Kill4life — 2014-11-01T13:37:29Z — #1

Were is my beloved Corgan? LB? SS? TROOPER? havent seen any of you, ill be running RFA up myself and track everyone down to rebuild us! RFA will strike again smile

We will all be back, just gotta hit up Leroy on MSN, only place i got in contact with him back in the days. Lets just hope hes's not in deep debt for playing bad poker smiley

If anyone is around show me you are alive !

Monkey_Bullet — 2014-11-01T15:20:11Z — #2

I shall tell thee a story. Once upon a time there was a young boy of 13 called Monkeybullet. Twas a self-proclaimed alias, as his parents would not change the name certificate. Said Monkeybullet boy played a game called Call of Combat (V1). Twas a Merry game, full of bloody grenade battles and bayonets. Our young protagonist took it upon himself to join the legendary Brothers in Arms Army group (BiA). Twas a much younger group than the mighty KFG, RFA or UBG but it was recognised nevertheless as a mighty group of community, sharing, community and community. Our young Monkeybullet cast his eyes over some of the mightiest heroes of RFA and as any young, hormone-crazed child would do, began to cry after his men fell, one by one to the 2x2 pixels that were the RFA grenades.

The 13 year old Monkeybullet then proceeded to roar a mighty roar and with extraordinary skill, place his keyboard through his computer monitor. Twas an unlucky day for the mutated badger called Billy as he suffered severe brain damage from a computer mouse thrown from over 2 miles away.

Meanwhile, said RFA heroes by the name of Corgan, Leroy Brown, SS and TROOPER laughed their mighty laughs and after logging onto their World of Warcraft characters shared stories of their battles round the fireplace in Goldshire Inn.

Several years later upon the announcement of Call of Combat V2, the now, much older Monkeybullet had transformed into a much more solemn creature. Years of plotting, scheming, planning and plotting were finally going to be put into play. To spare this innocent audience what Monkeybullet would happily describe in such lavish detail that your eyes would pop, bowels erupt and brains melt, each RFA hero was dealt with one by one. Such is Monkeybullet's evil, he would have you match up each method of death to each fallen RFA hero...Oh what a dark day this is for RFA heros all around the world returning once more for CoC V2.

The heroes:
Leroy Brown

The deaths:
- Car battery attached to nipples of hero. Hero being flung into the Atlantic ocean.
- Thrown into a pit of mutated badgers that had been starved for 46 minutes and 40 seconds.
- Bought a ball pit for son from Wallmart. Was driving it home completely unaware it had been modified into a grenade pit.
- Was kidnapped and forced to drink 10 galleons of carrot juice causing mass liver failure after vitamin A overdose.

Kill4life — 2014-11-01T16:58:50Z — #3

I like your long story mate! I played CoC V1 with my brother (Furax) 10-12 years ago? I originally started playing side by side with Ant and sting in BHB but since I was a young minded pieace of shit back then I went behind their back as the wrath of LB'S hands took me in.

I just hope they come playing when this is up going. I haven't played any games since CoC went down. And the only reason why Im buying a new computer and want to play again is because I remember this community as one of my best childhood gaming memories.

My English is still getting worse from not gaming and constantly talking with immigrants throughout work and going down on their "level".

Anyway! I dont know we're im going with this!
Wife,kid and a house of 280squaremeters to fix gas been enough for me the last year's.

I'm looking so much forward to play with all of you. The ones who remember me, and the ones who don't!

Have a great weekend! Cheers! clink smile

Monkey_Bullet — 2014-11-01T19:14:42Z — #4

I think we'll all be suprised at how many old faces we'll see buddy smile
Look forward to seeing you and hopefully your old friends on the battlefield.


SgtSlaughter — 2014-11-04T18:49:37Z — #5

K4! What's up my friend?

Very well written, considering you don't know any English stuck_out_tongue

The Ranger$ are all lingering around as usual.

I've managed to keep tabs on a few personnel: LB was disqualified from the 2013 WSOP on a count of being too over weight to fit in his chair. Corgan ran into Drake at a Toronto Raptors game (have not heard from her since the honeymoon). Certifiedfieldmedic is entering his 9th year of undergrad. Since moving to Florida, I have met Cire and W6 and confirmed that they are in fact brothers, not just one multi and Costas and Bacchus have sworn their allegiance to RFA in the new game. I will keep you posted when I hear more.

great to see you're still alive,


Kill4life — 2014-11-04T19:06:22Z — #6

Fantastic to hear from you SS! smile I'm glad im not alone, can't wait to have som social(unsocial) gaming time again.

Great post, it made me giggle :-p Speechless tbh.

I've subscribed for newsletters and posts so I can pay attention to how the development is going, but I must say my time is limited working to much. Hoping to catch first price in lottery soon! smile

cireofmi — 2014-11-04T20:20:12Z — #7

I am here and I talk to Corgan every once in awhile. I have a couple of RFAers on facebook besides my brother w6649 that i will let know that the game is up in case they dont know.

cireofmi — 2014-11-04T20:25:47Z — #8

Also, no more MSN Messenger, it was merged with stupid Skype.

SgtSlaughter — 2014-11-04T21:42:28Z — #9

thumbs down to the merge

SgtSlaughter — 2014-11-04T21:45:06Z — #10

P.S.----Anybody play Clash of Clans? Need a couple reliable folks for my clan.

cireofmi — 2014-11-05T22:27:03Z — #11


leroybrown — 2014-11-06T10:46:28Z — #12

The fear of K4 running RFA has made me post. He'd let any miscreant in. I have no idea who SS is - was he CO of BIA at one stage? That works for me. I'd ask Corgan to clarify but her late 30's memory isn't the best, according to her Hammerstein and Chamb were one and the same.

leroybrown — 2014-11-06T10:59:29Z — #13

Actually K4 the casual racism in your post singles you out as leadership material in RFA but if your English gets any worse I think maybe communicating with hand signals might be best.

Kill4life — 2014-11-06T11:07:11Z — #14

Haha LB! Missed you too. You don't think im capable of leading RFA? Me neither, im to aggressive!! Better off at the battle field sacrificing for the better cause smile

Monkey_Bullet — 2014-11-06T17:46:08Z — #15

LB for president

Kill4life — 2014-11-06T18:00:41Z — #16

The only way LB can ever lead RFA again with my approval is :

  1. Have atleast 3-4 cashgames open while in-game.

  2. No microphone @ Ventrilo

  3. Gain ATLEAST 120lbs before release oof V2.

Can you handle it LB? I will be deeply disappointed if you so not forfill my requests smile LOVE

UltimateGod — 2014-11-06T21:21:22Z — #17

The world is not right unless lb goes afk at the start of a match and RFA wins anyways stuck_out_tongue

SgtSlaughter — 2014-11-06T21:39:33Z — #18

UG, thanks for volunteering as the double-agent for RFA on the inside of the development team by the way. Where is Serenna?

UltimateGod — 2014-11-06T22:56:40Z — #19

She is here waiting.
and Np wink

cireofmi — 2014-11-06T22:58:29Z — #20

Wow LB actually posted.