August Development Update

A lot has changed in the prototype in the last month.

Here is the Update for August 2013

We finished fleshing out the waypoint system. Now the current soldier path is drawn through all waypoints so you can see the exact path your soldier will take to its destinations.

We have created a basic login screen that allows the user to select a player name and team before being sent into our demo map. This is not connected to the authentication system.

We have implemented the concept of teams as well and you can choose between USA and Germany. You have to start with the classics! ;)

We have also made it so that the current player on the system can only control their own soldiers, unlike before where we could control all of the soldiers on the map;)

We have added deployment zones. With deployment zones, soldiers now spawn in their team's zone and not at a randomly chosen location. Note: They are the dark blue lines on the terrain in the image below. This is a work in progress.

Now player's name tags will also display on the map. Currently they are just text based and display the player's name, rank and colors the tag based on friend or foe (red for foe, yellow for friend).

We have created a basic GUI which helps make the prototype look like a game. This is very much subject to change. This layout is based on some rough sketches that Florian and Erik laid out in the Game Design Document. On the GUI we have added the Game Time System. This means that we have Deployment Time in Blue, Game Time/Mission Time in white, and Game Over Time in red. The Time system works like it did in COC V1 with Mission Time following Deployment time.

Along with the GUI implementation we have added the beginnings of the scoring system. Currently it is a random number generator, but it is enough to help us along as we start next phase. The scores are displayed in a color scheme of yellow for friendly and red for enemy; which matches the name tags color scheme.

In the GUI, each player's soldier's "Avatars" are displayed at the bottom of the screen. They currently show you which soldiers are selected by yellow number, which will be modified as we progress. Eventually more combat data will be added to them. The images on the avatars will be changed once we have more game art :)

Going forward with the rest of the month we are currently working on the ranks for the soldiers as can be seen in the screen shot.
We are also looking into hooking up Multiplayer. We are working hard on animations for the soldiers.

Next month is slated to be combat mechanics AKA Guns and Grenades hopefully, we will see how far we get :)
Im excited for next month as nothing says Call like rifles and grenades ;)

All feedback and suggestions are welcome as always, Post comments here and on the forums. We read them all the time.

Thanks for reading,
Brett "U.G."


rodders2's picture

cant wait till its up and running ,any ideas yet on how close you are?
Colethemole69's picture

Juan F. Kennedy AKA Grizzly Bear AKA Heineken
Hunter's picture

Hey! It's been a long, long time since I've played Call of Combat (2 years at this point probably). Where can I download CoC V1?

Loving what I'm seeing for V2 by the way.
UltimateGod's picture

As Dan said. We took V1 down so that we could focus on V2 development.

Make sure to post suggestions on the forums :)
Dan's picture

The game is looking incredible. I cant wait for this to get up and running. hunter V1 is no longer available to play.
DeathStriken's picture

Nice Job guys, it is great to see this game developing at a good pace :) Cannot wait for it come out!
Also any news on when the Alpha might be available? :) Thanks and keep it up!
UltimateGod's picture

At this time I do not have any insight into when alpha is planned. I will leave that to Erik and Florian.
We are definitely eager to get the game into player hands for feedback. We have some things to get done before that can happen though. Keep watching and we will keep everyone updated.
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It looks like I see UG's troops and then it says Costas-Shield. I thought the game concept would change at least a bit!
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now fix the forum so I can read the topics
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I agree, I took a look around for the setting but could not find the setting :(
I will try and get one of the others to fix it.