Dear CoC addicts,

After various donation requests we have decided to put up a donation mechanism.
All money received will be used directly for the development of CoCv2.
A list of issues that will possibly require extra funding can be found here.

We will be setting up a 'Donation Hall of Fame' on this website. If you would like to be mentioned in the Hall of Fame please attach your nickname to your donation. If you prefer to donate anonymously just leave the field blank.

Many thanks & best regards,

Florian & Erik
The Development Team

Ps. We've also added a FAQ section to the site.


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I shall be donating some cash in the new year after xmas is out of the way. But have you guys thought of putting up a kickstarter??
Its also a very good way of getting the game advertised.
Harbringer's picture

I was about to suggest the same before I saw your comment, though at the moment I can't see a kickstarter doing much good for CoC.
What do we have to show future backers of this game? It hasn't begun development yet, meaning there is no gameplay footage, no model art, nothing. All there is, is the Old Call of Combat. If they used that to promote a kickstarter, how much do you think they'd raise?

Though, once Call has reached a further stage of development I agree that you guys should start a kickstarter.
Erik's picture

Hm.. I'm not a big fan of kickstarter in our case. Let me explain why:

First of all, kickstarter requires a whole lot of time which is better spent working on the game. Secondly, its not clear whether we will necessarily NEED the funds. There is a difference between being in need of funds and having certain elements which can be improved by assigning extra funds. On top of that kickstarter applies a 5% fee to all funds collected.

Plus, from a marketing perspective, using kickstarter as a marketing tool is like shooting with hail..

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I believe kickstarter also has issues with a project making a profit plus it's only one-off capital expenditure I believe. Most of your issues I'd imagine will come with generating an income and making it self-financing long term taking in to account the novelty of a 'new' CoC.
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It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

But seriously, maybe you should start selling supporters year ahead?
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Maybe on next years Christmas ;-) That, of course, if we wont die on 21st (fingers crossed) :p
BAYUNASPRO's picture

realy this game is goin to be on 2014 nooo!!!!
Erik's picture

Hey Bayun,

Yes, patience is a beatiful thing ;)
If you dont mind me asking, how did you find us?
Your.Worst.Nightmare's picture

Is there any approximate date that the next version will be released? I signed up for the letter so will I get the e-mail when it is finally released? And there is no way to play the original version? IMO, I didn't see anything wrong with the game other than the fact that it had very few players that stuck around, I hope they don't go overboard and change everything with it.
Erik's picture


In the FAQ section we have stated that we aim to release the game for the public around spring 2014. You will definetely get an e-mail as soon as we know when the game will be released! Unfortunately we had to take the old version down. Pretty much for two reasons: 1. keeping the game up and running requires payments for hosting fees etc. And 2. we dont want to be distracted by whatever is happening in the old version while we should be concentrating on the new version. And dont worry, all were trying to do is make it even more fun (without changing the elements that make CoC so great!).
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I won't be able to donate till I finish moving again, but I shall.
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Eriks complete lack of understanding of how crowd sourcing works (kickstarter), makes me worry about any direction of this project.
Harbringer's picture

Glad im not the only one. With a release date two years away I cannot fathom why they wouldn't plan to use it after development has made decent progress.
Erik's picture

Perhaps you would care to explain? I'd love to hear the reasoning behind your statements.

Also, but im sure you knew this already, kickstarter is only available for permanent US and UK residents.
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Freicoin is a p2p currency (forked from bitcoin) that features the demurrage first proposed by Silvio Gesell. Another important difference is that unlike bitcoin, no all the initial monetary base is issued by miners: 80% of the initial monetary base will be given out to charity and global commons projects as grants managed by the freicoin foundation (almost ready to be established).

That's where this open source ecology community comes in. We would like the give grants to open source ecology projects as we consider that part of the global commons and therefore a legitimate way to issue the currency.

We're just starting and we would prefer "small projects" or sub-projects at first, until we define the grant selection process and rules more clearly.
I encourage you to explain your proposal on our forum (we plan to develop a specialized web for that, but the forum is what we will use for now):

Don't be afraid of submitting an incomplete proposal. We're there to help and, well, we're new at giving money away, so we all need to learn.

I hope we receive interesting proposals from this community. Don't hesitate to ask any doubts you have.
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Short Summary of my own project.

Welcome everyone let me introduce myself. I am Darin Bicknell a Montessorian who has been teaching for over 16 years. I have recently opened my own Montessori school here in Indonesia which in June of 2013 will host students from 6 to 13 years of age, using newly created Montessori albums for the middle school and secondary school years. I am very passionate about integrating my own albums that I have developed into a digital format that can be shared with other Montessorians around the world. If we are able to achieve our goal of $5000 USD we will be able to successfully put this program up for the Montessori community. The donations will go a long way to support the development of a set of Creative Commons Montessori Albums for the Middle School and Secondary level that will be available to Montessori community at large as soon as they are ready.
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If you accept Freicoin I will donate 1000 FRC to Call of Combat V2.
Erik's picture

Hey PFC, thanks, we'll certainly have a look at Freicoin.