New art work! Check it out :)


A very happy new year from the entire Call of Combat team. We wish you all the best (and much more!) in 2014!
To start off the new year with a tiny bang we would like to show you some of the new work made by the art team.

Click to enlarge and check out more images:

For Call of Combat... 2014 will be an incredibly important year. This might just be the year where the new game makes or breaks it.. Fortunately we are proud and able to say that the entire team still is very motivated. And we still have a lot of faith in building the best damn version anyone has ever seen :) Now its just a matter of proving this of course... We feel that this new art work is a small step in the right direction. We hope you guys like the style that we're trying to create! Any feedback is very welcome as always.

The ones of you that follow us on the social media have seen the majority of these already. For you we have added some new work as well ;)


The Development Team


Pai-ku-han's picture

I better start thinking of buying a new computer to run coc2!! It was about time, i had problems with coc1 with this junk. Great job guys. Thanks for the effort.
WarBoss's picture

The detail is amazing in those objects. Congratulation guys, great work!
Erik's picture

Very glad you like it! Ps. the map previews are merely concept art. Meaning that thats just (close to) what we want the game to look like in the end. Making that happen is an entirely different matter ;-)
oriole's picture

Prachtige kunst, bedankt voor het bijwerken :)
vonkali's picture

Not bad, not bad at all. I expect perfection from you guys. What 3d engine/editor are you using?
Erik's picture

We are currently using Unity3D; check out Florian's last post for lots of details:

Edit: cant create a hyperlink for some reason.. Will look into it. Its the 28th of Dec 2013 blog post.
Severus's picture

such graphics
very amazing
TimBrizzell's picture

Looks sweet, really excited guys
DeathStriken's picture

Looks awesome guys! cannot wait for the alpha :) Would love to try it out.
Btw what game engine did you guys end up using? Unity 3d or something else?
Erik's picture

We are currently using Unity3D; check out Florian's last post for lots of details:

(looking into problems with hyperlinks, my apologies for poor link)
UltimateGod's picture

We are using Unity3D for all the easy to put together stuff, such as pathfinding, rendering, etc (sarcasm, its all the stuff that takes forever to program). Unity3D has the capability to use scripts to program a game, and the scripts are being written in C# .NET. Exciting times :)
Jammer40's picture

wow. come along way since my dodgey grenade throwing animation!
UltimateGod's picture

Lol Hey Jammer! Good to see you back.

I still miss your animations and square soldiers ;)
Delta2k17's picture

I like it
Foggy Dewhurst's picture

Don't worry it'll make it, if I have to personally walk the streets of local town centres wearing a sandwich board with the URL.

It'll make it with our full support. Art work looks fantastic by the way, but remember graphics aren't everything. Gameplay is king.