November progress update - Map cover and chat

Fellow soldiers!

Those who’ve been following us on facebook and twitter will know we have been very busy creating artwork for one of the new maps we will be making (which is loosely based on the classic Farm Fight map). These are not screenshots from within the game, but rather concept art we created so we know what we want the maps to look like.

We are not quite ready to disclose the map in its entirety just yet, as it is not yet final and we still need to work out how we will actually implement some of the more advanced ideas in it. But we have revealed a small teaser to show what we are aiming for graphics-wise (again, this is NOT a screenshot from the game but concept art):

As you can see, cover will no longer be limited to just walls, haystacks and trees! This means we’ll also have a host of cover objects that shouldn’t quite give the same level of protection as others. Hiding behind, say, a wooden cart or a hedge should not provide the same protection as hiding behind a solid stone wall or positioning yourself in some trench. Cover is cover, however, and in the new Call of Combat taking cover will always give some sort of protection. But this new diversity in cover means we will now have to show clearly on the map how much protection cover actually provides. We will do this by showing a small shield indicator when you select cover. This way you know beforehand what kind of protection to expect. A useful tool if you want to keep your soldiers alive!

With regard to our current development build, we are still polishing the networking system and have now also implemented in-game chat as shown in the following screenshot:

Having a working chat is obviously important for testing purposes. It isn’t quite as full-featured yet as it was in the old game, but you can already decide whether you chat to everyone or just your own team. That is the minimum needed in a game :). In time we also want to implement built-in voice chat, but that is not a priority right now.

What is of course still a priority, however, is shooting stuff :). We’ve made some progress on that as well. If look carefully you can see that the soldiers in the above screenshot are actually carrying rifles right now. This wasn’t true when we last posted a technical progress update. But they aren’t quite able to kill with it just yet :).

We’ll keep you posted!




Rifel's picture

it looks good, but im a bit confused.
Is this going to be some normal/modern army or old coc one.
Becouse as i see, they look like SWAT whit carabine xD

Anyway looks good
Erik's picture

The soldiers are placeholders. The game will be fully WWII.
DimensionSeven's picture

looks really nice, congrats so far!!! can't wait to play this game!
TimBrizzell's picture

Looks pretty sweet, good job guys. I'm pumped.