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It appears we are having some issues with users registering with Microsoft email addresses, such as, or So if you tried to register with such an address and did not receive a confirmation email this might have been an issue. We are working on this right now and hope to have this fixed ASAP, but definiately no later than Wednesday. Any confirmation mails to these addresses will be resent then so you can complete your registration.

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I use as mine, be sure to check your spam, junk mail
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Make sure you have an SPF record in your DNS, Microsoft likes those :) Something like this:

v=spf1 a mx ip4:SITES_IP_HERE -all

I didn't find one when I did a lookup on

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The problem is that pretty much half of the data centre of our host has been blacklisted by Microsoft. SPF won't undo that.

I've started the process of getting our server whitelisted, but to prevent something like this in the future I am now setting up email through the Amazon SES service. I already set up the necessary DKIM records, but still need to do SPF as well.
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Emails should be fully functional again for Microsoft email users! Everyone who did not yet receive a account activation email should have received an email that allows them to activate their account. My apologies about this, but it was a bit out of our hands :(.