Volunteers wanted!


We are dedicated to the development of a fantastic second version of a game which is thoroughly loved by everyone on this blog. It is an online multiplayer tactical war game with a WWII theme. In order to speed things up and fill gaps where needed we are looking for several additions to our team.

Are you interested in working with us on this challenging (and fun :)) project?
The following positions are open at the moment (experience with all of the skills mentioned is a plus but not compulsary:

User interface designer - Experience with developing user interfaces.
  • User experience design
  • Graphic interface design

Graphic Artist & Animator - Experience with for example Autodesk Maya or 3D Studio Max.
  • Models
  • Textures
  • Animations

Unity Expert - Experience with the Unity Game Engine v4.
  • Integration of animations using Mecanim
  • Special effects (explosions etc.)
  • Scene development
  • Terrain
  • Texturing
  • Lighting

Sound Designer - Experience with making sounds, in particular for games/movies.
  • Sounds effects
  • Ambient sound
  • Music

Web administrator - Experience with Drupal or similar CMS's.
  • Styling various site sections
  • Involved in preparing the 'from blog to game site' transition.
  • Maintenance

If you know anyone who might be interested in the above, please share the following link with them: http://www.callofcombat.com/blog/volunteers-wanted

Thanks guys, see you on the battlefield!

Best regards,

The Development Team


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Hi, currently working as lead software engineer at my current company. Would be more than happy to take the position. I am very familiar with almost every web based language and have worked with PHP frameworks such as Yii and Drupal. Myself and a friend also own an early web development company and he would more than likely want to be in on this.

If you're interested, let me know. Thanks
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you should hit me up too. I have a php task I need an assistant on. Paying though.
Erik's picture

Sounds great Scowen! We'll be in touch.
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A sound designer? That will be hard to come by... Never met any in my life! Good luck to everyone applying though. Looking forwards to seeing the results. And Scowen, good luck with your company too. I've tried that with a few friends and failed unfortunately, hopefully you'll do better.

I happen to know a pretty terrific graphics designer, i'll ask her to take a look at this though I make no promise.

At my age most people are too busy trying to juggle college and their social lives to commit to projects like this...
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Id love to help. I currently own www.GetMoneyMusic.com -- one of the fastest growing hip hop/r&b;/reggae websites in the world and have connections to some of the top sound engineers in the world (do a little of it myself too). Hit me up and I may be able to help the game generate some revenue. Im sure you have my email on file.
Erik's picture

Fantastic Method Man! Yep we have your e-mail, we'll be in touch!

@Rommel: coming across a sound designer is not as hard as one might think apparently ;) And thanks for forwarding this to the graphic designer you know.
Rommel's picture

Haha, that's some great luck right there. :)

A professional software engineer and sound designer in a single day!
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This is what I intended to discuss with Erik when he emails.. just putting it out there for all to see (so if people hate the idea they speak up)

I get over 200 music submissions a day from upcoming artists. If you can build a way where artists can pay to get their music onto this game -- ill get you the clients. I could even manage that whole portion of the game for you. 1000 songs at $10 a submission adds up though. Possibly make a music player that users can select what they want to stream by genre. Allow artists 1000 spins for X amount of $$$.

It is definitely important to generate as many flows of revenue for the game to succeed. I know this has nothing to do with gameplay..... but its a cool feature that will expose players to new music while supporting the financial aspect of the game.
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Nice idea but my question is do they pay to be on your website? If so, an extra charge might not be of benefit to them plus, reality is that call needs to have a substantial player base for that to be beneficial to any artist.

Micropayments for content is quite simply the easiest way to generate income. Most people play their own music while playing so its unlikely they would pay to hear upcoming artists if they can source them off your website ;)

The other question is over content ownership, but that should could probably be dealt with by a clause stating they agree to allow you to share their music to 3rd party's to increase exposure.
Erik's picture

Very interesting concept method man.

I like the idea of discussing this on the blog to a certain extent (I will be mailing you at a later stage regardless). Next to the issues Alex brought up (the juridical part shouldnt be a problem), im asking myself why would people want to to listen to this music instead of their own i.e. playlists on spotify or youtube etc.

Integrating this into the game sound system (auto-decline volume when certain in-game events occur for example) could add some value.. But would it be enough?

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Thought perhaps KAding would be asking for preliminary testers haha!
Erik's picture

Hehe, sorry bro. Testing is coming closer and closer though. We can almost touch it!
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Hey guys I have slight experiences in the fields listed below. Nothing major but do know some of the programs and possess a copy of each program.
User experience design:
Created Maps for Popular FPS Game known as Swat 4
Have used java to create User Input Games

Graphic Artist & Animator
Used Autodesk Software Before (Doing Engineering) So for have created a crane, working motor and so on

Unity: Have used Unity 3 quite a bit just messing around following tutorials and so on.

Sound Designer -
Do a bunch of mixing CDs and editing videos online for the game League of Legends
Posses some software for this (Nowhere near an expert but i can get around)

Web administrator
Worked as a Web Admin at board.ogame.org for period of 3 month
Maintenance - Have done quite a bit of website maintenance

I have some experience in each of the fields but as i do not know what kind of level expertise you need. Thanks and keep up the good work lads!
Erik's picture

Awesome DeathStriken! Thanks for your reply. We'll be in touch.
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I am only starting my second year of my Computer Science degree, so I doubt I could be helpful. However, if you're looking for a grunt to do grunt-work I could be of service.
Erik's picture

Thanks for the offer dude (gotta love that name)! WHat kind of grunt work could you do?
dude's picture

Umm well its is kinda one of those situations where you don't know what you don't know. I'll just list out the classes I've taken/am taking.

-intro to python
-intro to c++
-data struct and algorithm
-discrete struc computing

It felt like a lot more before I wrote it all down, but that is the measly amount I have to offer. Maybe in the future I could help out some.
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Hey Guys,

I'm studying at the moment for Sound Designer. I Would love to take part of the team!
I make already my own music. I make music from my 15th age. I think I can help with some background sounds? I did this already for video trailers.

If you're interested, let me know.


Erik's picture

Hey dude and DJDomastic,

Thanks so much for you offer to help! A lot has been going on and we have spoken to a lot of people with expertise the last week or so. So we have some decisions to make, but we might be in touch!! Thanks again :)

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You guys need a web developer by any chance? My brother is one and he would like some work.
Erik's picture

We do actually. Does he have any xperience with Drupal or similar CMS's? We are currently talking to Scowen about the position. But if he proves not good enough... ;)
Ciro Magnus's picture

not really sure, He just finished school a couple years ago. Not really sure of his exp or anything, but i'll call him and inform you. I can give you his # and email once i find out about his exp. Also, Kalzarr's dad is a web dev with many years of exp. I honestly have no idea if he'd be interested though.
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I would like to be a volunteer to test!
Severus's picture

Haha, who wouldn't like to be a tester!
Ciro Magnus's picture

He said he has about a year of exp with drupal, I can give you his email/phone # if you'd like.
Erik's picture

Awesome ciro! Thank you! We are currently working on some other options. But if they dont work out i'll send you an email :)
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Erik's picture

I have sent you an e-mail.
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Hey guys,
I understand this thread is looking for other types of volunteers. But with that being said I have over 15 years of gaming experience and have tested numerous games from the alpha to end stages.I understand programming and game design as well as networking and software bug problem solving. So please put me on your list for testing =)
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