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Call of Combat is a real-time competitive squad based tactical game in which strategic positioning and elaborate team play go hand in hand with fierce and intense bouts of close combat.

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01 Oct
By Antoine

[TNT] was the winner in September. Who will it be in October?

Although the game is still in early alpha, the monthly competitions have started. And in September, Ironclad's Regiment [TNT] was the winner of the first Alpha monthly competition.
Last Friday, GameMation organized a tournament in which Ironcald, Green_Lantern and Retro came out victorious.

A new update full of fixes

We have just released a new update which aims at fixing many network related issues in the lobby and in games. It will not be apparent, but Florian spent a massive amount of time improving the networking system. It will fix many issues, and will help with latency in the future. We have also significantly improved the Jardin and Art Gallery maps.

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07 Sep
By Antoine

Game Update v0.55: Windows OSX Linux

This is the rebirth of Regiment competitions

We have reset the whole system. After a period of technical testing, Regiments are now open to officially accept members and CO's and XO's will have the great power and responsibility to accept or reject applicants.

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20 Aug
By Antoine

Everybody is on vacations. That doesn't mater to us, here is an update of the game.


Here is the changelog.

New Regiment scoring system

We are introducing a new scoring system for Ranked/Regiment game modes. Owning Victory Areas will be more important for victory. There is a progress bar that bring you closer to defeat or victory, and it will all be about defending and owning these areas for as long as possible. However, you can still try to obliterate the enemy's soldiers, it's up to you.

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03 Aug
By Antoine

Howdy partners,

As we prepare the next update (ETA early next week) which will include new features for regiment games. We are also preparing to go on vacations after the next update, probably just like a lot of you guys, so this will be a small update post.

Regiments (Army Groups)

In the coming days, we will roll out a system on the website for you to manage regiments. CO's and XO's will be assigned as this update comes live, and you will be able to apply to join a regiment. We will give you more details in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.

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23 Jul
By Antoine

Hello everyone,

New Update! Two big additions this week: the Jardin map proved to be good enough to release a test version of it, even if we are still planning to heavily modify it. Also we have improved the reinforcement (respawn) mode with a proper capture and scoring system. It was great fun to test, and worked well enough for you to wait while we implement proper regiment games modes in the near future. It's more about immediate action than strategy, so it might be a more welcoming mode for new players. Playing the reinforcement mode will earn you promotion points, but it will not affect your efficiency. Don't hesitate to give any feedback on it so that we can improve it in the coming updates. There will probably be many bugs, please report them here.

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