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I've been planning to introduce myself for a while now. You know, that guy who has been mentioned in one or two previous posts. Mentioned on the team page as the game concept expert and animator. Well that's me.

I'm Martin de Haan, game designer and gamification consultant by trade. Knowing Florian from the time we worked for the same company, he approached me with the idea of creating a sequel to Call of Combat. It sounded like a funny joke that time but the first steps had been set. Now it no longer looks like a joke. The creation of a sequel to Call of Combat became a project, a company, and most of all very real. I've spent the first meetings teaching Erik and Florian what designing a game is about. Then I shifted my focus on keeping these two from making classic game designer's mistakes. Their enthusiasm and dedication is impressive, therefore I do believe in shaping this idea into a golden release. We'll do everything to make Call of Combat v2 a game you guys will love. I'm proud to be part of this.

Game design is about creating game mechanics that engage players. Before you know if a game mechanic is engaging you have to test it thoroughly. How do you test a game before it's finished? Paper prototyping, or in this case, plastic prototyping!

Call of Plastic Soldiers

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Always cool to see people who are dedicated to making our game come back to life in an even better form than before. I wish I knew how to do this stuff because I wish I could help to make the game more than im doing on here :/

Also dont let Erik know any sneaky codes to cheat with...he was pretty freaking good without programmer knowledge in the original version :P
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I am guessing someone gave you a tutorial into 'our game' and what we know about with the toy soldiers the way they are placed in those pictures. Hehehe. Good to see someone on the team to steer it away from the pitfalls. We so desperately need a game that is conceptually superior to past iterations. Thanks for taking this on Martin. We are expecting much as we are rabid fans of this game.
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I have a few questions You could answer me in you free time
1- Is the game gonna be block based? Examble: You can only throw the grenade to 5 blocks, and the explosion radius is 3 blocks
2- Were you working on CoC V1?
3- What are the teams you are currently planning to put? China? British?
Well, I have more answers than that but, ill keep them to myself as a surprise till atleast the game gets released, ill stay tuned for the incoming updates, Good luck!