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Call of Combat is a real-time competitive squad based tactical game in which strategic positioning and elaborate team play go hand in hand with fierce and intense bouts of close combat.

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20 Nov
By Antoine

This is the first post from a series about the technical design of the game. Call of Combat has a lot of pretty unique gameplay features and we thought we would share how we created them. There are quite a few topics we will cover like pathfinding, line of sight, and the "eyes" of the chain of command, among many others. But first, here is how suppressing fire works

Initial Intention

Suppression is a core element of the gameplay of Call of Combat, and has been since the days of Chain...

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13 Nov
By Antoine
v0.59 Big changes and instructions
  • There is a new gameplay system where you can set your soldier firing stance. You can ask your soldiers to deliver higher rate of fire but that will reduce their accuracy. This will give you more opportunity to lay down suppressing fire. You can set that on the soldier panel or by default use the brackets "[]" on your keyboard. Compared to how it was before this does not increase snipes, even if you set maximum accuracy.
  • ...
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15 Oct
By Antoine
This version has a new strategic view

A lot of you requested the ability to zoom out further, and we have just implemented that ability through a complete makeover of the strategic map. It is now a lot more useful, and informative. Just like in v1, information ("eyes") is dependent on where you are in the chain of command. This is only the first step in making this epic strategic system....

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01 Oct
By Antoine
[TNT] was the winner in September. Who will it be in October?

Although the game is still in early alpha, the monthly competitions have started. And in September, Ironclad's Regiment [TNT] was the winner of the first Alpha monthly competition . Last Friday, GameMation organized a tournament in which Ironcald, Green_Lantern and Retro came out victorious.

A new update full of fixes

We have just released a new update which aims at fixing many network related issues in the lobby and in...

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07 Sep
By Antoine

Game Update v0.55: Windows OSX Linux

This is the rebirth of Regiment competitions

We have reset the whole system. After a period of technical testing, Regiments are now open to officially accept members and CO's and XO's will have the great power and responsibility to accept or reject applicants.

How do Regiments become part of the competition? Commanding Officers, here is you opportunity to start recruiting for your Regiments. Here are the rules: Initially...

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