3D Developments (new models & animations!)


I'd like to show you some exciting new 3D developments today. In his last blog post Florian mentioned a number of designers that have joined our team recently. The result is several (the first!) map objects and animations :)

But before I show you some of our new designs, I'd like to mention that Luke (Scowen; CoC veteran) and Zander have joined our team as well. This is great news because they are dedicated to making the first steps towards a transition from blog to proper game site. And last but not least: Jaap Oomen, a great concept artist, is also involved in the development now. Things are moving very fast and many people are joining. Which is fantastic, I just hope I didnt forget to mention anyone ;)

Anyways, the designs. Please keep in mind that they are still a work in progress; both the 3D models and the animations. For example: for the sandbag design we will be adding more wear and tear as well as make a half-circle shaped version. For everything: we would love to hear your input!

Animations (ill make sure to add some music / a voice-over the next time. Update: music added!):

3D models (click on the image for more models):

Stay tuned for another technical development update by Florian at the end of next week.



Ps. I have put up a new poll. Please let us know what your conclusion is after the leash discussion (you can find the discussion here: http://www.callofcombat.com/blog/the-leash)


Vatsug's picture

Looks really cool, however it reminds me more of the American Iraq-war uniform: (and yes, I do know that most wars has used more than one uniform)

I had to cut the picture-link up in two pieces as it didn't show.

Maybe it's the desert-camo that's throwing me off, but the vest he's wearing seems a bit too "heavy" or too many pockets for the standards back then.To point out the positive, the helmet and goggles looks very "2nd-world-war-german-ish".

Not that I really care, just figured I should point it out. I haven't been much active reading the blogs/forum lately, but I believe the game is still set in the 2nd world war?

Other than that; good work, I love to see updates about your progress and I will definitively play the game once it comes out.
Erik's picture

Thanks Vatsug. The movie is about the animations, please dont pay any attention to the uniform ;) The game theme and thus the soldier uniforms will definetely be WWII.
Ryan's picture

I think the character animations are in line with what a lot of us expected quality wise, at least at the start of development. A definite improvement on what we had though granted that isn't saying much.

Look forward to future updates, keep us in the loop.
Snip3's picture

I love the uniforms in the animation you should be able to set which uniforms you see In game. If you prefer to the Second World War or more modern uniforms such as above. I'd even pay a bit to use/see them in game.
Ciro Magnus's picture

PLEASE make the in game uniforms set in world war 2 only pleaseeeee!
Erik's picture

As I've said: in principle it will be WWII only :)
anothy34zx's picture

i would join
Kalzarr Magnus's picture

I love the breathing animation, makes it more realistic. They all look good imo and will give the game a better feel than v1.
- BTW keep up the great work, you have many of us anxiously waiting!

vade's picture

Ahhh the good old days. Hide behind a hay bell and snipe dem up. Ahhh the good old days. Nade spam until they die. Ahhh the good old days. Hide behind a door and blow his legs off. Ahhh the good old days. MG 42 in the open.