The Call of Combat office!

Dear Call of Combat addicts,

Believe it or not.... but Call of Combat has an office!! :D
In order to bring the game to the next level we've been working hard on professionalizing our approach/the team. One of the obvious steps is of course an office. And what do you know? Now we have one :) Its a relatively cheap option; we can get kicked out at any time with only two weeks notice. But, we can also leave whenever we want with two weeks notice, making it quite flexible for us as well. And dont be afraid, if we get kicked out (because the building gets rented out to someone else who is willing to pay a lot of money for example), we will not have a problem finding something else. Its all about trying to keep the costs low at the moment...

Below you can find some pictures (click to enlarge/view more):

Our apologies voor the bad photo quality.. In the pictures you've seen the Florian - Lead Developer (did you see him scratch his ass?), Gordon - Art Director and Jonathan - 3D Graphics Artist. All pretending to do some work.. Its really great to have an office and work together in the same space. The office is only fully operational since a couple of days, but the effectiveness of our teamwork is already way up. And its a lot of fun :) Last but not least we would like to thank all of the office supplies contributors! Without them / litererally everything thats in our office right now we would have a small problem.

As always we will do our best to update you guys on more progress soon. Those of you who are following us on Facebook and Twitter already saw some of these pictures several days ago ;-)


The Development Team


oriole's picture

Когда бета-версия будет доступна?
Erik's picture

Thank the Lord for Google translate :) We aim to launch BETA in the summer of 2014.
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Thanks :)
Btw have you guys thought about kickstarter? I see that many developers benefit from this site.
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Yep, we do indeed want to launch a Kickstarter campaign at some point (+- 5 or 6 months from now). For us as a startup company it could be a great way to get some funding and actually start paying some of the team members. Currently only one of our twelve man team gets a salary (the AD) ;) Do you think Call of Combat has a shot on kickstarter (if we do everything right)?
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I think a kickstarter is a very viable idea once the game is in beta testing and we can setup goals for the full release.

by we i mean you guys i just like pretending to be there.
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It's very plausible that a kick starter would work with military buffs. No games really give the level of squad strategy that call of combat gave and will give in the future.

Source: I tried searching when the game shut down and found diddly squat.
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Yep you guys should definitely try and get into that kickstarter craze that is going on right now. Also you guys should try to get your game on steam Greenlight or something.
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Yep, we agree ;) Kickstarter and Steam.... Two 'campaigns' that might make or break us..
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dat sexy sexy new office smell...
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Keep up the good work, hope to see the game up an running soon. Can take the withdraws much longer lol.