New concept art & models!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today it is my pleasure to show you some concept art and a couple of 3D models :)

Concept Art
This series of drawings gives you a little insight into our proces of making a background image for the new website. It has been quite the proces to find the right composition and add some of the Call of Combat features. As you can see the art piece is still far from finished. Its being worked on as we speak! We hope that you appreciate this sneak peek.

Click to enlarge and see more images:

3D models
These models have been published on Facebook and Twitter already. But, as we know that some of you are not in your teens anymore / dont even know what Facebook is, it would just feel wrong to withold these from you.

Click to enlarge and see more images:

Sincerely hope that you like what you've seen. Stay tuned for a Tech update by Florian next week!




rodders2's picture

hey guys game is looking really good so far,just want to ask how long now till coc opens?, looking forward to getting back into coc :)
Erik's picture

Hi Rodders!

The release is set for next Winter. Hopefully an alpha and beta way before that though :-)
Vatsug's picture

Always fun to see some progress. Haven't checked in for a while now, but terribly excited about the game to launch and can't wait for alpha-testing if I get in on that :P
Keep up the good work, I bet there are many eager gamers out there :)
WarBoss's picture

Again, great art. Congratulations to the artist(s)!

I just hope that my soldier can grab the wooden plank and hit the enemy with it :-)

I forgot... the Art Concept... If that is close to what will happen in game battles, i believe i really like it !!!
Been watching those drawing again... Really nice guys, congratulations again.
lorekiller's picture

i'd like to live in your office, just to follow day by day how the game is proceeding ahah! Great art, can't wait for the next updates!