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Call of Combat is a real-time competitive squad based tactical game in which strategic positioning and elaborate team play go hand in hand with fierce and intense bouts of close combat.

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03 Jul
By Antoine

As many of you know, we have been working on many fronts at the same time to get the game developed in the shortest time with the highest quality possible.

These past weeks we have continued to work on the new map (Jardin) in which we will be testing new map design possibilities, worked to improve the game lobby, continued to improve our upcoming website with more and better stats for you number aficionados ;) and we even started a wiki project, with only a beginner page at the moment.

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20 Jun
By Florian

A bit more on the upcoming update below, but first, here are our weekly development reports:

Florian (KAding): I’ve created a new (closable) tab system in the lobby. At the moment we use it for private chat, but we can easily extend it to create dynamic channels (for example when we organize tournaments) or group channels. Besides that a whole bunch of bugs were squashed, both in the game and in the lobby. Some of my time was also spent on helping Antoine with some our longer term plans.

Antoine: I’ve been designing the private chat part, and I work a lot on business stuff. Also, I can tell you I started working on a new version of the classic map WWIII.

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14 Jun
By Florian

Another update of the game is planned for next week. What can you expect? This weeks development update probably shed some light on it already, but here are some ideas: an improved lobby, customizable hotkeys, grenade and hit % balancing and a whole host of bug fixes.

Antoine: With your feedback, I've been busy reorganizing our short term priorities. With Lucas' help I've started working on how to improve grenade gameplay mechanics, and I've made a technical design that Florian will be delighted to implement so that we can prototype and experiment with these ideas. I've also spent time on private chat design for the lobby.

Jonathan: New map? NEW MAP!!! This week, I have spent a couple days designing a new map, it is still in very early stages but there will be sneak peeks :D

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06 Jun
By Antoine

Here are our weekly development reports:

Florian (KAding): This week most of my time was spent on integrating the new lobby into the game. A lot of work was done to make a flexible channel system that will make it easy to create private and 'ad hoc' channels in the future. For example, we will be able to dynamically create channels for tournaments or other events. Besides that I fixed a bunch of bugs that were related to map changing, looting and grenades (check our upcoming change log for details). Lastly, I've spent the beginning of the week rolling out our new pledging system.

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02 Jun
By Lucas

Ladies and gentlemen,

As the British forces after the Siege of London, we are once again back in the fight! We took our time, learned from our mistakes, rallied our forces and kept pushing forward. We did not stop, we did not quit. Our game has a working levelling system, where you can actually lose ranks (oh no!); we have a working chain of command system; we are working on a new website, with more statistics for our number-hungry players; we are implementing a new lobby, which will make the player experience a lot better; and we have a new tournament coming up, with unique rewards for the top players.

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