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17 Oct
By Antoine

Well, this is a die hard subject. Here's an explanation of how we are dealing with it while not breaking the game. Originally, stacking allowed for several things, such as:

- avoid blocking each other's way
- condense firepower from a reduced area (one single cover spot for instance)
- easily move all four soldiers around at once

When it comes to game design, these are tactical tools that we will keep. But in what form?

Non blocking soldiers
As it's implemented now, it's simply not possible to block another soldier's path. The only limitation will be about standing too close.

Even if one is standing in the frame of a door, any other soldier can walk past him.

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06 Oct
By Antoine

Hello everyone.

Some time ago we asked you about general tactics. Today, we would like to ask you about making plans, struggling to carry them out, and this moment when everything falls in place. Please, tell us your epic stories of how initial plans did come together.

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03 Oct
By Antoine

Hello everyone. We have been preparing this for quite a while now, and within less than two months we will start a crowdfunding campaign, most probably on Kickstarter, like it had been suggested in the older forum. The goal here is to gain visibility as much as getting extra funds in order to pursue the development of the game. We have been preparing this for a while now, and we believe this is something you guys should know about in advance.

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01 Oct
By Florian

Ta da! Our very first version of the in-game server browser:

Ok, admittedly it doesn't look like much yet..... But it works! ;). Until now players were all simply thrown in the same room, which didn't quite work if you wanted to play on different maps or run multiple games! So now you can create rooms and join them from within the game. Under the hood there is already preliminary support for advanced matchmaking and a friends system as well, which we'll be implementing those features fully in due course.

Now back to working on the actual game!

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19 Sep
By Antoine

Here is a bunch of screenshots that showcase the awesome work done by the whole art team.

More to come...

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