Development update: multiplayer!

Hey everyone,

As you’ve seen in the previous update our 3D artists are hard at work creating models and animations for integration into the game. But luckily the actual coding of the game has also made some nice process!

Our main coding priority these last few weeks has been multiplayer. In our current prototype it is now possible to choose a name and team, join a room and run around in that room together with other players. Unfortunately, the shooting and killing mechanic has not been fully implemented yet, so the best you can do right now to combat your enemy is things like bumping into them, running circles around them and being generally obnoxious like that ;). It’s fun, but gets old quickly!

So, besides streamlining the multiplayer system we are looking at ways to kill stuff while playing. People who've been following this blog carefully (and you all have, no?) will know that we've already been working on the ability to aim, shoot and kill. So we will now make sure that shooting stuff works nicely with our new and shiny multiplayer system and hook up the new animations we showed of recently. And whad'ya know, we will then have a playable game!

Here are some screenshots of our current prototype (click to enlarge). It looks exactly like the old prototype, but everything is now actually working in multiplayer. Something which is kind of important for a multiplayer-only game ;).

We'll naturally keep you posted on our progress with regard to multiplayer and shooting! Oh and for those who've been wondering: BG stands for 'Brigadier General', one of the new ranks in the game :).


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I've completed all my steam games a thousand times, I'm bored of APB and there's never anything on TV come onnnn CoCv2 I have no life I need you to hurry up xD I'm turning into a druggy alcoholic sitting around with nothing else to do! hahaha

Looks awesome guys great job, I'm syked and excited! Sorry I haven't donated anything else moving house has really wiped out my bank account but I will try as soon as I get some free funds :(

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i want to become a no-life nerd againnn!!! really can't wait for the game to be ready!!!
You guys are doing an awesome job, congratulations! Keep it up!

really miss this game sigh
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Not mad Just wondering did the characters come from Band of Brothers and great work man i cant wait to play the game tomorrow
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Possibly.... ;)

Edit: we really like the 'brotherly feeling' of Band of Brothers. Its one of the subjects which we are trying to incorporate in the atmosphere of the game.
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Nice looking stuff! Can't wait for more.

**Side note: Just thought I'd suggest something, since the "multiplayer only game" caught my eye. I know you guys are way off finishing the game but I recommend maybe adding a tutorial that is sort of like a mission (If you have ever played lol they do this quite well) if this game's learning curve is anything like version 1.
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Check out the forum discussion about the tutorial here dude:
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you reg reagan here
just wondering when the game is coming out im feeling a bit of CoC
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I am fan of gaming. This looks really interesting and I am waiting for CoC to be out. I am currently playing Titanfall.