Soldier Classes

Salute soldiers!

We proudly present to you: the new Call of Combat v2 soldier classes. For the initial golden release we
will be introducing several soldier classes to the game. Although we loved the game in its simplistic
form, the introduction of soldier classes is inevitable for keeping the game sustainable and subject to
continuous improvement. It will change our game quite thoroughly, but definitely not for the worse. The
new soldier classes and everything that comes with them add a new, exciting dimension to the game.

Here are the classes which you will encounter on the battlefield next year:

Quite similar to the soldiers of v1, but more of them! A riflemen squad consists out of five soldiers.

A squad of four soldiers. Perfect for swift attack maneuvers and close combat action.

Light Machine Gunner
The slowest of all classes. But with an unparalleled amount of firepower. This squad is made up out of
one light machine gunner and one support soldier carrying a rifle and grenades.

Long range and high accuracy are the two fundamentals that characterize the sniper. The sniper is
supported by a spotter carrying only a handgun and grenades.

This class moves around quickly and is difficult to spot. It is comprised out of three soldiers with a
relatively high communication frequency.

In the coming months we will elaborate on the specifics of these classes. We hope that you like what
you’ve read!

The Development Team

Ps: here is the forum link: Soldier Classes


InValid's picture

Sounds interesting! cant wait for more info on each class. I imagine beta testing will allow them to be balanced correctly :) in relation to maps how will they work? can you select any class on any map or will maps have set numbers of each class avilable?
Erik's picture

Yep we will need to test them in beta. Which will prove to be quite a handful and probably cause some headaches ;) There will be limits based on a combination of the game-mode, map and number of players.
DeathStriken's picture

Yeah sounds interesting, just hope that not one class of soldier becomes so used that everyone forgets about the rest...will be interesting to see ingame.
Colosuss's picture

I can´t wait to try these new classes. Seems each of them will be useful for something in the battlefield. The only thing I hope, that will be shopwed during the beta gameplay , is that any of the classes will not become significantly superior than all the other classes. I just say it because I´m an engineer and love games with this class, but didn´t you think about an engi classs? Hope to be playing this thing soon. Good Job guys!!!!
Rezurexc's picture

I like this, adds a new touch, I'm definitely going for Assault or Sniper squads. But we'll see when we get into more detail with the squads, It could make me change my mind. ;)
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Paradire's picture

I hope the game will have flashbangs :P
KiNg_RaTbU's picture

hope we can play sooooooooooooooooooon grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Colethemole69's picture

I like the idea in that it will give more variety and more replayability to newer members, but I am wondering how you you choose at the beginning and can never change? How does that work?
Erik's picture

All players will start out with the riflemen class when they have registered. Thereafter players will be able to work their way towards unlocking the other classes.
Scarecrow_ABC's picture

Can't wait to play again! :D
alfieq's picture

Me too but I got one question.

Does it have engineer class? Engineer class has an ability to place sandbags and barbed wire. This is the only cheap create item that you can use. Since, the only problem for those placements that can be blocked when all other perimeter of gaps are filled. To counter it, soldiers would have an ability to jump over sandbags and low walls. As for barbed wires, it can slows down enemy movement and have a chances to get stunned when jump over barbed wires. The only difference for barbed wires is does not provide any cover while sandbags can be cover by any soldier who is next to it.

To prevent mass spam defensive constructions. How about set a limit for each engineer commanders that they could place. For example, in hilly terrains. Engineers can place only about 3-8 sandbags and 1-4 barbed wires in this setting.

Engineers are not a main attackers or defenders, since their base statistic are poorer than rifleman. They are support infantries that helps team-mates to get boost of defences in their line. Pairing with Light Machine Gunner will able to help them able to set up machine gun nest.

In some certain maps, maybe engineer class has extra construction options that made enemy team unrecognised or a sneaky way to defeat them. Like giving them to put land-mines, mostly stunning but rarely kills them after trigger a mine. Other option like time-bomb, set up a bomb in any time before explode. Time-bomb are the only weapon that can destroy sandbags and barbed wires but also causes them to stun when anyone is nearby the bomb.

Engineer class are also helps team to defeat other engineers defences like placing time-bomb next to sandbags or barbed wires to destroy it. Minesweeper that engineer use to remove mines with its radius.

This class are always difficult to play, even you have various options to build. You need to proper placing them or one-step for enemy advantage.

Erik's picture

Really cool ideas alfieq. For the initial release we are going to introduce the five classes which we've mentioned above. The plan is to implement the engineer class and possibly other classes at a later stage.
CookiePanda's picture

How many classes do you think the final version of the game will have Erik?
Erik's picture

Good question cookie. Unfortunately I cannot give you an answer at this time. There are quite a few possibilities :) We came up with around 10 to 15 suitable classes during our brainstorm if I remember correctly.
DaVe101's picture

Hey guys, Since Now Coc has taken the initiative to incorporate group classes I will bring up an old suggestion that I made during call of combat's development. Back then they did not really add any new features as in weaponry other than what was around during chain of commands time. I had a mortar team idea that if the mortar would be equipped it would take 2-3 soldiers to set up the weapon. When deployed the player would pick an area on the map in which he would want to load and fire mortars on. This artillery would be slow firing and not perfectly accurate, but would be long range and unleash a grenade blast with a bigger radius and higher probability of killing what ever falls in its blast radius. This type of weaponry could be useful when paired with a scout class to determine a general area in which to attack.
-Just an idea that could be played around with and considered for some map campaigns :)
alfieq's picture

Mortar teams is a good idea. How about a few add on from me? So it won't be too strong or too weak.

Mortar team needs to deploy before firing shells. Unlike Light Machine Gunner, it can fire and be rambo but its accuracy are very ineffective without deploying it first. Another part, mortar has a limited of medium to long range shells but also has been revealed your position by an enemy upon fired a mortar shells.

As from Mud and Blood 2 (Noob) wiki said: "He thinks putting mortars inside of the cam-net will make them stealth mortars" equal to "There is no such thing as stealth mortars and when mortars firing a shell inside of the cam-net, it will tear off the cam-net exposing the enemy recon due to high arc". Enemy can hear very heavily shoots from the mortar, so either firing and set up in the next position or find a suitable spot where enemy won't get through.

Mortars are basically a long range version of grenades causing the shells to land few second slower than normal grenades, so good point for a blast radius is need to slightly increase. 2 soldiers manning the mortar is already enough, another 1-2 soldiers will guard the mortar under your command. Another important that mortar won't shoot through roof but blown off the roof instead. It can be complicated to program this because of target complexity (when shells hit the wall, then it hit the wall and all other variables like when hit a roof).

Still, mortars are good idea. Maybe an optional implement. So, developers can focusing on 5 basic classes as mention above.
MartinH's picture

Hi DaVe101 and alfieq. We did actually discuss adding mortar teams as a heavy weapons class. I myself see it as a tactical unit which is very effective but hard to master. Discussing this we agreed that, concidering a solid foundation was required for the addition of more complex features, the mortar would be better suited for a future update.
Locust's picture

Wouldn't that result in a lot of games being: "rush towards enemy dz, deploy mortar crews asap and stop them from getting re-enforcements"?
Erik's picture

Of course this is only applicable for certain game-modes. But its up to the other team to make sure that that doesn't happen I'd say :) Another option is make the DZ a 'mortar-free zone'. Both have their advantages, but lets not get ahead of ourselves ;)
shield of thunder's picture

Sounds interesting, can't wait to give it a go
Erik's picture

Thanks for the suggestions guys. As said before, for the initial release we will be focusing on the five classes mentioned above. But your input is great for when we start to work out other classes :)
Represent's picture

When should the game be out for testing Erik?!!:)
Erik's picture

Hopefully near the end of the summer! :)
Phil's picture

"Long range and high accuracy "

Sounds worrying, snipers ruin a lot of online games. If you cant move without getting sniped and they are even further away that you can see or shoot. It can suck.
MartinH's picture

Hi Phil, we share your concern. Snipers will be thoroughly tested before implementation. We don't want them to break the game balance. To do this we want them to work only under specific circumstances. Additionally we aim to implement at least one counter unit or tactic. This way we will keep the game balanced and fair.
Equalizer's picture

I would snipe Phil.
alfieq's picture

Sniper's main weakness will be lack of 15%-45% LOS (line of sight) than regular rifleman. Snipers need an observer known as recon or called them scouts. Other classes than a recon itself will be half efficient than single recon squad.

So, in my point. When you are a sniper commander, you notice your ally squad LOS are 45-60% (or called half) reduction except recon on your own command (only you will be affected the LOS reduction, not all other ally squads unless other are sniper commanders.). Recon is your partner of the whole team. They can spot and use radio communication to your sniper target on that location. Instead of giving sniper a spotter, which it will ruined the recon class. Give them a single backup rifleman like all other regular riflemen. Your rifleman also affect the LOS reduction as well but only lost about 15% to 35% compare to other which is twice more for balancing the aspect. Because, you can use your rifleman go in the cover from distance and spot them while sniper trying to pick them off.

So, snipers are need to be in the correct position to snipe, use your rifleman as a dummy and a short range scouter. Unless your sniper squad dies, you can see fully of their LOS.

This would help reduce the problem with snipers are being out-ranged and overpowered shots. But not always.
Locust's picture

As locust come in numbers, I shall be deployed as such.....

$10 says the reformed UBG all pick snipers and LMG crews.
The_sniping_machine's picture

Lovely the sniper class would suit me perfectly :D