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Salute. As you might have noticed, the wheels have been turning at full speed lately. Florian and I have turned our biggest hobby into our profession. And we are working hard on turning this new dream into reality. This is great for us, great for the game and thus great for you? :) Because in the end, we are all here because we love Call of Combat.

There are a couple of issues I would like to talk about today:

Weekly new blog posts
From here on out our goal is to publish a new blog post every week. There is so much work being done at the moment, that this should not be a problem. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our blog posts. And feedback/criticism is always more than welcome!

Social Media
We feel that now is the perfect timing for more social media activity. In particular Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. We are currently working on some Twitter issues. But our Facebook page and Youtube channel are up and running! We would like to make a humble request regarding this matter. Would you all be so kind as to like/subscribe to Facebook and Youtube? The idea behind this is: it will enlarge our reach which eventually will (hopefully) result in a larger player base. So again, all for the good of the game. Remember those days when there was noone online to play against....? Lets make sure that doesnt happen again.

Our Facebook Page:

Our Youtube Channel:

Please like the FB page and subscribe to our Youtube channel. For you, this means that you will always be up-to-date with the latest developments :) Many thanks, and see you on the battlefield!


Ps. we will also attempt to incorporate the social media into the website/blog soon.


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(Getting The Word Out For The Win!) Hey guys there is this thing called I really recommend looking it up on this website a lot of people can stream on there. It is all so free. Maybe when you guys are doing work or something on the game you guys can stream it. People might stumble crossed it and boom! more people interested
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But, the chances are really small for someone to find their channel.
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Thanks Vade, i'll have a look!
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We had a look at this, and it would be a very interesting feature for Call of Combat. We will look into it but it might be one of those features which we plan to release after the official release.
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I ave done my research and in honesty I would go with YouTube it's accessible by everyone while facebook lately limits it tho registere members to even view. I recently deleted my fb account afterfacebook team claims I violated their terms and made nmy account inaccessible for posting my poetry. Another good method to store videos create a public cloud service like owncloud with this you can treat your computer like a server instead of having limitations to uploading files. lately I been trying out Googleplus but personally I am still getting to know how it works. You can also make your own website for free however there is yet again limitations to uploading content you may only get 500MB with that. I am also using 4shared its a public filesharing site that is rarely mentioned lately the reason why I recommend this is because you can upload upto 15gb and no limits on files, compared to dropbox it will actually tell you how many downloads/views same with mediafire.

Upedate: when I get moved with internet I intend to give an intro to the upcoming game. It will help because I have 150 subscribers on my YouTube channel although that's rather small
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That intro sounds great Burster!
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1. Callofcombat v2 footages 720p 2mbps 16:9 (1080p 5-12mbps recommended/raw 1080p 30fps preferably
2. Music/sound effects
3. Voice optional
4. Callofcombat logo optional
5. Credits

From there I will use what we have to make the intro and try blending everything together so the footage will run smoothly. Another thing I have been a dj recently for 2 years 12 months so I learned how to mix audiotogether. I am willing to do the voice to. You can also include a video of the team working on the game it will help
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Preferably I prefer creating this intro when the planning is set. New ideas are being brought up on the forum and most of the game is still in the development. What I am saying if I was to make the intro nnow would lack video footage needed to have a clear understanding visually of the upcoming game.. another thing I thought about using your YouTube videos to make the intro however I prefer atleast 720p and Ican use my actingvoice to help grasp interest. Or take it more advance do Skype screenshare and work together to make this video possible . But will have to wait until I get a place so I am set for this project
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Note: most of the videos on there are older when I using wmm or Corel. Now I use professional editing software. Here is an example of a project video that took me time up above with mediafire. Making the call ofcombat intro will take me atleast 4 hours of hard customized editing

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Dont forget to mention the twitter handle! ;)
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one question we can play meanwhile another game like the coc v1 ?????????
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