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28 Apr
By Lucas

To start our weekly "Silly Tuesday" post, we ask you CoC soldiers, are you team snipes or team nades?

Let the flame wars begin!


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24 Apr
By The Development Team

Soldiers, ten hut!

It is once again time to regroup and devise our strategy. While it sometimes may not look as much, we have advanced in our path to glory, honor and the release of the game. Today we are here to share with you our action plans for the present and the near future.

First things first, as you are used from us we will strive to do weekly game updates every Saturday morning. So expect a new update out tomorrow! We also want to start another tradition: beginning today each developer will do small weekly development reports.

It is also time to (finally) introduce the newest member of our development team, Ian, AKA dukeeen. He has been working with us for two weeks now. In a few days you will see data and fancy graphics on your profile and regiment pages. But let him tell you about it.

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04 Apr
By The Development Team

Hi guys, we have something interesting in the works for you: the leveling system! We’ll start in this post by explaining the fundamental ideas behind the system we have in mind. This leveling system is focused primarily on promoting positive gameplay behaviours and skillful techniques; which we think will promote team synergy and reward you for vanquishing your enemies.

Note that this is still subject to change, we are continuously iterating our designs to make sure everything is well balanced for the experience we would like to deliver.

A large part our focuses are the following:

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26 Mar
By The Development Team

That was a fun ride. This Kickstarter campaign has shown us that we have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to promoting a video game.


After building very actively this game for more than a year, we thought it was time to assess what Call of Combat had to offer to gamers. A month ago, we got an Alpha version out, and initiated a Kickstarter campaign. There were three reasons for that choice:

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20 Mar
By Antoine

Plan B like the Beginning. The game is far from finished, and it still has a lot to show.

You are probably wondering what will happen next. Well, first and foremost: the game will stay online! We will be moving into an open alpha phase, during which everyone is free to create an account and play.

We will leave the current ranks in until at least next week. At that moment we will give start basing ranks on the number of games you have completed. This arbitrary and rudimentary system will be temporary so that we can later transition into an elaborate leveling system that we are designing now.

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