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22 Aug
By Antoine

Hello, here's a handful of screenshots.

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19 Aug
By Florian

We are currently upgrading the website to install a new forum. In the mean time it is not possible to login, so comments and the current forum are disabled at the moment!

Update: The new forum is now live. The old forum will still be accessible for archaeological purposes, but obviously will not be updatable anymore.

You can use you login info to post in it. Although for now, you can only use your e-mail to login, not your username. We're working to make sure you can use your username to login, because we think that's more convenient. Isn't it?

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12 Aug
By Antoine

Hello everyone.
Let's admit it. Call of Combat did have a few quirks and (very) minor shortcomings. We do not want to necessarily talk about those that were really ruining the experience, however we are curious about those that gave a certain character to the game. You know, these imperfection that creates its identity, that makes it more cute, more likable somehow. What are, in your opinion, the elements of the first game that did just that? There are some we want to get rid of, there are some we might want to keep in, in some form anyway. We were just curious to hear everyone's opinion about that.
Gentlemen, fire away!

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03 Aug
By UltimateGod

Hello again,

Its been about a month since I posted out last video of game play footage, So I thought I would bring you another blog post about our current progress as of this morning ( August 3rd, 2014).

So the art guys have been hard at working integrating art assets into the game, as you have seen from the teaser post from Antoine :). Florian, Wessel and our animator David have been hard at work on path finding, shader work, and animations.

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31 Jul
By Antoine

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