Multiplayer Update - August 3rd, 2014

Hello again,

Its been about a month since I posted out last video of game play footage, So I thought I would bring you another blog post about our current progress as of this morning ( August 3rd, 2014).

So the art guys have been hard at working integrating art assets into the game, as you have seen from the teaser post from Antoine :). Florian, Wessel and our animator David have been hard at work on path finding, shader work, and animations.

I have been working on combat mechanics. I implemented a reload system, so that clips and magazines in the weapons are simulated. For the rifle I have in the game currently (a work in progress), the soldier will fire 5 rounds, then reload their weapon. Also we made it so that if you soldier is firing at the same target, their aim time is lower by a little bit. When reloading this counts as a change of target, so aiming after reloading takes a little longer. I also went through and tweaked the hit change formulas, which are still very much a work in progress.

Without further delay here is a video showing how Florian and I played our very first multiplayer game. The map in the video is a test map, that any structures might resemble any so called favorite maps is just coincidence. Everything is a work in progress, so any bugs seen in the video are on our list to be fixed :). I think everyone will enjoy it a lot :)

Also here are some still teaser images :)

As always, leave your comments below.

Brett "UG"


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Looks amazing!

I'm surprised how large the radius of the grenades are, and how fast the soldiers move, but the game play looks beautiful.

Can't wait for alpha, keep up the good work!
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We are continuing to tweak settings such as the ones you mentioned.

The radius of the grenade is no larger than V1 ;) and the movement speed is actually slower.

The square system of V1 makes it hard to judge against V2 because in V2 we are using 1 unit in game is 1 meter.
I struggle with this perception myself :).

Keep watching as we move a long!
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This is going great! I'd honestly play with the "work in progress map" Let me play already!
UltimateGod's picture

Hehe, We have an official map in the works (Antoine's post has a shot from it), That map should be the map for Alpha. As you can see though we are fast approaching that time, and I for one am super excited to be getting closer to having others giving feedback.
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So as far as i got it, grenade don't stun, it just kill?
UltimateGod's picture

They do both, just like always. He just got lucky with his first grenade against me :)
Near the end, I stunned him with a grenade, then he shot me when he unstunned. Yes stun time was short :)
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Crying here ... want to play.

Looks great. Plays pretty well already. Significant improvement over V1.

Are you using squares? Or hexagons?
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we was told there would be a BETA next year around summer... will this happen?

We've managed to miss a few deadlines in the past, to solve that problem, we'll now make sure we are vague enough when talking about release dates. That said, there is a private alpha coming in a rather near future, dare I say.
Yes you read that right: NEAR FUTURE!
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ooooooooooooooooooo :)

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it is obvious this is truly a next level design compared to the old version. I know you heard it already but I'll say it too: keep up the good work, the art looks amazing.
Regarding the video there are a few things I'd like to mention and yes I know there are bugs.
1. When running sometimes the soldiers seem to "skate on ice", the graphic doesn't work
2. When running, the movement is not fluid enough, you get the impression they are deep in mud trying to run (observe the guy at the bottom of BH running from one corner to the other.
3. LOS issue around the corner? It was funny soon as you make the turn you see someone coming but not while at the corner.
4. It was apparent that there is not different graphic to distinguish between a stunned and a dead soldier
UltimateGod's picture

Yes :) all works in progress.

Right before the video we slowed down the soldiers movement speed because we thought it was to fast, this caused them to look like, what I called high step :P but run in mud is accurate too. We are tuning this.

And yes the skating is an issue related to the animation starting to late, needs to be adjusted.

The LOS I didn't notice, So I will have to look into that to see why.

And we dont have a dead animation yet, along with a suppressed animation.

For the video we were using a frozen stunned animation as the dead animation, its hard to tell in the video :)

We had just gotten the animations into the game, I think a day or two before so Its still rough, but good progress.

Make sure to watch alex's stream to see more. He posts in the forum when he is live.

Costas's picture

Thanks Brett, no doubt you guys have seen the same. I thought I should mention them just in case. After all they still have the A in upper case in the logo "CAll" LOL
BTW, I was a bit concerned myself about the running speed. It actually looks a bit slow on the video. It looks like it could use maybe a 10% increase in speed while running? Definitely not fluid, however a million percent better than before :)

PS: my ability to knit pick will make me a better candidate for alpha/beta testing :p
UltimateGod's picture

lol campaigning.

The running speed feels pretty good when playing around with it, but we will see once we have more people in game ;)

The withdrawals are too much.... I need my fix guys...
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Hi Guys,

I have been watching the updates and progress but never considered registering.

Now that i have registered i can provide feedback :).

Multiplayer test video is showing great results!

I have always wondered if it would be a good idea to put in a health system? Got to hate it when you 20-35 squares away (just started) and get sniped.

Just a suggestion.
Crom's picture

Just want to say Im very happy with the way the game looks and feels from the video above. I also 2nd everything Costas had to say. Thank you guys so much for the work and effort your putting in. Can't wait to be back on the field. Go 7th Cav!

Whats up Crom! Long time no see.

omnom nom nom nom nom nom! Good golly it just might turn out to be fun!
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IVant to play dis very bad! Great job on the game so far seems like its coming out great.
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Read the title. XD also. I'm back to mac... AGAIN lol. So I need a mac version of the game. CHANGING IT AGAIN. XD I'm sorry for those who I put through pain.