Call of Combat v1: Nostalgia Thread

Old Call of Combat
Karma — 2015-02-17T13:43:55Z — #1

As we come closer to the release of v2 I think it's a good time to look back on all the sweet sweet times we all had on v1!
I'm pretty sure I remember posting these on the old forum before, but here are some screenshots I still had lying around to send you all right back wink

The oldest screenshot I have... In an AG game against 7th. Pretty sure this was one of the first AG games I played in.

The good ol' team killers.

8.69 nade range, if my memory serves me right... that was pretty far.

This is one from the CoC Campaign. Can't remember when it was... but a long bloody time ago.

A screenshot of the website after the Campaign games.. I think they were around 30v30!

Gotta say I felt sorry for whoever had to do that chain...

Ah, there ya go, 30v30.

This was Ventrilo before the campaign.

Good memory!

When games were introduced into the Lobby...

That's mostly all I've got from an old Photobucket account I found... But I'm sure you guys have some more!

Toony — 2015-02-17T14:08:10Z — #2

Wish I kept my screenshots from my old PC!! Argh! frowning Anyways good times! smiley

cowpatty — 2015-02-17T15:48:34Z — #3

i hope v2 has the same exact feel

FearTHeReaPeR — 2015-02-17T23:13:36Z — #4

it might... it might. but i can neither deny nor confirm here. i like keeping you all in the dark. the wait will be worth it. oh no i said too much.

Cossack — 2015-02-18T04:45:27Z — #5

Looking at those screen shots really makes me remember the community and good times I had when I was younger. This game really did help me out a lot and so did the players. Thank you Devs for all your hard work and I can't wait to kill some people. In-game of course... Not in real life, unless certain people withhold this game from us too much longer cough cough.. Eeerrr, I mean In-game, not in real life, at all, ever, especially the Devs. ,:-D

Scowen — 2015-02-18T14:47:51Z — #6

I'm in so many of these, man how I miss these times.

Canhead09 — 2015-02-18T16:15:06Z — #7

brings back some amazing memories

Karma — 2015-02-18T21:39:00Z — #8

Same! They were so good frowning

ViLeBlOoD — 2015-02-20T18:20:12Z — #9

wow that brings back some memories, I remember being really good friends with bacchus, anyone know what happened to that guy?

BlitzEY — 2015-02-21T01:29:02Z — #10

I miss the nading 😔

UltimateGod — 2015-02-21T01:31:12Z — #11

I already have notes on nading smile

1: Make it faster in terms of animation and detonation time (potential)
2: increase max range a little tiny bit (Potential)
3: We have Antoine looking into design improvements

BlitzEY — 2015-02-21T20:38:24Z — #12

It's not so much those things, it's just so different to v1. It's not any one thing, nor a few things.

Being able to warp-nade was a skill, being able to warp-nade efficiently and quickly took a lot of practice.

1) That may help a lot.
2) Not sure about this, as it actually seems the range is what it was in v1.
3) Improvements or retrogression?
4) The indicator is the biggest problem for me right now.
5) Stun time seems very low. I've stunned people, walked up to them and halfway there they've stood up and killed me.

Those are just a few things I can think of right now. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic.

Resoula — 2015-02-21T22:53:13Z — #13

This game was amazing! I loved it! The only name I remember out of all the people I used to play with was Shiva, and mine was AceofRazgriz. I was a child when I played this and this community still fully accepted me even on vent!

Can't wait to see v2 come out! These pictures are just bringing back the memories! =D

BlitzEY — 2015-02-21T23:06:29Z — #14

You can play a demo by going to Kickstarter and downloading it from there. Just click 'Try the demo' once you've downloaded it.

Shiva — 2015-02-22T03:00:54Z — #15

Ahhhh, campaign games. What a pain to organize, but some great times for sure. Great memories.

UltimateGod — 2015-02-22T03:23:55Z — #16

Shiva! good to see you smile

LtRuff — 2015-02-22T07:24:40Z — #17

what up shiva long time no see