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16 Apr
By Antoine 13 comments

Good morning soldiers,

Today we discuss tactics. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools for the job. For that we order you, the veterans, to disclose your most common tactics in the form of a brief listing of various typical tactics, a rigorous description of what you intended to achieve with them and how you executed them. You might want to mention the weapons that provided you with an optimal advantage when carrying out a specific tactic.

The input you will provide will be analyzed and escalated through the chain of command. We will then receive corresponding supplies and make them available to you, so that next time you fight you will be given the best chance to fulfill your given role.

We are now awaiting your input.

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28 Mar
By The Development Team 35 comments - 1 likes

Greetings soldiers,

In the past weeks we have released the top four most played maps of all times across Facebook and Twitter. We also asked the followers among you which map you reckoned to be on the, very honorable, first place. A lot of suggestions were given, of which a surprising amount incorrect to be honest. Very understandable however, as we made the most common mistake ourselves as well ;-) Now... we won't keep you reading any longer. We hereby present to you: The top five most played maps of all times!

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16 Mar
By Florian 5 comments - 2 likes


Time for a technical update! As you surely remember from my Christmas blog post, we've been working hard at implementing a first playable version of the game using our new modular code base. Besides all the art, we've been working in parallel on implementing (1) many of the core game mechanics, (2) a map system and (3) networking. The time has now come to integrate these into something playable.

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07 Mar
By Erik 5 comments - 3 likes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today it is my pleasure to show you some concept art and a couple of 3D models :)

Concept Art
This series of drawings gives you a little insight into our proces of making a background image for the new website. It has been quite the proces to find the right composition and add some of the Call of Combat features. As you can see the art piece is still far from finished. Its being worked on as we speak! We hope that you appreciate this sneak peek.

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20 Feb
By Erik 15 comments - 5 likes

Good day soldiers,

I'd like to start off by thanking you guys for your activity and involvement on the blog and forum. As I've said before, this whole proces would be very different and a lot harder without your input and support. Your aid in game design issues is invaluable (stacking, what makes CoC fun, etc) . And your aid will be greatly needed when the testing starts as well :-). Its hard to imagine what this proces would be like without your support. A lot less fun and motivating, thats for sure.

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