December Status Report

Dear CoC addicts,

Let us start off by saying that its great to see so many CoC veterans still alive and kicking!
Being veterans ourselves, and loving the game as much as you do, all that we want to do is to make a version of CoC which is just as fun (or even more fun!) to play in comparison to its predecessors.

That being said, please allow us to give you some more insight about where we are right now and what lies ahead of us:

  • Foundation of Kava Gaming
  • We are currently in the process of setting up a company: KaVa Gaming. This will provide us with a legal framework that allows us to develop and publish CoCv2 without breaking any laws ;)

  • Conceptualization
  • Because we are building CoCv2 from 'scratch', we are currently investing the majority of our time and energy into conceptualizing the game. We have already posted pieces of this here on our blog. Please don't be put off by some of the things you see. We are merely looking at all the possiblities. In CoCv2 we do intend to stick to what makes CoC such a great game. On top of that we realize that you cannot think of everything in advance when you are developing a game. Certain features will be subject to trial&error as we go along. The result of our conceptualization efforts will be a (gigantic) 'Game Design Document'. This so-called GDD will function as a manual for the developers while they are developing the game. Momentarily it is very difficult to say when the GDD will be finished. A rough guess: in 3-4 months time. But as stated above: this is where our priorities lie right now.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • As soon as the concept is finished we will celebrate reaching this milestone by inviting all of you to our kick-off meeting here in Amsterdam. This moment will also be used to herald the development of the game including the launch of testing facilities. For all of you that won't be able to share a beer with us but do want to help testing: dont worry; you dont have to be present at the meeting to help test the game. More about the kick-off meeting later.

  • Developing the game
  • When the GDD is finished the game is ready to be developed. Also, at this time we will have decided on which game engine and thus which software framework we will be using. Why not sooner? Because we want to choose a game engine based on the game that we want to develop, rather than choosing to develop a game based on which game engine we want to use. As soon as there is more clarity about the engine/framework we will be expanding our development team with 1-2 programmers. We are already in the process of looking for a 3D designer/animator. We know that some of you guys have experience which could prove very useful. We do however intend to firstly look at options nearer to our geographical location (The Netherlands). But, if we dont succeed, we will get in touch!

  • Alpha/Beta releases & testing
  • As soon as the development has started we will gradually release versions available for testing. At this stage the testing facilities and the test group will be ready for action. We hope that you guys will help us testing! It is nevertheless important that the test group represents a larger portion of our target group. Therefore we intend to establish a test group which will represent all of our future players. Meaning testers of all ages, veterans/non-veterans, from several continents, etc. etc.

  • Golden release
  • The game is ready to be published: HELL YEAH! Of course you will all receive an e-mail (if you have registrered on the site or subscribed to the mailing list). On top of that we intend to launch a marketing campaign which will hopefully lead to a large player base. No more waiting times, how great would that be?

    We sincerely hope that this status report has given you guys some more insight. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    With great enthusiasm,

    Florian & Erik
    The Development Team


    CIGAR's picture

    As a long lived Vet in this game, how can i be on the list too test this game? thanks cheers
    Erik's picture

    Hey Cigar,

    We will recruit testers via this website. If you've subscribed for the mailing list we'll contact you when the game is ready for testing.

    Erik's picture

    As ive said before, first round is on us :)
    Delta2k17's picture

    I'm not a cock addict....

    Anyways great job to what your doing, i would do like to be on the testing list and if you need he'll with NewPlayerHelpers I would gladly help like I did on CoC v1
    Pai-ku-han's picture

    Its nice to be informed about what you guys are planning. Sadly, im too far away from amsterdam to attend to the meeting
    Bagel's picture

    Glad to see this game being remade, good luck on your project, I look forward to it.
    InValid's picture

    Kick off meeting. I know this might be hard to date but when do you think this will occur? as if i can make it, i will need to book flights, plus its a great excuse to go to amsterdam with my mates :)
    Erik's picture

    It is indeed very hard to say at the moment... Our goal is to inform you guys at least 2-3 months in advance. Does that work?
    InValid's picture

    that should be plenty of time
    Chemical Cut Throat's picture

    I think what you guys are doing is fantastic, keep up the good work.
    KingLeonidas's picture

    Fantastic job guys keeping our hopes alive. I commend you both for putting your efforts into a new(and hopefully very profitable) version of the new game. Now where the hell is Leroy Brown?
    Delta2k17's picture

    Playing Chain lol
    Dan's picture

    am I right in believing you have just passed a law where foreigners cant smoke your weed? I will still be up for the trip out but there would be a need to experience the real amsterdam while im there.
    Erik's picture

    Official comment regarding drugs: no comment.
    BlaZeD's picture

    Dan I totally agree on the experience, if I can get off work long enough we will have to hit up a coffee shop or 3, just need a long enough break to get it out my system for work ; )

    Peace and Love

    We will continue to stand ready for our call to war. Give 'em hell boys!
    Still if there is ANY 'war' effort to be made, please let us know. I still want to know where I can send you money.
    slaughterhouse's picture

    CAnt wait for the testing!
    Erik's picture

    Good to hear that you guys are just as enthusiastic as we are! Today we're having one of our many conceptualization meetings: good progress is being made! We intend to show you more soon.

    Dan's picture

    Let down. anyhow on a + side when you want a trailor making you get me some footage my cousin finished some apprenticeship a few years back and edits music vids. said he would do a proper job if you want it doing. ill pay ofc
    Erik's picture

    Dont worry, Amsterdam is and will always be Amsterdam ;)
    Regarding the trailer: superb, thanks man. We'll definetely keep that in mind!

    Lets discuss it at the meeting :)
    MasterFayt's picture

    I didn't mention the first round Erik ;) I said drinks :)
    Vatsug's picture

    Can't believe no one took my sexy name o.O I haven't read much on the website as I found out about it today by pure luck (almost skipped the Call of Combat post on facebook), but is the former stats from v1 going to be reset? And is this game going to be playable on PS3 too? As they ask you to checkmark the consoles that you own when you register.
    I wish the developers good luck and I would love to see more features in the game instead of simple Axis vs. Allied elimination. I don't know how farfetch'd this seems, but adding "capture the flag", "domination" and other gamemodes like it that are found in games such as CoD it could build up a bigger playerbase =)
    Erik's picture

    No, the game wont be published on the ps3. And yes, stats will be reset.
    On top of that we are indeed looking at various game-modes which will be implemented.
    InValid's picture

    i would think not.
    Erik's picture

    Hi Bayunaspro,

    The game is in development. You cannot play it yet.
    MasterFayt's picture

    All it's took is a brand new game to get one :)
    Timid's picture

    Having played this game about 3 or 4 years ago, I can say this is terribly exciting for me. I've been wanting to get back into CoC for a while now and I hope we can make the community much bigger and stronger this time around!
    Dan's picture

    isnt it like 9 euros for a beer there? best be on a weekend could do with a date being put up asap so I can get it off work and what not. :)
    Dirty Mike's picture

    Yes Dirty mike is back to some that remember me, im really excited for this game i havent been able to play for MONTHS i love to hear this games coming back CAN'T WAIT
    Ryan's picture

    Just saw Dan quote 9 euros for a pint and nearly had a stroke - woe for the dutch. Must be having a laugh!?

    Erik's picture

    Although we are slightly going off-topic here: a beer is around E2,5 ;) Perhaps E9 at certain stripclubs etc.
    Erik's picture

    Try again in December 2013 bayun.
    MasterFayt's picture

    They're still in the planning phase mate, going to be quite a while!
    MasterFayt's picture

    I know a few books you can read if you're interested :)
    Jedi Hooters's picture

    the hunger games fayt? ;)
    Karma's picture

    Good to see this new project going on. My internet was down on the last week of November so I couldn't play my final games, gutting!

    And it's also good to see people sticking around.

    - Karma
    Erebus's picture

    Hey Erik, Scowen Here.

    If you are looking for a website designer I'm here. Experienced in PHP html css mysql the lot. So yeah, if you are needing anything done, ie a new site that will work fluently with the game. Then give me an email. You have my address I assume.

    Erik's picture

    Heya Scowen,

    Thanks for the offer mate. Noted and saved ;)


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    Party going on?
    Toony's picture

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    Get on fb
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