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18 Jan
By Florian


Another new year has come! And I can hear you thinking: "where is my game!" ;). Well, there is no official release yet unfortunately! But we have been very very busy setting up private alpha testing to get the first feedback on our current prototype. So we are progressing steadily and do have a working playable game already. But we still need to add more content to provide for the necessary variety in game play. I'll get back to that later as we will be needing you! But allow me to first do a quick review of this rather moving year.

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23 Dec
By Antoine

Hello everyone,

Lately, we have been busy solving a lot of bugs and making the experience smoother. We are receiving a lot of super valuable feedback from the private alpha that we have started. Even if the game is currently quite limited, most of the testers are positive which is a sign that we are on the right track.

Right now our focus is on fixing bugs and adding those features that we believe are important to add the necessary variety to the game. So currently we are working on adding different weapons, designing a victory points system, implementing some better soldier UI and making sure we have a lobby that is good enough for a decent alpha test.

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11 Dec
By Antoine

Famous D-Day war photographer Robert Capa said "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough".

That is what we are doing. We are getting closer and closer to put you guys in the action of the game. We're hard at work releasing a pre-alpha version of the game as soon as possible.

Also, still true to Capa's saying, we've made a bunch of close action shots for you to wait in the meanwhile.

What's up with this hazy look?

What's up with this hazy look?

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28 Nov
By Melloe

In the great words of those at Guerrilla Games.

"Saving the environment is easy, just hit CTRL+S.
Making the environment convincing... is a far more interesting challenge.

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post, but here I am to bring you another look into our development process. For your eyes only… and pretty much anybody who finds our forum.

Today, we will focus on the environment aside from how the models have been made (It’s mostly covered in my last post with that delicious wine barrel, so keep it in mind!). I will explain how we set up our level design and ground textures to give the awesome sauce level that you’ve been given a peek into.

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18 Nov
By Antoine

We have added the possibility to visualize your soldier's line of sight with a cone shaped fog of war.

What's up with this hazy look?

We will give the choice to turn it on or off, but it is a great tool for first time players to understand this very crucial part of the game. Even for seasoned player, it's really useful to know at all time what your soldier can't see.

Also, we're still hard at work preparing everything to get the Alpha ready.

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