The 2013 kick-off meeting!

Respected soldiers of CoC,

We proudly present to you: the official 2013 Call of Combat v2 kick-off meeting! The main idea behind this kick-off is to present and discuss the game concept with the ones among you who are willing and able to make it. We realize and understand that for the majority of you it will be impossible to attend. Therefore we will try our utmost best to report on everything that has occurred (we'll have our camera ready, in particular at the end of the night).

Date: May 4th, 2013 at 15:00
Location: Amsterdam (center)

  • Welcome drinks & snacks
  • Introduction of the CoCv2 Dev Team and all kick-off participants
  • Presentation of game concept
  • Game concept discussion
  • Technical implementation plan
  • Introduction of testing approach
  • Beers and some delicious Dutch food
  • The infamous nightlife of Amsterdam (for those of us who don't feel too old)

Other information
  • Beer to be served: Heineken (Holland's finest!). This is not subject for discussion :P
  • Hotel/travelling arrangements are to be made by the participants themselves. For help/tips in this matter please feel free to contact us (there is a remark section in the sign-up form, but e-mailing us at a later stage is of course always possible). State your budget/amount of days you want to stay/other wishes and we'll try our best to find you something suitable.

Click here to sign-up!

With great enthusiasm,

The CoCv2 Dev Team

P.S. We've put up a new poll. The results of the last poll were really quite interesting: the vast majority of players (86%) consider themselves to a greater or lesser extent to be competitive when it comes down to AG competitions. This actually emphasized what we thought already. Already in the early stages of CoCv2 we have indicated competition as one of several key game mechanics. Community is one as well, which might please the other 14% ;)


Delta2k17's picture

Thanks for all kAding and Erik, a chat would be nice on Ye website which is on the poll, will be fun.

Me and many players, around 30 of us are on Stronghold Kingdoms :), join up!
Colethemole69's picture

Tribal wars > SHK still got a vent delta?
Colethemole69's picture

ooops double posted O.O
Jeff's picture

COLEEEEEEEE!!! noob. SHK is way better, you just suck at it! :P get yo butt back on here!! cant wait till CoC v2 comes out so i can own you on that as well! :P
A.W.O.L's picture

"someone accept my app!!" where is CoC V2!!
Snip3's picture

And it should be fun to put names with faces, even thou i can't go , better keep that camera live (;
Ps. Call should make a twitter :p I'd be happy to monitor if be (:
Erik's picture

Ah, forgot to mention that, thanks. Next to a report which will be made shortly after the meeting, we are indeed looking at possibilities for a live report. Twitter is definitely an option. I wonder how many people would be interested though. Either way, ill keep you posted about this!
Colethemole69's picture

Sounds mega fun...wish I could go haha...I cant wait to go to Amsterdam some days with my buds. Can't wait for the "BIG SURPRISE!" to be announced :P
Delta2k17's picture

Cole! Jeff is a top class fighter, what the hell happened to you? And ye I still got ventrillo but I tend to use teamspeak more

And a live stream would be fun :)
Colethemole69's picture

Man tribal wars and cod took over much better than shk...especially when you stopped helping me :P
Erik's picture

Dooie , super!
PFC4LIFE's picture

At the very least blog it after as you will do... video... pics etc.
Erik's picture

It will be blogged afterwards for sure :) A live video stream is a bit too much to ask for. But ill put up a poll at some stage to see if people are interested in a live report via a medium such as Twitter.
die0345's picture

not sure how old this is but u guys could of wrote up a broadcasting program quickly ;0. with like some kind of shout box of sorts hard part i think would of been linking it to ur site lol idk i just know little crap XD.
Erik's picture

In order to keep things unproblematic, we're likely to blog a report of the meeting afterwards ;)
roaddog's picture

streaming the meeting would be cool! sounds like a great time guys. keep up the good work!
Karma's picture

Looking to get down for this, always wanted to go to Amsterdam.. will bring a couple of mates as well.
Erik's picture

Awesome, hope to see you then :)
Alternative's picture

its a shame i wont be able to attend this year though perhaps maybe next year if you decide to do one, will be great to hear what more you have planned for CoC, on that note what stuff if any do you have planned for people that played the original CoC i of course hope we wont be forgotten in the thousands of active players im sure we will have
Erik's picture

I wish I could be as sure of that as you are. For now, we have planned a great game to be released ;)
Harbringer's picture

Exciting, If I wasn't currently paying my way through university I'd be going up. Would be interesting to watch a stream of the meeting though!
The_Shadow's picture

Can't wait for the new Call of Combat!!!!!!! Wanna rejoin all my buds and have a great time. I also got a name change, live for those of u who i don't know well. Also a live stream of the meeting would be great for those who can't attend.
-Solo_Rider now, The_Shadow
Barsniper's picture

Where are you all playing. I might go have to rent Black Ops 2 again now that I'm back home with my beloved 360?
Colethemole69's picture

I'm dying for one of the two! What is the time line?
Erik's picture

As stated, the forum will be released within two months. So somewhere in April. Ill try my best to speed it up. Regarding the chat we first wanted to see if there is enough demand for such a feature. So far so good ;) If the poll continues to develop this way ill make sure that we put one up within a few weeks time.
Colethemole69's picture

Solid stuff :D
lorekiller's picture

Hi guys,
i registered today even if i've been reading the news about the game for a long time!

I just want to say hi to everyone and encourage the new developers to keep up the good work because i've never played a game like call of combat! The game with the best community ever!

Erik's picture

Hey lorekiller,

Good to see you, and thanks for the support!
MasterFayt's picture

Forum + Chat feature...

The last two years of callofcombat have been returned to us :P
Colethemole69's picture

Hahaha yeah pretty much
Jeff's picture

Hiya baba Cole!!!!! come on SHK sometime lol. also, do you play COD on xbox or ps3?
Colethemole69's picture

OOOItzMagicCole is my name and spinner wreck fools on there! And screw SHK lol...go Tribal Wars!

Wish I could go, best of luck though and drink a few beers for me someone lol
Delta2k17's picture

Im Dellta2k17 or Delta2k174Life

Both are mine and spelt exactly like that, I play Fifa10,11,12,13 and NHL 4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and ive bought WWE 13 andi its okay, halo 1,2,3, 4, ODST, halo wars, halo reach. I pretty much play anything except for any of the COD, cuz I suck at those, But I don't play often but im sure if we can get a CoC clan on one of the games I play Ill be more active playng it.

Yo Cole email me at [email protected] :)
Colethemole69's picture

Im 18 and drunk...WISH I could play this into the night right now!!!!

p.s. just failed the friggen CAPTCHA like 3 times lolol
sopho's picture

good luck with the game development, I will try to keep abreast.

How much do i need to donate to get a PP hack when it starts?

but srsly, is there any openess on the costs of running the game and how it is going to be funded?
Erik's picture

Hey Soph, thanks!

If you want pps you must earn them on the battlefield :P

Its a bit too early to say anything substantial about the expected costs when the game is up and running. We intend to fund the game by implementing a freemium model. This means that the game will be free to play, while at the same time (non-advantage giving) in-game content can be bought.
Erik's picture

Hey emmitt, we expect the game to be released in the spring of 2014.
Colethemole69's picture

sup bro
Smully's picture

I thought you died or something. Good to see your back. I know you'll set up BtS again in 2014 eyh?

- previous names (Zoet, law, supaninja, ltsqueakybones, etc.) you'll recognize me from one of them
Tactical_Assault's picture

i rmember you bud... Blazed and I have been talking about it. We will jsut have to wait and see. Depends what kind of following we get.
Colethemole69's picture

I better be in on CCO duties (if thats what it is called on the new game) since I was supposed to be when the original idea came about :P
Snip3's picture

Omg, its TA, i remember playing sudden strike with you :D,
Smully's picture

How's he? I remember hi on MSN, proud of opening a beer can with his teeth haha.