Meeting: no. Kick-off: hell yes!!

Salute Soldiers,

We are sorry to inform you that there was no kick-off meeting yesterday. We were forced to cancel it due to a lack of registrants. Eventhough we regret this, we do completely understand it. There were quite a few of you who seemed very interested in coming. But as it is quite a trip for almost all of you, its nothing but understandable that its not all that easy to make it.

But fear not. This minor set back does not deter us from developing an awesome game! Because we know that some of you were looking forward to seeing a report of the meeting, we have come up with an alternative. Check out the videos below for a sneak preview into our team and the start of the development process.


The Development Team


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Sorry to hear that guys :( but good that you had a kick-off. Also what was the big surprise? :)
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If I donated a dollar, would that help you guys lol...
Florian's picture

The psychological impact of this gesture would make me work twice as hard for sure :p.
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so by my calculation, If I donate 10 dollars you would work twenty times as hard, and this game should be ready by the end of the month!
Method Man's picture

You are correct but it has to be sent to MY paypal. BTW when this game starts I call dibs on Dave! lol
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Ahh hard to know that happened... but as you said, it would be a long trip fro most of us. As long as you people have in mind you are being supported from all around the world this is a minor situation. Greetings from Colombia.
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Thanks for update. So far looks super nice. I'm sure this project will be successful and your hard work will be rewarded.
Phil's picture

Sorry I couldnt make it I so wanted to. Tough times at the moment here.

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I wasnt able to go since i had to travel 1/2 world to get there but i loved the videos and know you guys are doing great. Cheers
Alex's picture

Looks decent.
Couple of questions though:

- That was walking, so I assume there will be run?
- Grenade animation was very slow, is that the only animation or will there be a quicker one for example, situationally if you quickly threw it from the corner of a building, could the animation be faster but the grenade less accurate?
(This throws up grenade accuracy too which could be an interesting concept!)
- Snap to cover and walking around an object. How will you prevent players standing next to the cover instead of going in by misclicking?
- Mountains are interesting but it seems odd that the soldier can happily skip up what looked like a severe mountain, will terrain impact on movement?

Good to see that you actually have a makeshift office!
I think you need to take donations of office furniture though ;)
MartinH's picture

Hi Alex, good questions. First I want to make clear that this prototype is made of placeholders. No item, sound or animation is actually a final product.
-The movement animation for example is an unedited download to test the animation mixing process. Running will be the primary form of movement for units in the game.
-As for the grenade animation editing is required as well.
-The snap to cover option requires testing to see how delicate the system works. We can imagine soldiers snapping into cover unintended. We'll make sure this won't happen in the final release.
-Elevation will effect movement. Steep cliffs will be set as impassable terrain. In the video above we show the soldier strolling up a steep hill to illustrate variation in terrain height. This is exaggerated to make clear the soldier moves onto a higher elevation.
Thanks for sharing your feedback. I hope I cleared a few things up :)

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I'm just throwing this idea out there, and I'm not expecting everyone to like it, but to make this more realistic, if a soldier runs continuously, going up a hill running, or stays in a battle, shouldn't they get tired over time and have to stay still to regain energy?
Erik's picture

They should, if we were to implement stamina ;) We've decided not to do so in order to stick to the original concept as much as possible.
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Although I understand the concept of introducing stamina might not agree with the traditional game, I too, feel there either should be a limit to how long you can run for or, give up on the walk option altogether. Perhaps a timer of 20 seconds or something could be coded in where after so many seconds of running you switch automatically to walk for an even period of time before you can run again? Otherwise, walking is as useless as assault has been in any previous release even since 2am's coc version since they never got used. After all in theory at least, running reduces the chances of getting sniped and obviously offers an advantage to move in position/cover much quicker. Unless you figure out how to restrict that, then what's the point of any other option?
Erik's picture

I understand what you're saying. We have however already had to make so many changes to the original concept that we felt that adding stamina as well would be somewhat of an overkill without adding sufficient extra value. Perhaps you'll agree with us once we reveal some more elements of the new concept ;)
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SOOO cool!!! Wanna play SO bad! Much better than version one. Oh, and I'd suggest trenches. :T And maybe in version 3 (If any you would make one) there could be vehicles? Cause when I was playing version one back in the day, I invited a LOT of friends to play (I was so addicted), I got a few, but most of em would ask pretty much the same question, "no vehicles?" But seeing the graphics and everything now I think they'd change their minds. :T
Rezurexc's picture

Adding vehicles is another whole subject. Let's not talk about a version 3 until CoCv2 is finished, they barely got the game completed. ;)

are you getting rid of the buttons???? you can't do that. i hate hot keys with a vengeance. i need my point and click. its my drugs man.
MartinH's picture

We're experimenting with a drag menu. You hold down the mouse button to open a circular menu with all possible options for the location of your cursor. This will probably be the alternative for those who prefer buttons ;)
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As someone who played chain/call through the years, its really cool to see active development on this game again. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Thanks!
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Have you considered during opens, rather then just appearing in the deployment zone, allowing troops to parachute in to a battle in progress?

Of course you could limit it to a certain zone, but I think it could prevent spawn killing and allow players to join opens even if their deployment zone is compromised.

What do you think?
Erik's picture

We have considered paratroopers as a soldier class. We might introduce this class at a later stage while the game is up and running smoothly. But that's for a different purpose than the one you are speaking about. In all honesty, we like the strategic aspect of defending and attacking deployment zones in order to ensure or prevent reinforcement troops from deploying. It really adds another dimension to the concerning game modes.
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WOW those were some sexy men you paid to make people think you were real men.... :)

But on a serious note...that was some cool stuff to see...the game looks super smooth even at this stage...also crouch is a neat idea. That mountain has me wanting a cool Iwo Jima map of some sort! :D