Poll: What's coming next? You decide!

Antoine — 2015-03-06T22:08:24Z — #1

How about you decide what feature should be in the next updates of the game (besides the mandatory bug fixes and tweaking of course)

You decide!

Antoine — 2015-03-06T23:39:53Z — #2

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Wetwork — 2015-03-07T02:58:42Z — #3

One thing i've noticed thats not on the list that I would like to see is customizable key interface. So I can change the hotkeys to my liking. I thought maybe this was one the community would like as well.

SirCremator — 2015-03-07T03:50:11Z — #4

should make it so when everyone is rdy in the room the game starts. instead of designating someone to be master.....noobs dont know how to start. haha

Wetwork — 2015-03-07T06:17:48Z — #5

Well the floating master idea to have the best performance for the game was a masterful idea. But I honestly have to say that I would go back to whoever creates the room stays the game host.

UltimateGod — 2015-03-07T12:16:26Z — #6

We had that initially, it caused performance issues for everyone on the server. Especially if the person that created the room had only 10 fps. They did not have enough horse power to do the calculations for everyone in game and themselves in a timely manner. Ping is also a factor on all of this of course.

DreamBird — 2015-03-07T14:24:56Z — #7

I think Wetwork is basically saying that you should leave virtually everything as is now; just make the 'Start Game' button be something the highest rank/room creator presses instead of the person who is master of the server. So the calculations are still done by the person who has the fastest connection but the decisions that players make are done by the highest rank.

Woodylepic — 2015-03-07T20:25:17Z — #8

What we need is a chat room and a chain of command like the old version have to get valorised by ranking grade, also 5 or more average map, or a free little program to made custom map to be approved by member, interesting map that rooky or slow player like me have time to reach cover, hide and hambush or old position in house, (not crazy pocket map where all have to get hurry finding some cover and run like a hell).

More you will get some interesting map in the game, more you will attrack new COC players.