Having some fun with animations...

I'm just working on a cover animation in the 3D animation program Maya. While Martin is making an updated 'run' animation!


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Awesome, but I would like to see some guns and shooting :)
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Love to see the work...so we know its being done! ;D

Very encouraging!
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It has a huge learning curve. Martin had to retrain himself from 3D Studio Max as well, but at least he already knows how to make animations :). Luckily I can leave all the worries about 'rigging' and other complex stuff to Frans, who actually has professional experience with Maya.
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It does, I tried it once.
For some reason I took to blender better.
I probably should try Maya again one day.

P.S. I like the progress being made ;)
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Just keeps getting better and better, I'm going to donate as much as I can next week. :)
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It won't be officially released until next Spring 2014 but there will be an alpha and beta version this year, probably in a couple months.
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this shiat looks so complicated! it must take hours to do even a simple movement...
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Starting to get really excited to get back into the game!