Our very first brainstorm - CoCv2 Game Mechanics

Hey guys,

I'd like to start off with saying that already quite a few people have registered on the site. The same goes for placing comments and best of luck wishes. Thanks for this! We draw a lot of energy and motivation from your support. For everyone that has offered to help already: it is much appreciated. When the time is right we will contact you via this website. But for now... Patience is a beautifiul thing ;)

As Florian mentioned in his previous blog post, one of the main goals of this site is to keep you guys informed about our progress in a transparant manner. While Florian will focus more on the technical aspects, I will try to keep you updated about pretty much everything else. Currently one of the things which is keeping us very busy (obviously i would say) is the game design.

Game design
There are various known definitions for game design. But as often is the case wikipedia is our best friend: "Game design is the game development process of designing the content and rules of a game in the pre-production stage and design of gameplay, environment, storyline, and characters during production stage."

In other words: in the pre-production stage (which is the stage that we are in momentarily) we need to identify and decide on what content and which rules we want to include in CoCv2. But where on earth do you start? We decided to start with identifying the game mechanics.

Game Mechanics
What does the game consist of? Which elements (mechanics) make the game enjoyable to play? And how do these game mechanics interact with each other? Below you find the draft outcome of our game mechanics brainstorm. Please click on the image to view a larger version.

Game Mechanics Brainstorm

More to follow soon.



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Glad to see you're going through with this Kading & Erik, good work and good luck with it. :)
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Erik you are missing 4 things the old game fell down on!
Continuous progression, reward, an expected timeframe for a player to reach 'max' and a tutorial/new players :P

Sorry to chip in but I'd hate v2 making the same mistakes as v1
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Hey Alex,

Thanks for your feedback, it is very welcome :) The things you mentioned are definetely elements which we need to/will think about! I agree with you that several of them are extremely important. Not all of them are game mechanics however ;)


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guys , do not play callofcombatv2 u all know i will own your asses anyway
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Not to fear the everlasting Joe is here!
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Erikizzle I love you!!!!! On a serious note im kinda skeptical about the "new call". Its a great idea and all dont get me wrong but whats to say things are different this time with kading and whoever else is running it. How can we be assured that you guys just won't give up on this version as the last one? Secondly how are we going to attract new people to the game? Now a days we have 3D tv's and consoles with graphics and gameplay 20x better than call the game wont survive if we just have the same old actives come on and play. IF you guys can figure out the solution to these then this new call will go far :).
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Heya ops,

I can understand why you are somewhat sceptical. And I'm sure you're not the only one. We'll hopefully be able to change this as we go along. The main reason why things will be different is this: CoCv1 was Florian's hobby. CoCv2 is now our main profession. I don't expect this difference to remain unnoticed as time passes. For example, and that leads me to your second question, this time there will be a marketingplan to recruit new players. And the graphics will of course be much better than they were. Don't expect $100mil EA graphics. We do however intend to produce high-end independent development graphics.


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Ignore the sceptics, this is fantastic.

And for those who say PC gaming is dead etc, the independent PC gaming market is skyrocketing.

Just check retrogamenews or kickstarter, look at projects like Limit Theory for the PC.

I can't stand consoles, hate console games even more. And there's thousands, millions even of people just like me who prefer PC gaming.

As for graphics, stuff graphics, I don't care about graphics, they could pixelate v2 for all I care if the gameplay and teamplay is there!
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Erik is exactly right on this. It will be different because we are dedicating time for this in what are normally 'office hours'. It is not something I do just in the evening hours and in the weekend as was the case with CoC. Mind you, hobbyist can get pretty far (especially those with lots of free time like many students), but it isn't sustainable!

This will be a serious undertaking, not just a hobby project.
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Hey guys just want to say thank you for bringing this game back and I hope with the fresh new approach things turn out much better,as always anything I can do or anything we can do as a community just ask..Good luck and please keep us informed of the future of COCv2.

P.S Reminds me of sonsofglory forums in the sense that before anything happened people gathered at the forums..kind of a nice feeling

I am so excited about this. I would like to help in anyway. I has some talent myself but I also have contacts for a small group of more talented individuals. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you can be assisted in any way.

Freelancers: E-mail me to broaden your horizon with interactive media!
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I ask that you dont make the game where you need a high end pc and a good high speed internet connection to play. That was one of the draws of Call of Combat v1. You could get along with a computer a few years old and a low end high speed internet connection.
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I agree with cire. Why catter to the gamers and all the people that have a more than $20 video card in the system? These are not our target clients. Who wants high graphics, 3D rendering and polygons? Donkey Kong didn't have any of that and had way more followers than coc. So what if it was 1980?
Cire I'm sure Atari might still have some games that your 286 with 16Mbs of ram can handle :p
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Those days are behind us. You shouldn't need to make the game look like crap in order for old computers to run it.

If you are still running a computer from when CoC was made then it is time to upgrade, period.
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This sounds very very awesome, nuff said :D
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Glad to see CoC is taking a turn around to a new level!
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the way you have this planned out might actually work. i am impressed.
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I'm looking to add to my credentials in terms of map making.

Please KAding do contact me once you have a valid editor up and running. I would like some time before the game comes out to make some really good release maps.

As always if you guys need anything just let me know.
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good idea i would also like to volunteer to do map making.

an idea would be including (fallowed by Y-axis) muli layer-floors, stairs, mountains, rivers etc ^^
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good idea i would also like to volunteer to do map making.

an idea would be including (fallowed by Y-axis) muli layer-floors, stairs, mountains, rivers etc ^^
why not simply use 3D max to make advance maps with imported textures and everything?
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Bursters' post reminds me, Erik & Kading, im here if you ever need help with anything, Erik I believe you still have my e-mail address if do require anything which I can give/help with.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the offers of help! We do expect your help to be needed :) Whether it will be in map making, testing the game, giving feedback on the concept, or whatever else. When the time is right we'll contact you via this website.



Good job guys! Glad to see things starting to roll already. Burster I was going to email you and tell you the game was being remade... but I got busy and forgot. Sorry.
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I hope you guys can make this dream come true. Im here if help is needed.
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gl hf