September Status Report

Salute soldiers!

After a short period of radio silence it is high time for a new status report.

Progress has been a bit slow the past couple of weeks. Of course this had to do with some summer holidays, but unfortunately I (Erik) have been quite sick also and couldn't do much. Nothing to worry about though, all is very well once more :)

The wheels are turning full speed again and we are (still) extremely excited and devoted to making a great new game. Luckily UG in particular has already been quite busy working on line-of-sight and the ability to actually shoot and kill. We aren't quite there yet, but if we can wrap that up and get some preliminary networking in place we essentially have a first playable prototype!

Later today we will publish a post in which we ask for your help, so stay tuned.
And of course more development progress soon :)

Best regards,

The Development Team


Rommel's picture

Thanks for the update. Awesome to hear things are still going well. Was a bit worried there for a second! :)
Costas's picture

If we rely on UG's ability to shoot and kill, the game is in trouble :p
UltimateGod's picture

its not my aim that's the problem, its picking which target gets to die first is what always got me ;)

but just in case I always have...

if(username == "UG" && IsGettingShot)
DeathStriken's picture

Looking at this, nice to see the wheels are fully rotating! Any assistance of any sort, more than happy to help guys!
Hades's picture

Sounds really great, can't ready to see a playable version.