The Sniper and Light Machine Gunner class

Hello guys!

As you know the development is working hard and making good progress on the first dev steps of the new game. In between the technical progress reports we will continue to shine some light on elements of the new game concept. Today we would like to tell you about the last two classes: the sniper and LMG class.

The sniper class is comprised out of one soldier which has an average movement speed. Originally he was accompanied by a 'spotter' but we have decided to remove the spotter due to balancing issues. The sniper carries a sniper rifle, no grenades and is able to go into 'snipermode'. Whilst in this mode he is unable to move and his LOS is increased as well as smaller (less wide). Also in this mode, he has a very long aim time and higher accuracy. When not in snipermode, the aim and accuracy parameters will be the same as those of a riflemen. Because the sniper class consists out of one soldier only, a player is able to micromanage and he therefore must manually select targets while his soldier is in sniper mode.

Light Machine Gunner
This class consists out of two soldiers: one carrying the light machine gun and the other carrying ammo and five grenades. The soldier carrying the gun has a relatively slow movement speed which is in effect for both soldiers when both of them are selected and ordered to move. A light machine gun must be deployed before it is able to fire, which takes a few seconds. When both soldiers are standing next to the gun deploying and reloading it will take place quite a bit faster.

We hope you lilke what you've read!

Stay tuned for a technical progress report at the end of next week.


The Development Team

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I like how the Sniper feels balanced when you read it. Selecting targets seems easy but will be harder than you think in the heat of the moment. :) Both classes are great.
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The idea of a sniper is interesting. If invested in a position and stable - the sniper should get nearly insane points for accuracy. - with respect R you cant balance a sniper --- Historically - snipers have changed wars. As a small unit combat game - the investiture of a sniper with ability may negate the basic - or what I hope is the basic point of the game. ?teamwork - leadership, sacrifice.. ?

I guess the only question is how will snipers be determined ? Will they be bought - ? Earned ?
And if they are historically accurate - how will they impact the game.

With Respect,
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I apologize - I just read the sniper info - A sniper should move at 2X rate for a short distance - in the old Call 5-8 Squares.
No "sniper" should move as a rifleman for any distance beyond that. I realize that the programming is way beyond me however after the initial squares 5- 8 , whatever when in mode {sniper} that soldier should move at 1/2 rate while walking - when crawling at 1/8 rate - with equal - 1/8 chance - chances of being seen. Call was nice and somewhat accurate - however I saw many a game when, um a player - in the rear changed it. Skill helps - to be a sniper should not be a standard thing - It opens possibilities and closes others " IE: a bum rush - west - rush east - with the speed for a few squares and the accuracy - any attacker must respect the rear and flanks.

If programming is easy - and I know its not - a Sniper should have 80% kill % and If no one is facing - 5% detection.
I know its not "accurate" but having a faced soldier should increase that to 30% first shot - reduce accuracy some and 60% second - so as not to make a sniper a master. - Snipers should stress on the second shot at them even close - Given the game - any sniper shot at should be at regular odds for shooting and more stress.

Just a thought
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Its called balancing so the sniper is not over powered and that will make NO ONE play the game... It will also be boring if everyone is a sniper... To be honest, I would rather lose 2 players than the whole forums if thats the case here, but I would try to make everyone happy. (If I was a Dev). It is almost impossible to make everyone happy. What you are saying is real life, this is a game we are talking about. This game has realistic elements but it is not suppose to be 100% real. If you want realistic, go outside my friend.
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Welp gl with your game guys you guys dont know the first thing about balancing huh? lol besides doing all this stuff to spoof it up for people that are going to come in not even like the stunning side of the game get pissed cause they cant get kills then leave just like in call because no one would help them but this time it will be because of a poor game that looks half way nice they think and has crappy game play
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and for it being just a remake you sure are makeing a entirely new game not a remake lol shouldnt even be called V2 but what ever helps ya sleep at night :)
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No one likes you. ;) Have fun!
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This game has made way to many changes. I like the simple and original coc.... I will give the game a shot but untill its released I wont even bother to check this site or forums... Rez i dont know who you think you are but you need to get a life and stop being such a dick on here, like you are cool or something. Anyways I hope this game doesnt fail, spent to many years on it. Good luck
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I fear the game is slipping away from the old call that we know and love and while i accept that the old formula wont allow for a successful game nowadays but i dont want to be playing an entirely new game i miss call
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"Get a life and being such a dick on here" Apparently getting on a few times a week looking and the forums and only replying in my opinion. Makes me a dick. Yup, seems legit coming from someone who has such an ego. I like the classes. If you want to play the old CoCv1, save up a lot of money and buy it from the Devs. ;)
US_Army_Infantry's picture

if he is the one with the ego why are you the one commenting "no one likes you ;) have fun!" lmao this is one thing that i dont miss about call all these dumb asses who talk big and bad on a computer :) well i would just like to say act cool all you want dont make you cool ;D
US_Army_Infantry's picture

knowing people like you from call you are going to try to turn this comment around on me so dont even try that cause just prove how big of a dumb ass you truly are aka i wont have to say any thing else to prove your stupidity cause i know you will just keep going :)
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So, replying to a comment tells you everything about me? One, to listen to you is stupid, thinking those comments let you know everything about me is pretty stupid, and, I'm not one to say this, but, practice some grammar if you are going to call someone stupid... You tell the Devs they are doing a horrible job, now you are here thinking you know who I am. Big ego. Haha, and you say I'm trying to talk big and bad on the internet? First, I'm not trying to act big and bad. Second, you look more big and bad typing "dumb**" than me! You seem so cool! How can I be like you?! Haha, I laugh to myself when I read your comments. I am going to be the wiser one and not reply to anymore bs, I'm looking forward to this game and do not want to ruin my chance to play it.

P.S. Since you made it clear you hate and do not want to play the game, don't play. Otherwise what you have said here would be pointless and if it turns out you like the game, you would only look dumber.
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well dont comment any more cause im not even going to look so no point but when you think about commenting again just think back to one of them other comments of how i said you will just keep going :)
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I think people are getting are getting Call of Combat Sickness and turning on the developers.. we need to cut some slack and wait till the finished product. though we think the whole game is going flip side, we all haven't tried it yet.. This game's going to be a lot more sophisticated, but it could be for the better. and I don't care what any gamer says, EVERY game has a draw back.. lol. waiting for this game is like waiting for Grand theft Auto five to be released, and reading the updates makes everyone feen to play the game. Some of us including me has played this game for a good 5 years + and we were masters of the other game, and some of us had some BAMF kill death ratios, and some good leadership positions. Now that everyone has a fresh start with a new game, everyone can better with every class.. not to mention about the ranking system everyone loves.. Who couldn't wait to actually get master sergeant? I thought I was kill of the hill when I achieved sgt killing noobs.. then I stepped out into open games and got annihilated every other game.. but im just saying the developers are making this game baddass for everyone, and giving everyone a clean slate to start out on. we all get a namechange which is a pretty sweet deal to me, and we all have the same stats. Plus not to mention all the little updates, and fixing all the bugs will improved the game. Hope the making goes well.. MajorWoody-MajorMickkey out.
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first off putting a sniper class tells me right off its going to be nothing like the old one and going to be worse i mean you know how much people complained about snipes.... and adding that is just asking for a game full of snipers besides it also tells me that they are going to have to up the accuracy on all other classes to make it half way fair at a distance against them there fore there will be more snipes with the other classes and then its just a who gets the most snipes... lol
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Did you not read? When in snipemode they can't even move. How many snipes are they going to get with 2 teams of riflemen rushing them from behind lobbing grenades at them
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At least you understand how I feel. The game is not out yet and people are already complaining about classes they have not used.
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but is there a Bar? without it, I cannot play :(
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Yea, there will be every weapon in CoCv1 and more to come. (I hope) If not the BAR, it might be replaced by an MG equal to the MG42, like maybe the M1919.
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Everything looks freakin awesome guys. Keep up the hard work.
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Dude missin ya, cant wait to be " Makin Moves" lol good ol times
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I do believe there is alot of change, don't know for the better or worse yet, but there should be some way to have the same kind of gameplay as the CoCv1 had, we all know that nading had a lot to do with it and thats where the hotkeys/skill with the buttons game into play, i just don't see how its ever gonna be anything close to the game we all fell in love with. Change is awesome but to much and your gonna lose the base audience that your intending on providing for. Who else is gonna spread news of this game other than the veterans that played the original? Just a thought but having a poll on certain aspects of the game such as classes/and how they run could probably give you guys better feedback other than everyone talking crap to one another on forums/blogs.
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No, the link is broken anyways.
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I'm not caring for the direction you are taking kading. It has nothing to do with missing the old game either (I had quit before it ever went down).

Core gameplay is out the window now, the equipment is now classes, and the number of soldiers per squad is way out of whack.

The screenshot you showed was of what I can only believe to be a tablet game you would buy in the app store for .99 cents. If this is the direction you are going to go (aka ditch everything good about callofcombat/chainofcommand) then go ahead and actually make it a tablet only game.

Erik shame on you for supporting such changes too! I expect better from someone like you.

This is not "call of combat v2" anymore. Welcome to "call of different game"!
Rezurexc's picture

Dude, are you serious? The game is not even complete, and those graphics are temporarily! Someone who is already judging a game that is not complete. I have no words for this lol! Like I said, those are temporary skins and the screenshot is not the final product. Pretty stupid that you think this is the final game. If you were here from the beginning, you would already know they mentioned the screen shots are not the final product...
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not play this game it seems cool? get more people to play this or it will die :(
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I'm looking forward to all of the changes. Why not embrace them? It's still the same concept with different elements added to it. The game SHOULD be different.

The changes made to call from chain were all improvements. You don't know if you will like something until you actually experience it.

Now, when are they going to add aliens and space ships?
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LMG for me
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SMH at all of the people complaining. From what I see these improvements look remarkable. Things may not be as they once were but change is a part of life. And if the game isn't balanced or as close to the core of v.1 there can always be updates, that's what testing is for. Whoever isn't willing to embark into the progressive future will get left alone in the pit of what once was. Try to be fair, play the game, ask questions, make a poll, don't have prejudice on something just because you're scared of change.

Looks good, and on a side note, still waiting to see my Medic and Half Track ideas on here! Haha :)
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I have been checking back every week or so for a while now... I use to play this game back when it was on 2AM and I liked the simplicity of it. It required skill none the less, and yet now its seeming like it wont be the game I enjoyed a long time ago. Im not saying to upgrade the game and make it more realistic, but keep the same spirit that was part of the game in the beginning is all. Either way, I'll still come back and play when its ready, I have invested too much time in this game to back out now. :)
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Howdy, Dropping in and reading the new developments, and man this community can get sour at times.

I have no doubt that the development team is giving all of these aspects a LOT of thought into their implementation in terms of balance. This is part of the beauty of code; its malleable; it can change. It's all about tweaking settings until the perfect version comes into focus.

That being said, I do think that the power of these classes is a bit ambitious. I'd imagine it'd be prudent to work on the core mechanics of gameplay with the vanilla rifle squad, and then add more units into the mix later, allowing us to get used to everything while keeping an open mind.

Perhaps the final product will allow the mapmakers to control the team resources for a scenario, much like weapons allowed in previous versions. The mapmaker's job can be a major deciding factor on game balance, that not all scenarios will even include a sniper or a machine gun, because the background "story" doesn't call for it.

Other issues of balance can come from a high-risk high-reward choice of fielding a single man sniper thats worth many more VPs dead than even a rifle squad. A conservative commander would realize that although he might win the game with a sniper, he can just as easily lose it if he loses his very expensive sniper, and chooses to not allow one of his subordinates to be one.

With enough of these checks in place, we probably will end up with an experience VERY similar to the CoC we love, but with some wonderful new twists. I'm still excited, myself.
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Where is the Old Call of Combat I wanna play it! NOWWW!!
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Sounds awesome!! Can't wait :D
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Snipers heavy dependent on range.. altho every aspect is important, if a enemy is close enough using a scope in such a close quarter is a terrible idea , making aiming through a scope with a sniper useless... thus practically no accuracy. You should consider this also when making it.