and then a lot of people dropped off the map when CoC shut down. I was gone and didn't know that it had shut down until I tried to log on one day.

Eziekieal — 2015-02-23T06:08:37Z — #15

Well... XCOM is kind of similar...