Finding your old AGs

Longshotpro2 — 2015-01-07T04:45:19Z — #1

I am making this topic for two reasons, one to try to find anyone that would happen to remember me and what AG I was in during the good old days. And two, to bring together other people who don't remember what AG they where in so this can be a good place for people to connect and try to figure that out without asking in the individual AG posts.

(if this already exists then I must of missed it and a mod can delete this)

The account name I had would either be The_Zodiac_Killer (looking back I just named it after my watch that I had, not knowing that it was an actual thing until some members pointed it out back when) or Longshotpro2.

If anyone recognizes me that would be great, if not that is fine too and this can help others connect.

Wanted to add links to all of the different AGs that have a topic so far so once you all start to connect and figure out where you used to be, you will have an easy way to get to the individual topics from here.

86th BHB:

TMania — 2015-01-31T14:33:26Z — #2

Zodiac, your name does sound familiar, but not in BiA, I would think you may have been in either Nsd, or possibly 7th, Crom or Costas should be able to verify if this was so, good to see you back.

Longshotpro2 — 2015-02-10T23:34:23Z — #3

After looking around and trying to figure it all out, I have narrowed it down to 7th, UBG, & TBC.

I know I was in either UBG or TBC at first then switched to the other and then switched back. But I don't know which one I was first in.

The name Oat... something oat... rings a bell but I haven't seen it here on the forum, does anyone else remember this name?

They where in the chain of command for whichever AG I was in because I remember them getting me into AG games.

LtRuff — 2015-02-12T03:53:17Z — #4

i know we had in UBG a player by the name zodiac but i dont know for how long.

Longshotpro2 — 2015-02-12T04:09:01Z — #5

I may have started TBC and then gone to UBG then back, which does help a lot. I wish I knew more names but its been so long.