The Riflemen, Assault and Recon class

Respected soldiers of Call of Combat,

As promised, we would like to elaborate on some of the soldier classes which we've introduced last month.
Today we will cover the riflemen, assault and recon class.

As we've said in our previous post about soldier classes, the soldiers of this class are rather similar to those of the old game. However, in v2 the riflemen class will consist out of five soldiers instead of four. They will carry rifles (such as the garand or mauser) and five grenades each. Compared to the other classes, they will have an average range of fire and movement speed.

The assault squad is comprised out of four soldiers which carry six grenades each. Their relatively large amount of grenades in combination with their high movement speed makes them the perfect squad for close quarters combat. The assault squad carries a combination of submachine guns and rifles which results in a relatively low range of fire.

This is the perfect squad for revealing enemy locations. Its made up out of three soldiers which are able to move around quickly. This squad carries two rifles and a submachine gun as well as five grenades each. There are two things which make this squad unique. Firstly their ability to send and receive LOS updates more frequently than any other squad on the battlefield. Secondly, their 'stealth stance'. Unless they are firing or moving around, they will automatically be in stealth stance. This means that the enemy will have a hard time spotting a recon squad unless they are relatively closeby. And while the enemy is unable to spot the recon soldiers, the recon soldiers are able to spot the enemy!

The above sums up all of the specifics concerning these three classes. Thorough testing will need to ensure that all classes are properly balanced. In our next concept post we will elaborate on the remaining two for the initial release: the sniper and light machine gunner class.

Stay tuned!

The Development Team


oriole's picture

Looks interesting.
Question regarding this(taken from FAQ):
"When will the game be ready for (alpha version) testing?
Rough estimate: Summer 2013"

Is this still true? If yes, then ~which month and will I be able to test it? :)
Nemesis_V's picture

You guys are doing a great job, can't wait for testing.

The game will be better than it was before it shut down so excited
Imperator's picture

I can't wait, steam the heck out of this game so we get a large community this time around!
hotwheel300's picture

I'm goin for assault!
And I also would like to participate in testing the game (If possible).
God's picture

Riflemen class all the way!
Rezurexc's picture

Yup, I knew the Assault class is for me ;) I will also like to be involved in the testing. Hopefully my PC can run it.
Delta2k17's picture

Ima stick with my good old riflemen, all you need to play CoC is grenades and a bullet :)
Rezurexc's picture

That would be Assault and Sniper squads combined, it will be too overpowered.
alfieq's picture

I rather to be as a supporter (recon, engineer, etc)

Vigour's picture

Haven't played this game in years. Can't wait to see what it will turn out to be! Congratulations on the progress!
One Last Shot's picture

It would be interesting to see how you can balance it. Speed i think will ultimately be the decider. Dodging a grenade is key and if im right in thinking that trading is still a part of the game once i take down a slower rifleman i will take his weapon to increase my range of fire. Maybe different nade range lengths can overcome speed? although someone who is faster should in theory have a longer range due to momentum.

Without testing its hard to know but speed seems to dominate on most games. A safe option would be to maintain speed but add more nades although im all for different speeds as it will create unknown contact points on all maps. The last version got a bit stale at the start when you knew when to nade.
MontageHD's picture

Oh man im totally gonna play recon haven't played this game in years!!! >.
underminer's picture

Well i can't wait to play just like the rest been many years since i last played, but sniper team i believe consist of 2 or 1 due to the fact they can shoot long range and our poor rifle men will just die out there. And LMG team should be 3 or 2 due to the heavy gun The browning or Mg42"buzz saw". Well just giving off ideas for the last 2 teams. I can't wait to play it's gonna be great.
SkyLisKk's picture

I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms, Hope the alpha will come out soon!
Colethemole69's picture

hit alt+f4
Jeff's picture

lol standard coley. still trolling CoC even when the game's shut down haha! miss you cole!
Colethemole69's picture

I was bored and it was tooooo easy...but sitting here on a rainy friday with no school and nothing to gaming right now? Send me some TS or Vent info!
Erik's picture

Hi crazed, the game is still in development!
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Twilight_Warrior_Returns's picture

CoC v1 was good because it was based on pure skill. No soldiers had advantage over others at the start of the game.
If you make the classes unlockable, the more experienced players will have the skill advantage as well as the class advantage. Having certain classes in certain maps is definitely a good option IMO.
GameMation's picture

Whoa whoa, to many grenades I think... especially with the stress levels in the first one... I think the grenades might be to much.