May Status Report


The last two days have been quite special for those of us who origin from or reside in The Netherlands. On the evening of the 4th we commemorated all victims of war (worldwide) since the start of WW2. And yesterday, on the 5th of May, we celebrated the ending of WW2. This might mean more to some of you than to others. But either way WW2 continues to be an event of great importance in the history of mankind which, in our opinion, is not to be forgotten.

Now, time to inform you on whats been going on with regard to developing version two of the most awesome game ever.

Lets start with the bad news.. Luke & Zander, who were kind enough to volunteer for building a new Call of Combat website, have informed us that they will not have enough time to finish it. We are grateful for the work that they have put in, and its a real pitty that they are unable to finish it. Of course, this is one of the calculated risks when you work with volunteers. We are currently in contact with a potential new candidate. And we'll make sure that this time the job gets finished. We've got some great ideas for certain features and a new design, cant wait to turn them into reality :)

The art department is making very nice progress. The 3D artists are currently working on a massive bunch of trees, with variations for each season (spring, summer, fall, winter). In the mean time our technical artist Wessel is working on a set of shaders to make everything look nice and pretty. Here's a small preview of some of the work that has been done:

How exactly will we be able to see any soldiers with trees like this / such density you might ask yourself. Good question! This is currently still being debated internally. Opacity and soldier/cover outlines are important contenders in this matter. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them as always!

Florian and Brett are spitting out code rapidly. A basic cover system has recently been implemented. And we're testing out a new (much faster!) hotkey system. This will be some great food for testing for you guys once the alpha/beta is up. A fully functional basic prototype is coming closer and closer. Basically this means that we'll have a working game which includes all basic features. Features such as running, going prone, getting into cover, pahtfinding, shooting, throwing grenades, getting stunned, dieng, etc. etc. To make a long story short: in a few months we'll have a playable Alpha. Which will probably look like crap (as an Alpha is supposed to), but can be played and most important of all: tested! To free it from bugs and other nasty insects...

Soldiers, you may expect more updates soon.



Ps. Thank you for all your input on the tactics & supplies blog post!


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Noooooooooooooooooooo I don't want to evolve :( But I'm frickin' excited, either way!
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nice 3D art you all donig awesome
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In regards to the trees, what about if your soldier is directly behind the tree and out of site of the player, the tree fades and but leaves the rest of the tree intact other than where the soldier is. OR have a red outline of the soldier walking and as it re-enters view it rematerializes back into animation form other than just the red outline, of course this changes if you plan to implement night and day/seasonal graphics. I know this is a mude point, but World of Warcraft has it where you enter a building or if your behind the tree it goes down, you see the truck/base of the structure but your character has a radius of visiblity of himself and a little around him.

Website: I have some experience with website design, but not alot. Currently studying Management Information Systems at a 4-year and was interested in the intern position ya'll were talking about a few months ago but seeing as I'm not in The Netherlands nor have as much experience as you might want. I would like to have an oppurtunity to help in anyway I can. I would love to learn and talk about it more.

Hotkeys: Any spillers on how its faster?
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Thanks for the suggestions and your kind offer Speake! For the website however we really need someone with a load of experience as it will tie in directly with the game etc. Its going to be quite a complex system all together ;)

Hotkeys: going to remain a small secret for now.. Still tweaking certain issues.
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In a way, I would like the trees to decrease visibility, as bushes would in real life. It makes room for many new strategies such as more efficient flanks. If not, the red outlining of your soldiers that they do in games like Age of Empires 2 would be a great alternative.

Keep the good work up :) If you have any ideas how to spread the good word about this game, I'd love to help. I made posts about the game in several gaming forums the months before the game died. I don't mind spreading some free advertisement.
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Yeah, adding the stealth factor might indeed bring a whole new tactical dimension to the game, which could be very cool! It might just make things too unclear / confusing though. You'll at least need to be able to control your soldiers and see where you can get cover intuitively.

Your help spreading the word will definitely be needed/would be very awesome, so hold on to that thought! :)

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Hey excited for when this game comes out and just want to say when you release it please release it for what it is and show how strategic, competitive, skilful it is because people like that now especially with how big e-sports is.
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I am a huge stealth fanatic person trying to cut enemies off or flanking them. If I am able to play. Expect me in the bushes and tall grass ;D
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COMON. 1 week, all coffee. Watching this one website lol. Not really. BUT MY HYPE IS BUILDING UP!
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You all keep putting in the work and I cannot wait for the payoff! Will be 10000x better game to play with the time and care you all are putting into it! Good work!
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First of all Good day! I would just like to give thanks to the admin who posted this one I really appreciate it thank you.
Yeah right I totally agree with you! Basically this means that we'll have a working game which includes all basic features. Features such as running, going prone, getting into cover, pahtfinding, shooting, throwing grenades, getting stunned, dieng, etc. etc. Keep up the good work and Godbless!
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