April Status Report

Dear Soldiers of Call of Combat,

Today we would like to tell you about a few recent developments:

3D designer
We are proud to announce that we have found a 3D Graphic Artist for CoCv2. His name is Frans Baud. He is a true expert and enthusiast when it comes to 3D and game design. He is helping us to shape the game concept and integrate 3D design into the game development process. When the GDD is finished he will focus on creating 3D models and textures for the game.

GDD (Game Design Document)
We have probably said this a few times already: but we are still making good progress with the GDD :) We intend to have a proper version ready in a few weeks’ time. This does not mean that we won’t be making changes after that. Because, as stated before, it’s a dynamic document which will be subject to change during the development process.

Kick-off meeting
The kick-off meeting is set to take place in exactly a month from now. During this meeting we will be presenting and discussing the game concept. We have received quite a few registrations from people who would like to test the game. Just to be clear: the registration form is not for testing purposes, but for the kick-off meeting only. Signing up for testing will be possible at a later stage ;) We have also received quite a few registrations for the actual meeting. We hope that you guys are able to make it! In order to confirm the registrations, all of the meeting registrants will receive an e-mail in the coming week. Please keep an eye on your e-mail junk box because some of our e-mails appear to end up in there. As a plan B we would like to ask you to send an e-mail to [email protected] if your plans to take part are definite. This way we can be sure of how many people are coming, if any :)

Many thanks and stay tuned,

The Development Team


Rezurexc's picture

I was wondering, are you guys going to make this game to where a 2001 pc can't run it? I was having fun with the game and I could run it. If the release date is planned to be Spring of 2014, I'll definitely have a better PC to play this.
Erik's picture

We're not sure yet what the system requirements will be. But with a new PC at that time i'm sure it wont be a problem for you ;) On top of that we will be making sure that players won't be required to have a superb ultra high-end computer.
CookiePanda's picture

Is if I get a superb ultra high-end computer will I have an unfair advantage? Because I could get on board with that.
Rezurexc's picture

So, I won't have any worries then, I plan on building a PC with a friend helping that will cost somewhere around $2k. :D
Reese's picture

For $2K you could run any game on the market on Ultra Settings. ;) I know first hand.
Sirbulentya's picture

I Cant play and am new so help me how i can play Help ....!
Rezurexc's picture

Game doesn't come out until Spring 2014, but maybe sooner.
BAYUNASPRO's picture

i have a pc that is version: 2002 that pc will run this game
Frisco106's picture

So am i not able to download the older version anymore to play old Call of Combat cause if i cant thats just stupied because i wouldnt mine playing it in the mean time while you gus finish new one?
Rezurexc's picture

They took the older version down because no one was playing.