Small October update

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update. Our quest to further expand the team has gone well so far. Jonathan, Marco and Vitor joined the team, all three specialized in 3D modelling, but also with plenty of overall design talent :).

It is for this reason that our new asset team (under direction from Frans) is putting special effort now into developing a proper style for the in-game models we need to develop. Until now we've mostly been using placeholders as objects with with some preliminary textures. This is fine while developing, but not good enough to release of course. After all, we are aiming for slightly better graphics than in the first version of the game ;). So we've drafted a list of about 25 objects that we want to create for the game initially. These are all objects to be able to recreate a rural/farm map with some sporadic buildings. Think of stuff like farm buildings, stables, roads, haystacks, walls, fences, trees, crop fields, and, of course, some dead cows ;). Besides that we will also need to create some proper soldier models and accompanying uniforms, not a small task either. To help with all this we've also had contact with a concept artist who is interested in helping in the project. If all goes well he will be creating some sketches that should convey the mood and overall impression one will have while playing the game. This again can be used by our 3D modelers to make fitting and nice- looking objects for use on our maps.

So with some luck we'll be able to show you some more visuals in the next month or so. After all, it is long overdue we show you guys some fresh eye candy :).


Florian aka "KAding"


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Appreciate the update and look forward to the visuals! Hope progress is going as expected.
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Hey can't wait to see what you guys are working on. Just a side note for the 3D crew check out Silent Storm there modelling and 3D graphics is what I think your looking for.
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In all honesty, thats a bit too cartoony for our liking ;) Think more in the lines of Company of Heroes. Although reaching their high level will probably not be possible for the first release. Of course we aim to improve the gfx with time (once the game is up).
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Oh that's awesome I didn't think you guys were setting the bar that high for this new version but anything close to CoH will be amazing. I played that game religously for 3 years, can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
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So callofcombat version 2 is more for higher end computers unlike version 1? I still use a old laptop with ati 530 series and lately the modern games lag my computer giving me below 8fps. I remember on this laptop I could get 31fps with v1. I was thinking about installing linux because it seems to work better for slower computers windows 7 is like vista a memory hog and windows 8 is all scattered and disappointing gameing. I do not really trust windows because their os is limited to the user and Microsoft acts like they own your computer having hidden backdoors for system monitoring and system files designed for hijacking. I have my driver upto date but the new feature for gaming gpu acceleration helps boost few escort but will crash most ati graphic cards. I done troubleshooting and found the catalyst software was freezing my booster and it was updated in 2013? Anyway what I intend to do is buy a computer and build it myself with gtx 780, very good value graphic card why I wanted to spend so much I thought about getting a high end computer degree in the future like graphic designing then I would be willingly help keep callof combat alive.

Which reminds me I am willing to spend my time trouble shooting callofcombat reporting and slaving issues
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We dont know the system requirements yet. But I expect that you wont need a top-end computer as you would for the newest studio games coming out now (the big titles).

What i do know is this: if you want to do graphic design you will need a strong computer :)
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Thought so but I atleast expected decent graphics. Even if there is not going to be 64bit, the original callofcombat was incompatible with java 64bit. Was it 16bit? & 32bit only? And I liked the fact the original coc was compatible with hyperthreading. With my dad's 7 year old computer he could get 90fp. With a separate hyperthreading processor at 3ghz.
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Came back to this game after years good to see you guys expanding.