The king is dead, long live the king

This site has been set up to inform you all about the new game we are creating and rest assured that is exactly what we will be doing the coming weeks and months! But allow me to talk one last time about the game that got us here in the first place: Call of Combat. After more than 10 years the old Call of Combat game will finally be going down tomorrow. The contract for the server running the authentication service, lobby and game rooms will end tomorrow at midnight CET. Now, much can be said about whether it was really necessary or wise to shut down the game at this point. But I personally believe keeping it up and running would just be a distraction and would not make sense financially. After all these years it was simply time to move on.

The only thing I moved to our new web server were the game website, forum and wiki. Couldn't just throw that away! These sites contain so much valuable information that they just need to stay online for the time being :). The forum will eventually be made read-only though, as we will also be setting up a new forum for the new game. The old site can still be accessed by clicking on the link in the footer of this website.

Let me take this opportunity again to thank all of you who have been involved in this game, whether you have just been playing it or have actively been contributing to it as an MP, created maps or a staff member. Cheers to all of you!!!!!!!

In the coming week both Erik and me will be talking about our first baby steps on this long long road ahead of us. I'll be taking a first look at some of the technical choices ahead of us, while Erik will talk a bit about our first attempts at proper game design ;). Just to be clear, we both consider this site to not be just for announcements, but also to provide you a more informal insight into what we are up to and what is going through our minds!

Talk to you soon,

Florian (KAding)


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Thanks for everything kading, thank you very much for also making the new call! Can't wait too come back and play with all the old friends!
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Hey kading thanks alot for keeping CoC up as long as you did. However if you need any help with the this new projects, be it in designing maps or in managing the website or the new wiki. Let me know i am more than willing to help. Contact me at [email protected] if you need to.
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Hopefully this time next year we'll have an early Christmas present in the form of an alpha build to look at. Look forward to the updates, good luck fellas.
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I almost cried when I saw Call of being shut down it was like the end of an era.

Since the ending of CoC I haven't played on any other game. Not one. None of them are just right, there aren't any good online games :( CoC was IT.

Thank you so much for v2, Kading and Erik, was a bloody brilliant and emotional surprise, you have no idea just how much CoC meant to some of us!

Now where's tha tdonate button eh?!
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Ye where is the donate button?
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Hey fellas, We feel that its a bit early for donations. We first want to prove to you that we are extremely serious about this project. But, seeing that we won't earn a single dollar the coming 1-2 years, a donation button at some point isn't such a bad idea ;) Regards, Erik
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it has been down since yesterday with an SQL error. It did work again for a little bit after the error first showed up. Perhapse someone already fixed it once.

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Heya Phil. The old forum is back up. It will be made read-only though.


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Guys if any models/frames or simple GUI needs looking at or opinions just hollar i'd like to help in any which way i can, big thanks for u guys not scrapping the idea.