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03 Jul
By UltimateGod 23 comments - 1 likes

Hey everyone,
This is the follow on update that Florian promised in his "Status Update June 2014" blog post.

We have been working hard over the last few months to get the basic game mechanics implemented into the game. What we consider basic game mechanics are Run, Crawl, Face, Target Selection, Auto Target Selection, Shooting, Hit Percentage, Suppression (Stress), Standing to Prone, Prone to Standing, Throwing Grenade, Stunning, and Killer Grenade. This is all from a game play perspective, we have also started implementing features like Hot Keys, Camera Movements, Path Finding, and a Map system.

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26 Jun
By Melloe 4 comments - 2 likes

Attention soldiers!

My name is Jonathan Doorenbosch and I am a 3d artist for Call of Combat, in charge with asset modelling to populate the game world. Over the last few months I have modeled and textured many models ranging from trees, weapons, to cover objects... such as a wooden wine barrel!

I am personally impressed at the teams progress and very excited for the fans and future fans *wink* to see our blood, sweat and tears equivalent of work in the near future.

So, I am here to touch upon our work process for developing 3d assets; for those interested in our sweatshop production line.

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25 Jun
By Antoine 4 comments - 1 likes

Hello, we'd like to let you know that in the coming week will be migrating to a more modern forum system based on discourse.org.

This should be rather painless and will greatly improve how we all communicate with each other.

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19 Jun
By Florian 20 comments

Hey there,

I wrote something similar in the forums already, but we thought we might as well tweak it and make a blog post about it.

Until now, we have not explicitly described the progress we have recently made, but we have gone a lot further in the past 6 months than we have previous year. With more people and more devotion than ever before actually, as I personally for example spend most of my working week on this. In fact, here are two random picture from our office only just last week:

All the post-its on the window are things (features/art/effects) that are finished, so this is proof we are doing something ;).

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02 Jun
By Antoine 11 comments - 3 likes

After a really nice discussion and since we got so much valuable feedback last time, let's try this again. We are starting to do some level design on a classic revival, namely Farm Fight.
We'd like you to tell us what were your typical maneuvers in that map.
As Americans, would you flank through les Bois de Bures? Would you rush to the Big House or would risk taking the Stone House?
Would you camp in the West Fields as Germans, or try to secure the Big House?
There's a lot of possibilities there, and we are curious to know in what creative ways you approached combat in this map.

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