November status report


It is high time for a new status report. Partly because I just noticed that our last blog post was eight days ago... So much for our goal to post a new update every week.. We promise to do better next week.

What is happening at the moment regarding Call of Combat? Well... quite simply put: a lot, which is great! Among other things, we are currently working towards some proper professionalization. We simply NEED to do this in order to launch a great new Call of Combat. Also to keep making it even better once its online and available for everyone. We know that we have always said that the launch would be happening in the Spring of 2014. But I am sorry to announce that we will not be able to make this deadline. We had to adjust our estimate. We now expect to launch the game a few months later, in the summer of 2014. Time for some other (better!) news:

New Art Director
We have a new Art Director. His name is Gordon Spencer de Haseth. In the past he has worked for Fox Studios (Walking with dinosaurs), Guerilla games (Killzone 2, 3 & 4) and more... We are very excited to have him on board. Since yesterday he is reponsible for the art direction and guidance of the rest of the art team. In short: he will do his best to make sure that we have a game which looks great! In particular when you compare it to how our beloved game looked in the past. But, lets be honest, thats not very hard :D Lets give him a warm welcome!

Tech Development
Florian and Brett are making good progress tech-wise. They are getting close to actually being able to kill each other I believe. Florian will post an update on the tech developments next week.

I believe that we have told you about the DGG (Dutch Game Garden) before. Last September we went to an event organized by them. Today some of us went to a somewhat similar event; Very interesting stuff & speakers. Anyways, the DGG offers a free incubator program which we are currently applying for (this is a long and difficult proces). We are also applying for office space (which is not for free unfortunately) in a building hosted by the DGG. This building is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It accomodates 35 other young game development companies. Our goal for the next month or so is to join those other companies and be number 36 in that building. We realize that some of you might not be used to this 'business-like' approach for CoC. But as I've mentioned before, this is very very necessary for making a game which is much much better than it has ever been. And lets be honest, who doesnt want that? :D

Social Media
We have set up several Call of Combat social media channels last week. We use these channels to keep you all updated on a daily basis. Hopefully this will aid in enlarging the reach and get more people interested/eventually playing! Click on those Facebook, Youtube and Twitter icons on the right to like/follow/subscribe the Call of Combat media. This week we have posted some old development video's and new soldier animations.

We'll make to sure to update you again soon!




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Awesome news on the art director. I don't mind waiting a couple months when I'm planning to invest years. On another note I bet florian is fully ready for that kill. At least mentally after all this. Sorry I didn't respond when you answered me before I've been pretty busy with life. Good luck with the DGG space.
BAYUNASPRO's picture

1 question i can play with mac this game??????????
Jeff's picture

will there be an opportunity for testing the game before summer 14? and are you looking for volunteers? :)

Patiently Waiting
Erik's picture

Yes there definitely will be Jeff! It is very likely that we will need a large testing group for beta. We will keep you updated ;)
Alex's picture

Maybe those who pay should get access to BETA.
Are you going to be operating any subscriptions or micro-transactions?
Erik's picture

Hmm.. yes.. That is a possibility indeed. We'll have to carefully weigh the various options. We currenlty estimate BETA to be launched in four or five months from now.

Probably both; subscriptions (think of supporter feature in CoCv1) and micro-transactions (think of using credits for new awesome-looking uniforms for your soldiers).
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Not only for the game, but to be able to destroy you in it Jeff ;)
BAYUNASPRO's picture

Erik's picture

Patience is a beautiful thing Bayun ;) But its great to hear that you are excited!! We are too :)
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Great news to hear! Very glad you are taking the professional route this time. So much oppertunity! :)
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fyi I use to be a beta tester for firestorm. a lot of graphic issues lately are caused by ati driver called catalysts.
Ati drivers have been bugged over the past 3 years. They haven't been as stable and the reason is because the MHZ sometimes goes past its capability and crashes when enabling the new feature to aaccelerate gpu. There has been many complaints
Erik's picture

Hell yes you can! We will be working out all testing details and how to move forward in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for blog updates ;)
Alex's picture

Showing a buggy game without the polishes is like going on a dinner date with a hot girl dressed in a mankini and an eye patch.
Erik's picture

Well, Alpha AND Beta are bound to be full of bugs ;) And in particular Alpha willl be far from completely polished.
dude's picture

I have mixed feeling, on the one hand I am really sad that it is being pushed back while on the other I am glad you guys are taking the time to do it right. Keep it up!
vadimim321's picture

i will be in the testing grop
CoC is the best game and you doing a good work
Rezurexc's picture

I bought parts to make a new gaming pc for sick early black friday deals on Newegg, it will be at my house tomorrow or Saturday and my specs i showed to some people on Arma 2 said I could run the game on max, all settings. :D If this game does not require a top end computer to play, hopefully max settings for CoC will look decent.
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Just curious about the setup of the game. It's still going to be AG coordinated correct? And if possible would there be anyway that we could setup a ventrilo/lobby or even the cocv1 game while this cocv2 is being made? Just so that we can talk openly other than in a blog. I don't know what it all entails, but just I'm starting to really miss this game and all the people I spent the 3-5 years playing with. Hell most of us are in a CoC group on FB.
Erik's picture

Hey Speake. Sorry for my late reply.

We are working on incoporating a chat in the new website. Hopefully we can launch the new site in +- 1-2 months.
So please bare with us just a little longer ;)