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18 Nov
By Antoine

We have added the possibility to visualize your soldier's line of sight with a cone shaped fog of war.

What's up with this hazy look?

We will give the choice to turn it on or off, but it is a great tool for first time players to understand this very crucial part of the game. Even for seasoned player, it's really useful to know at all time what your soldier can't see.

Also, we're still hard at work preparing everything to get the Alpha ready.

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10 Nov
By Antoine

Hello everyone,

Last Wednesday, we've had our first playtest/demo session with complete strangers which means people supposedly not biased into being nice to us. And we got positive feedback, the art was praised, but also the gameplay is really starting to shape up. Accessibility was pretty good, most players could pick up the basics of the game without hints. But most importantly, a lot of them wanted to keep going, some even stayed for over 20 minutes. That is big news, because it means the game is starting to be seriously fun, and although there is still a ton of work to be done, we are almost ready to roll out the alpha.

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02 Nov
By Florian

Hey guys, it's time we update you about our situation and plans. We've been working to prepare a Crowdfunding campaign, and that has been quite a challenge, mainly because we'd rather do development work. At the same time, we know it's necessary if we want to keep being able to do development work.

Our other main short term activity right now is to prepare a playable alpha for you guys. ETA: pretty soon, but we can not be too precise for now, simply because there might be unforeseeable delays, which is always disappointing for everyone. But rest assured that it is coming.

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17 Oct
By Antoine

Well, this is a die hard subject. Here's an explanation of how we are dealing with it while not breaking the game. Originally, stacking allowed for several things, such as:

- avoid blocking each other's way
- condense firepower from a reduced area (one single cover spot for instance)
- easily move all four soldiers around at once

When it comes to game design, these are tactical tools that we will keep. But in what form?

Non blocking soldiers
As it's implemented now, it's simply not possible to block another soldier's path. The only limitation will be about standing too close.

Even if one is standing in the frame of a door, any other soldier can walk past him.

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06 Oct
By Antoine

Hello everyone.

Some time ago we asked you about general tactics. Today, we would like to ask you about making plans, struggling to carry them out, and this moment when everything falls in place. Please, tell us your epic stories of how initial plans did come together.

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