KFG: Reloaded

Tyler — 2014-08-22T17:58:42Z — #1

Are any of the other old KFG members browsing around on here? Just thought we could get back in touch before the game launch :]

Menelyagor — 2014-08-24T21:28:50Z — #2


We had a post on the 'old' forum and there were alot of us.

Antoine — 2014-08-25T14:26:09Z — #3

Hello there, I've moved this topic to the brand new "regiment" category.

Colethemole69 — 2014-08-26T12:04:34Z — #4

I hope to be in KFG at some point, maybe even to start on the new game! That is where I finished up my career. RFA was my home until LB booted me for life for being a teenager basically haha. Floated around for awhile, but KFG was my end point and I loved it there! Hope some of the people I know start it back up smiley

Pai_ku_han — 2014-08-28T16:12:56Z — #5

Hey! i was KFG once.

SemperFI — 2014-08-29T19:54:54Z — #6

I was KFG, SemperFi. How long before release of new game? Is it still possible to play the old version or has it been taken down?

WarBoss — 2014-08-29T23:26:28Z — #7

Nice! Really nice that KFG is the 1st Regt here smile

In fact it was not the 1st Regt to be created, it was the second one, on the 1st day of the regiment system back in old Chain of Command days... The difference from all others is that is the only Regt that was alive during the whole time that the game was on.

It jumped to Call V1 and i'm sure it will be alive in this new Call!

By the way, i was also in KFG... since day 1. The best Regt/AG ever smile

Karma — 2014-08-30T19:08:39Z — #8

WarBoss? In KFG? That can't be right wink

Snip3 — 2014-08-30T19:15:38Z — #9

Well you know, i'm coming back to KFG!

Glacier — 2014-09-03T19:34:49Z — #10

KFG sign me up already

Atpot — 2014-09-05T21:53:13Z — #11

I miss playing with my CoC..
So excited its close to alpha release. KFG is my one and only.

Revolutionary — 2014-09-09T16:08:01Z — #12

Missed me smile Sign me up too

Rezurexc — 2014-09-10T05:24:47Z — #13

I was in KFG for a few months and then CoC shutdown, I wasn't that active, but I played in a few AG games. I remember some of you! Where is Wes?!

Menelyagor — 2014-09-10T12:08:50Z — #14

He was on the other forum. He will be there once the game starts. Alongside other noticable KFG members

WarBoss — 2014-09-11T20:45:38Z — #15

Yeah... I also believe that when this game there will be some KFG'res coming out of their trenches smile

Jeff — 2014-09-14T09:20:29Z — #16

Apart from a couple of brief holidays in other AGs over a 6-7 year period, KFG has always been my home! Cant wait to get back playing with you guys again. although i can't say i miss hearing Neats awful accent on vent! <3

Tyler — 2014-09-14T18:07:22Z — #17

It's great to see so many replies! It's been 8 years or so since I played my first game, been in KFG the whole time. Back in the day I was a CCO and even XO for a bit, but I took a long break for school (so apologies if we haven't met.) Looking forward to seeing everyone in the new game lobby!

Scowen — 2014-09-16T09:23:21Z — #18

Tyler! I remember you, the Infamous WB, ColeTheHole wassup, PaiKu nice to see you, Semper, my love and darling Karma <3 Snip3! And good ol' Jeff. So many familiar faces, can't wait for this to be running again, let the old times flow

diver256 — 2014-09-16T23:33:55Z — #19

I'm in on the come back of BiA smile

Toony — 2014-09-17T16:29:20Z — #20

Oh man, all the people! smile