Old times sake

Old Call of Combat
Jack_Frost — 2015-01-10T11:33:53Z — #1

Admin Edit: Ventrillo rant with offensive behavior that triggers instaban

Can't miss those great late night drunken ventrillo rants.

Jack_Frost — 2015-01-10T11:34:26Z — #2

Courtesy of Disc_Warrior and fortyoz

LtRuff — 2015-01-10T14:05:51Z — #3

LOL omg those 2 guys were a riot when they got wasted.

Rage4Order — 2015-01-10T17:37:09Z — #4

Haha my 2 old buddies....

Costas — 2015-01-11T04:00:21Z — #5

You may want to warn viewers about the explicit language in it.

Jack_Frost — 2015-01-11T04:11:45Z — #6

There was nothing like a fortyoz drunken "I love you guys like brothers" rant. Nor Disc ranting for 20 minutes about how he'd kill any man for us. xD

Cossack — 2015-01-12T06:33:29Z — #7

There is a time and place for things, but this doesn't belong on this forum. At least in the public eye for everyone to see. Old and NEW people alike. Keep in mind that wea re trying to create a positive base for this game through the use of this forum. This is inappropriate for it and some people probably don't find it as finny and you or someone else does.

Antoine — 2015-01-12T12:52:27Z — #8

It IS arguably strange to put this in the Friendly Pub section. So I moved it.

We're not completely against posting this kinds of rants, we admit that some of them are pretty funny. But this particular one is indeed a bit on the line. We have some firm rules on the forum, which you can find in the first paragraph of the FAQ (link). None of which are directly broken here. It does however go against some of the guidelines detailed in the same FAQ (link) as shown bellow:

Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.

That said, the behavior shown in the YouTube video is a good example of how to get an immediate and permanent ban. So let's just keep this one for educational purposes.

Jack_Frost — 2015-01-12T14:43:32Z — #9

Ouch, guess I'm used to the 0 censorship for the last 3 years on "old call" on that note though it'd be safe to slap a hammer on me now as that is one of the more tame things I'd ever post/comment. Cheers :)

Jeff — 2015-01-12T19:28:52Z — #10

That laugh at the end though hahaaha! :joy:

Mudrunner — 2015-01-17T15:54:21Z — #11

lol loved it. man he was pissed at 4oz, been along time since I heard them names.

LtRuff — 2015-01-17T21:50:11Z — #12

funny part was that convo was the norm late into the night. one or the other would get pissed drunk then say something to the other to piss them off and go off on each other.

Karma — 2015-02-17T13:21:19Z — #13

This gets me every time

Cossack — 2015-02-18T04:40:40Z — #14

The really old people in UBG played a game were when they died that had to take a drink, Needless to day they all got sloppy really quickly in late night opens and such. hehe Love you all! <3

BlitzEY — 2015-02-18T06:14:41Z — #15

Good idea Cossack. Does anyone know if there will be a filter in the lobby? Or will it be like the glorious Barsniper days?

LtRuff — 2015-02-19T14:16:30Z — #16

lmao barsniper theres another person. and ya i remeber the drinkign games we used to play. i would get hammered drunk and barely make it to bed instead of the floor.