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26 Mar
By The Development Team

That was a fun ride. This Kickstarter campaign has shown us that we have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to promoting a video game.


After building very actively this game for more than a year, we thought it was time to assess what Call of Combat had to offer to gamers. A month ago, we got an Alpha version out, and initiated a Kickstarter campaign. There were three reasons for that choice:

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20 Mar
By Antoine

Plan B like the Beginning. The game is far from finished, and it still has a lot to show.

You are probably wondering what will happen next. Well, first and foremost: the game will stay online! We will be moving into an open alpha phase, during which everyone is free to create an account and play.

We will leave the current ranks in until at least next week. At that moment we will give start basing ranks on the number of games you have completed. This arbitrary and rudimentary system will be temporary so that we can later transition into an elaborate leveling system that we are designing now.

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18 Mar
By Florian

Last Sunday, we organized a tournament where the regiments battled each other. You can watch a recap of this event in the following video:

A new update has also just been released! Here's what we've done in the new update:

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14 Mar
By Florian


As we do every week we've released a new version of the game (v0.41) today. The main addition are a lobby chat system, soldier labels and an improved strategic map.

Here is a more extensive change log:

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10 Mar
By Florian

Attention, officers and soldiers!

Our team is pushing hard while we start the end of our campaign! For this game update we have added Regiments to the game, the first major step towards all the community features we are excited about implementing. With this update you can now see your regiment in game and on the stats page!

And to celebrate this we will be hosting a Regiment tournament this Sunday, March 15th, at 8pm GMT+1 / 3pm EDT. As the most cunning of you may have noticed, we will be streaming the tournament games at http://www.twitch.tv/kavagamestudio, with our Devs Florian "KAding" and Brett "UltimateGod" as commentators!

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