Hello everyone!

Today we would like to tell you about some changes which we intend to make to the Line of sight (LOS) feature, and in particular to the way it will be distributed. As you guys know, LOS is a very important feature because it determines how much information a particular player has about what goes on in a battle. Our goal is to implement LOS and its distribution in such a way that it results in a proper balance. We want players to have enough information about each other to function as a team, but at the same time experience all the confusion and suspense that is typical in any battle.

General rules
A soldier’s LOS was and will be cone shaped. The amount of information received about enemy soldiers (i.e. rank, the weapons they are carrying, etc.) will depend on two factors. Firstly, the distance between the soldier and any enemies. And secondly the degree of visibility (visibility could be decreased by trees blocking a part of the enemy for example). We also intend to implement a feature which narrows a soldiers’ LOS while he is doing something specific, like aiming or firing. While this would nicely model something like tunnel vision, we will do extensive testing to see if it has added value from a gameplay perspective.

The same goes for the new LOS distribution method. We’d like to stress that even though we really like this idea, some proper testing is required in order to find out whether it will work out or not. The new distribution method is as follows: through the chain of command players will receive snapshots from other players. Snapshots of both the soldiers of those players and of everything that falls within the LOS cone of those soldiers at that specific moment. Imagine these snapshots as a greyed out static overlay of a particular situation at a particular time. The snapshots will slowly fade out as time passes, but will remain visible until a new snapshot is received. The advantage of this method is that a player is able to view the information which has come his way at any time, although he or she has to deal with the fact that this information might be outdated.

This snapshot method was suggested by Martin as well as by one of you guys on this blog, thanks for that!!

How often players receive snapshots through the chain of command is something which we cannot decide on until we’ve properly tested it as well. A difference compared to the old CoC is that players in the bottom of the new tree-structured chain of command will receive snapshots from their superiors as well, so it is no longer a one-way affair. However, the frequency with which this will happen will be a lot lower than the other way around.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below!


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So it will be like a sweep of sonar. sounds interesting.

re Tunnel vision mode-
would a soldier shooting go in and out of tunnel vision or just be stuck in it?
is it just for fire at type command or will soldier flip into the tunnel vision when they pick up a target from their broader field of view?
What about when a soldier meets 2 or 3 targets? will they still be able to see them or will it flip to tunnel mode if they shoot at someone?
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A soldier is likely to snap in and out of tunnel vision while he is firing/aiming at a target. Whether he will see other targets will depend on where those targets are as well as how small the tunnel vision will be. This will require some proper testing because the smaller the tunnel vision will be the more impact it will have on gameplay. Testing will hopefully teach us to what extent and in which way exactly the game experience will be affected. In other words: whether this feature is fun or experienced as somewhat annoying simply because it impacts a players vision too much in a negative way.
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how do you play
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Hi Azen, the game is still in development. Hang tight!
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Frequency rules sound good for open spaces but i think there should be something like a distance limit between players in which information should be seen instantly for indoor fighting. It would be something like your shouting range. It makes no sense if you are near a superior and he is walking to a death trap you are aware of when some seconds later the snapshot appears. Some limit within all iformation is instantly updated.
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The idea is that proper communication between players (rather than between soldiers) should solve the issue you mention. We have tried to make this feature somewhat realistic. But as stated, we'll have to see if/how it works out :)
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Will stress affect LOS?
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Eventhough one could argue that it would be quite realistic, for now we have decided that stress will not affect LOS. Simply because we don't want too many features to affect LOS due the impact vision has on the gameplay. The more aspects we implement that affect LOS the more a player's vision is reduced.
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Yes, that and the fact that we don't want LOS to be continuously shifting and therefore causing potential targets to move in and out of vision all the time. This will just frustrate the fluidity of the game. It is for this reason that we want to properly play test the tunnel vision feature, as it could have a similar effect if implemented wrongly.
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Sounds very interesting, can't wait to see how it transitions into gameplay. Keep up the good work guys!
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I would just like to be on record that I hate vision cones.
Costas's picture

What about ice cream cones? :p
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Then I have good news for you, as it might well turn out to be pyramid shaped, rather than cone shaped ;p.
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I'm concerned about the usage of vision cones myself as well. Questions that occurred to me were: will the cone move when the soldier move his head while being idle? And will enemy soldiers be able to sneak bij the edge of a soldiers vision? Although we have no answers to these questions yet, we'll make sure that this gameplay mechanic is thoroughly tested. If it seems to be an annoyance rather than a sweet feature, then we'll change the mechanic. If not, then we overcame a though designers challenge. Stay tuned.
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Martin, when the servers shut down I decided to try out the other coc version that's out there. All things aside, it seems that they used the cone vision that is so narrow that a soldier sitting you at your 10 or 2 o'clock a couple of tiles away was invisible. Realistically speaking the human vision is wide and not tunnel/cone vision, so I'm not sure how this will turn out. I must say though that whatever Florian used in the previous version seemed adequate for spotting the enemy without creating impossible situations. Even if it was a cone LOS, it seemed that it was wide enough to be just about right. Perhaps it would be worth to use a similar model?
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what is the other coc version that is out there?.. how is it called?
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I always thought that LOS should also be affected by position, someone standing up should have a greater LOS from someone laying down. Also when in cover, behind a wall or a tree, you should also receive a penalty in LOS, as in you can't stick out your head and look around and still be considered in cover.
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Yeah, all very valid points. Just like the stress issue which Pai put forward. However, like I said in my reply to Pai, we are quite hesistant to implement too many aspects that affect LOS simply because we don't want to downgrade a player's vision too much.
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Just to be clear, lying down will definitely affect your LOS. However, cover as such will not, as we trace LOS from the approximate location of the head, which will still be sticking out over any cover.

But being in cover might affect how well others spot you. For example, it will be more difficult to discern details about soldiers (rank, weapons) in cover, as they are partially blocked by the cover. Note that this does not have much to do with being 'in cover' as such, but rather with the fact that there is this big object (tree/haystack) blocking the line of sight ;).
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This idea has been dwelling in my mind for a while, what if you have a commander, who doesnt have any soldiers, however has control over all the other players in his chain.
For example he could see what other players see, receive these snapshots and distribute them appropriately. He could draw on the map, giving commands to the players on the field. It would get rid of this second window where drawing occurs. It makes the game more of a tactic game as well. Of course this would only work for AG games or whatever they are going to be called.

Cheers zoet
Erik's picture

That is indeed a very interesting idea Smully. We have actually considered this option. But because we think that the majority of players will also want to play themselves rather than only commanding a team we have decided to not go through with it. It could however be a very cool option to implement at a later stage if there does appear to be demand for it.
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does anyone know if any of the old coc players are on the blog im gaz45 from the old call of combat and was just wondering if neat or anyone from the old one is still playing...
IceyCocaine's picture

Yeah ive been playing CoC since 2008

Name: Beer_Sniper
CookiePanda's picture

I would imagine that a large majority of the blog is old coc players...
Costas's picture

yeah we have quite a few that are going into pension :p
Playing CoC since 1998
sha'quinton's picture

Older players must be very good at this. I've been playing since 08, but its been on and off. Don't think I'm as good as I used to be.
CookiePanda's picture

I only played for a few years and I'm the greatest.
IceyCocaine's picture

Hey, Will there be Hot keys you can use in the game? Such as Q, W, E, R To move soldier and A, S, D, F to throw grenades? and will there be options to change the hot keys? Id be happy if you answered my few questions
Florian's picture

Both will be in the game from the start. We haven't made a final decision about the default hotkey layout yet, but you will be able to change them anyway ;).
Pai-ku-han's picture

I play since 1998, same as Costas. Now im forced to play Chain of Command till these kind men finish whats gonna be a glorious COC2
Florian's picture

We are hoping to release CoC v2 more or less when all the old players who used to play as students are going into retirement ;). Retired people have the time and funds to support us ;).
Locust's picture

I'm not so much of a veteran as some but still, played since late 06, early 07.

I'm just curious, will we be able to pick up the game mechanics just as easily as we did in CoC?
Erik's picture

Eventhough the basics are the same, the game will definitely be more extensive than it was. So yep, my guess is that it will take a bit longer to pick up all the ins and outs.
IceyCocaine's picture

What kind of weapons will you guys add for assignment? im guessing SMG, and MG?

Can you add launchers and sniper rifles for more awesomeness :p?
InValid's picture

Rocket launchers are being added : confirmed leak from ign....
Colethemole69's picture

Erik's picture

Hehe, rocket launchers would be interesting, but unlikely. We have yet to confirm all the weapons IceyCocaine. I expect those similar to the ones in the old CoC to be implemented (at the least). Probably more ;)
mgstewart1991's picture

will the new version take like a a month or is it going to be like 6 months
Erik's picture

More like a year unfortunately!
WarBoss's picture

ERIK !!!

Its nice to see you guys are involved in this new project. I wish you all the best and, by sure, with the expirience you had with CoC&CoC; (This means both Chain and Call) and, of course, since you both were in the best AG (or Regt.) ever (also called "The father of all Regiments" or "Kampfgruppe" or KFG), you will be able the bring this project to a brilliant end.

I wish the whole team all the best.
You can count on me.

Cya guys!!!

PS. When can we start playing? :-)
IceyCocaine's picture

Could you guys release a beta or an alpha in 3-5 months? So we can test the game and figure out buggs or suggest something, just to entertain ourselves till the full game gets released and see how the new version coolness going to be :-)
Rezurexc's picture

I thought this game was over and done when there was only 5 people online a half a year ago. Now you guys are remaking it. I had this urge today to see if CoC is somehow alive. I did not have my hopes up, and now I see this in progress. Pretty amazing. I'm just hoping the player base will get big so there will a lot of AG games. Which means more competition and teamwork. ;-)
Colethemole69's picture

I know that this is a bit off topic (why we need the forums up hehe), but im wondering if there will be a way to stop this from happening or having an affect? Would it be possible for the person who stunned the now killed soldier to get X number of points and the person who kills the stunned soldier to get Y number of points. Thus the person who is stealing is still only getting half the points and the person who is being stolen from is not getting shafted with no reward. If the play gets the stun and the kill then they get full points. I feel like this is a good idea....comments?
dooiefries's picture

This game is not about who makes kills, but teamwork. Implementing such an idea would move away from the teamplay instead of rewarding it.
Rezurexc's picture

It won't matter if someone stole the kill, we only brought that to mind in CoC because of the low player base, so kills were hard to come by, however if the new version succeeds in bring a lot of players to enjoy a great game, I am sure no one will complain about kill stealing, it is a team effort, don't forget.
Erik's picture

I tend to agree with dooie Cole. The game is about teamwork. Which means that killstealing doesnt even exist ;) Perhaps in 'less important' game modes, where there is less teamwork present, people will still face problems with killstealing every now and then. We are looking at a system which allows players to judge each other after a game for matters such as this.
Vatsug's picture

Awesome, however I recommend that people need a certain amount of games played before being able to use this system. If not, people can make multis to inflate. Also giving people 1 vote per player would be a good idea, so they don't keep voting down the same player all the time. Just making sugestions, I think I'll like this system.