Extended planning features

Hey all,

I’ve put up a new poll for you guys to vote on. We're interested in how you guys feel about AG's and related competitions. The results of the previous poll were pretty overwhelming: (67%) in favour of the implementation of some sort of strategic battle plan feature. Luckily, we agree! ;)

So allow me to explain a bit what we have in mind here. We want to provide the commander (and others if the commander allows them to do so) with a quick (!) and effective way to communicate a plan to the rest of the team. In practice this means that it should be possible to make complex plans by a few simple clicks on the map. To make this possible CoCv2 will allow all players to switch to a strategic view, which gives a nice overview of the entire battlefield. Orders can be given to players from this view by drawing attack arrows or defensive lines on the map. These orders are overlayed on the map and will automatically be shared with all team members. Such plans can also be saved in a personal battle plan folder to be reused in future battles or shared with other players.

But we want to do more with this idea than simply provide the commander in the game with a new toy to play with in the strategic view. We want to use the same system to allow all players to coordinate with fellow players in the heat of the battle. Imagine this scenario: you and a teammate are about to assault a house occupied by enemy soldiers. Using this system you would be able to - with the help of temporary overlay arrows on the map - show your buddy that you are planning to assault through the left door and suggest to him to cover the right door and windows. This information is overlayed on the map in an unobstrusive manner and will fade after a limited time. Again, the point is simply to allow you to better coordinate actions with teammates. After all, some things are simply a lot easier to point out directly on the map than explain over the chat.

We understand that this feature is most useful for the more 'serious' games and gamers, but we nevertheless feel it has added value overall. Making it as easy to use as possible is our very first priority, as that will in the end decide whether people will use this feature or not. It is our hope that this additional communication tool (next to chat and voice) will help players work even better together as a team and make the game even more focussed on collaborative action.

Best regards,



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So basically it will function similar to how 'pinging' on other games works? How would you catch a players attention if they are looking elsewhere? A mini-map accompanied with a sharp sound, something more discreet or nothing at all?
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Yes and no. We're talking about two different features here:

1. The strategic view will be a completely different screen where the entire battlefield is displayed. The commander and whoever else he gives permission(s) to can draw out the plan on this battlefield. I expect this screen to be used mostly during deployment time. However, if there is sufficient time this screen can be used midgame as well. Players will be alerted about mid-game changes made either by a textual alert or a 'ping' (we'll have to test what works best).

2. Players will be able to give short ingame instructions to other players. In this case the instructions are only visible for the two players involved.These instructions however, as they will be on the playing field itself, will fade away after a short time. I expect them to be transparant and quite small as well. Again, we'll need to test which design creates the best gameplay experience for the players. It could very well turn out that here also a 'ping' is required to ensure that it will always catch a player's attention. Eventhough we do intend to implement a minimap as well, the idea with this feature is that you can give them 'on the map' with just a tiny number of clicks. For example by clicking on a friendly soldier and then on a door or window.
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sounds interesting.

Would it always follow the chain fo command for the participating players? ie you can "order" your subs? or 2 way communication?

Should there be a physical distance limit for this communication between 2 players who werent the CO?

What if more than 1 player is sending you instructions/information with the screen get covered in conflicting arrows?

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Good questions Phil. Regarding the second feature (not the strategic view):

1. The chain of command's hierarchy will definetely be in place for this feature. So a player can indeed only give these instructions to his subs (if he has any). Especially for the less 'important' games such as 'opens' though, players will be able to mute other players. This will mute the chat/voice comm as well as this feature.

2. The way we have set it out now, there wont be a physical distance limit. With the chain of command in place and the mute button available i dont expect this to be needed. It could very well be a good idea though, if for example the feature is abused too much. But why would anyone do such a thing :)

3. We intend to design this feature in such a way that even conflicting arrows should not become a problem. For example by limiting the size and adding a certain degree of transparancy to the arrows.
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The idea sounds great, and I always wished for this kind of feature in call for the longest time.

One idea I have to maybe alleviate the conflicting orders is to color the arrows on screen based on what CO gave you those orders.
Ex: If your direct CO gives you a set of orders their arrows are orange. If the overall CO (commander in game) gives you orders their arrows would be red.

Allow the colors to be set by the player in the options menu, and also add a hotkey that will allow the players to quickly mute/unmute all. Put the mute all on a 3 setting toggle. Toggle1 = Mute All, Toggle2 = Mute All except Overall CO and Direct CO, Toggle3 = Unmute All.
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Interesting idea. However, I think by implementing such a colour scheme we would be unnecessarily complicating the feature. We believe that in order for this feature to be used it must be kept as simple and intuitive as possible. For this reason it is limited to defense and offense instructions, each with its own distinctive characteristics (different types of lines/arrows for example).

Abuse of this feature is another matter. In all honesty I hope that individual mute buttons (muting chat, voice + this feature all with one click for each player) will be sufficient. However, if this does not prove to be the case, a mute all solution could indeed be a very quick fix for players experiencing problems. Duly noted , thanks :)
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Hi, when I try to vote this pops out: "The form has become outdated. Copy any unsaved work in the form below and then reload this page".
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Hmmm, thats not good, thanks Oriole. We've been having some problems with the poll since we put up a new one yesterday. We'll look into this ASAP.
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Simplest solution to it would be to make players only able to have 1 mark each and a cooldown of 15s-30s during which it will fade.
Add it in like a marking feature, 1 showing 'concentrate fire here' and do it like a menu so Z then 1 after clicking someone shows up a marker on that soldier, X then 1 would show a 'move here' with the Z menu relevant to enemy and 'covering fire' and X relevant to movement/terrain.
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Like I just said in my reply to UG, we expect/hope that the ability to mute a player will be sufficient. Adding a cooldown might limit the feature in some situations (when several instructions need to be given in a brief amount of time for example).

The way it will be controlled is as follows: with as few clicks as possible. You click on a friendly soldier (hold ctrl to select more soldiers, double click to select the entire team), an attack arrow appears and grows longer with each left click u make (this way u can guide a teammate through several positions), and lastly you double-click to finish the attack arrow.
A defensive line can be made by selecting one or more friendly soldiers and then dragging a line on the map with right-click.

Obviously this all needs to be tested, but to us this seemed as quite an intuitive and easy-to-use method for this feature. What do you think? :)
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Generally speaking what you intend and how it is used can be separate things so as long as you are anticipating it will be abused essentially to troll then it'll be ok
1 question, using the mouse? Would I (hopefully) be right in assuming there will be a button/hotkey to select the feature rather than it automatically appearing? ;)

It's an interesting feature but within your designs/testing I strongly advise you attempt to abuse/annoy each other with as many features as possible (which will be fun!) purely to save you having to put you a fix later on or at least speeding up the process if its not implemented at the start.
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To use this feature you will first need to select an enemy soldier (with your mouse). Therefore there will be no hotkey for this feature specifically. I don't see how a hotkey would speed things up in this case. For performing a whole lot of other actions there will, of course, be hotkeys ;)

Regarding the testing: yep, testers will definitely need to abuse each other like mad men at some point :)
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I'd like to be testing the game when you guys have It ready to test. Does the game need a social manager kind of thing? I could be it and start a twitter and fb page :) email me
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Hi Joe, thanks for your offer! I've just replied to your e-mail.
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Can I test the game also when it is ready? Btw, can we still log in with our old accounts? (The one we use in old CoC)
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As soon as we're in need of testers we'll let you know via this blog.
And nope, you wont be able to log in with your old account.
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I hate to post this here but don't have an option to post anywhere else. A dear sweet friend that almost everyone will remember from the old days is trying to get registered and is having an issue needs some help with her account. She sent in an email about a week ago and has not heard back. If someone could assist her it would be greatly appreciated. Her name is MUFFY!!!!
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I think she might have sent the e-mail to a faulty e-mail address. We havent received any e-mail from such a person. Perhaps she could e-mail us again with some details about what the problem is? The correct address is [email protected]
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could you just do it onthe overview in te deployment where everyones name whos on your team is written in a box and you just drag them to where you want them to be on the map? and it draws the arrows for you and you can tell them a couple of places where to go and it will show you eac point you need to go with different arrows.

doing this off my ohone so ignore the grammar and think about what im trying to say if it makes little sense.

also when te time comes to advertise anyone with a console a headset and any online game can spread the news especially on a game like cod where if you get one nerd.playing he normally has like 50 virtual friends.
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Yep, thats pretty much how it will work dan ;) This feature is quite difficult to explain using only text. But it seems like you understand it nevertheless!

And indeed, word of mouth ftw :)
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Not sure if this has already been suggested by someone, but someone could possibly get a Ventrilo server up and running so we could speak to one another and catch up sometime maybe?;)
Erik's picture

Go ahead Glacier, whats stopping you? :P

We know some of you would love to have a place to 'hang out'. And we understand that this blog does not fulfil that desire. Therefore we'll try to launch a forum as soon as possible. For now however we are focusing on matters such as getting the development started. Please bare with us :)
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Seems like it has potential. Integrating voice into the game, if possible, would go a lot further and having only a basic feature as you describe for initial plans be best and have some hotkeys like set up for Flank, Support, Fall Back etc. Typically AG communication was best with voice.
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Yep, we do intend to integrate voice comm as well. I expect that the three features (chat, voice and the feature under discussion) will consolidate each other rather than being nothing more than each other's alternatives.
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Fooking A! That sells me on the extra feature then.
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Just came back to log in after a few years out and.. game's gone? Anyone wanna catch me up on what's happened? Also looking forward to v2!
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Wb Kasaf. The old game has been brought down so that all focus can be laid on developing a new one!
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Fix it please. CoC was 100% who could lag the best, who could key the hardest, or who could pull the biggest bullshit. Since the control layout is...hopefully already a top priority, a system not so gayly random is definitely needed. You could upgrade the graphics to skyrim level, and i still would rather play solitaire than deal with cross map .00s every game.
Erik's picture

Eventhough I dont completely agree with you.. We do intend to 'fix' all issues you mentioned.

Hey let's get the facts straight it wasn't no 20 snipe victory, it was 25. Lol
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Hey guys I've been lurking from the begging :D Also, hey Buzz I don't know if you remember me but I sure remember you. Looking forward to the release of Alpha/Beta.
Dan's picture

without luck and your super script you would have kept that little .4kdr you had. ;)
rwarmander's picture

niggaaaaa i was all in your butt hole every game with or without my 22r super script
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oh you're still here? coc was 0% strategy after dz time ended. you're still just an ignorant tool fayt, your ag failed and you were a god awful mp. step off that imaginary high horse eh?
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just to be clear i have no idea why but me thinking of your lack of ability gave me a few ideas like with AGs. there should definately be AGs because it was the main attraction for this game. the competetiveness because what got me hooked was trying to beat people better than me. then when i found opens easy and boring i moved to AG games and faced some of the best. but then most of them left and you get left with people like rwar. or worse fayt. we need to find a way to make getting lucked out by noobs non exsistant. but making sure noobs dont get rolled. to do this i was thinking noobs need help from better players. you should get achievements for saving a noob. which gives you like closer to your goal in getting enough achievements to earn a rank. like have a similar old rank system but have it so to et a booster as such. maybe you could have it so that the more of a team player you are the better rank you get but the more of solo player you are you just get like a bronze star on your helmet. but the idea for AGs is have 2 ir 3 sides then each AG should get put into these 3 so you can do like nazis vs England. but your regiments either a nazi or england. then you can fight any regiment or do a huge was with a nation. and have seperate standing. ive not proof read this as im on phone in bed. so glad the misses is at work. she would kill me. roll on the dam 2013 x
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My ag's had 1st place all 6 months I was a CO/XO with 60+ win % every month, not sure how I'm bad ^^
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Thought I'd chime in here. The best thing IMO to 'protect' newbies is to adopt the battlefield reward mechanisms which give points for helping out teammates.

A question you need to look at is: Was the person with the most kills actually the most valuable to the team?
Usually they are more the effect than the cause. It's a mechanic that will change gameplay obviously but a player who consistently captures VPS and helps teammates is more valuable than the camper IMO.
The problem would be the criteria to reward of course.

P.s Claiming you were the best based on your AG would be determined by your opposition, who was in your AG and in all honesty that must make Costas the best player in the game (he wishes!)
I won't comment on whether individual players are good or bad other than saying EVERYONE had bad days and got owned by someone they considered 'inferior' meaning all were good, all were bad... minus Fayt and Rwar. They were just always bad :P
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Hey Dan (and Alex),

Sorry, I must have overlooked your reply. You're talking about a bunch of aspects:

1. Ag's will definitely be a large part of CoCv2. The community has always been an important aspect, and our aim is to maintain that. I expect this to become more difficult (or at least different) as the player base grows though. A simple example: a 'lobby' chat with a 1000 players might become problematic.
2. Another aim is, as both of you rightly mention as well, to stimulate teamwork rather than individual achievements. An example of this is that the amount of pps earned after a game is dependent more on win/loss rather than kills/deaths. We are currently still brainstorming about more ways to stimulate teamwork (read: listening to your superiors). I'll give you a scoop: the one of your soldiers randomly being 'you' feature will be removed. We have learned that you must reward players rather than punishing them ;)
3. How the AG system will work exactly is still unclear. Having a system similar to how it was, or for example a system where the AGs are split into nations, is something we still need to think about. Of course both options are a possiblity as well: a monthly AG competition as well as AGs being divided into nations (ie for campaign purposes).

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i think this question was asked 100 times, but i couldn't find answer.
When is aprox time when game is going to get relesed.
Or open beta!
Erik's picture

Check out the FAQ section Rifel (via the menu at the top).
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Definitely sounds interesting.... Cant wait to try it!!
Dan's picture

a banter section on this forum where old cocers can rip into each other cause people like fayt and rwar seem to be stuck in an alternate universe where they thought they were good?
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Dan go make a forum if you want to talk trash with Rwar... sheesh nothing changes... cant wait for the new game sans a lobby where the trolls live.