Call of Combat v2 is in the making!

Respected veterans, friends, addicts and slightly less addicted ones (we know, its weird, but they do exist!),

The first steps towards a bigger and better Call of Combat have been taken. We are at the beginning of a long and demanding process. Because we take this project very serious it will consume the majority of our time and energy. Developing a high-end independent game and approaching it in a professional matter is not as easy as it might sound. Of course CoCv1 was up and running for over ten years. Only bits and pieces however are suitable for use in CoCv2.

Call of Combat v1
As you may or may not have noticed, the old game will be taken offline the 30th of this month and the website has been taken down already (link to the old site at the bottom of this page). We have decided to do so for two main reasons. Firstly the financial aspect of keeping the game servers up. And secondly because we want to invest all of our efforts into v2 and not be distracted by whatever is happening in v1.

What can you do?
We greatly appreciate everyone's help or offers to help during the last ten years while CoCv1 was up. And we know there are still a lot of people who care for CoC and are willing to help out if they can. We clearly recognize the added value which you guys can create for this game. Therefore we are determined to inform you about development updates whenever we can. In order to enable us to do so, please take a second to sign up for our mailing list on the right!

The website and mailing list are only the start. During the development process, we will be setting up a two-way communication channel with the community. For example: when the time is right, we intend to organize a real-life development 'kick-off' meeting here in Amsterdam to present our concept to you and listen to your feedback and ideas (so start saving for that plane ticket! :)). Also, at some point we will open up a forum to discuss certain features and test ideas. At a later stage we plan to form a test group to test the game as soon as the developers are ready for it. More about all of this later.

For now, we respectfully ask for your patience. We are working very hard (our girlfriend's are displeased already and we have only just started..) and intend to show you more as soon as possible!

With great enthusiasm,

Florian & Erik
The Development Team


Alex's picture

Will you supply us with alcohol if we make the trip to the future 'kick off' meeting?
Chemical Cut Throat's picture

So glad you guy are remaking CoC! Can't afford a trip to Amersterdam but very happy to be apart of this great community. Keep it up guys.
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Well this sounds just great.

Also: JAPAN!

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This is the best news ever ,Let me know if theres anything i can do. Id be happy to write some of the wiki again.
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Way glad to hear this... I will def be waiting for this to happen, good luck guys
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Glad to hear there will be something to replace Call of Combat. I know this is soon and you will get asked alot, but any idea on when version 2 will be playable to the public?
Erik's picture

Unfortunately this is very difficult to say at the moment. We expect the development process to take at least a year or two before the game will be ready for its golden release.

Awesome! You had me all depressed thinking this was the end for CoC.
HSB's picture

I was so sad Call was out that I actually played Chain...I PLAYED CHAIN!

Now, with hope, I'll never have to do that again.

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Hott stufff!!
Redphoenix1's picture

I had a feeling something was in development. Thank you for the great news :)
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As a Call of combat Addict, i am super thanksfull to kading and erik. Thanks guys! This officially just made my day!!!
tommy's picture

Sounds great! Can't wait to check it out. Seems like it'll be a lot of work but stick with it and I really think it'll be worthwhile. Best of luck!
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Good luck with this guys :)
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Erik's picture

Hey fellas,

We feel that its a bit early for donations. We first want to prove to you that we are extremely serious about this project. But, seeing that we won't earn a single dollar the coming 1-2 years, a donation button at some point isn't such a bad idea ;)


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I'll try my best to get to Amsterdam for the kick off, would be nice to see alot of you.
Phil's picture

Same here if I an not completely broke by then. :)
Menelyagor's picture

Can't wait to see how it will turn out.
Hope to see alot of old friends from KFG / 'enemies' on CoCv2 and maybe on the kick off.

Will hope to pick up CoC again in v2 after I haven't played in a while.
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This just made me horny
Beer's picture

Did someone mention Beer?

Good luck with your new venture Erik and Kading. You two will make a great team.
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Thanks a lot for bringing back what we loved the most! We all love you, KA & Erik!!!
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This new "blog" forum is very strange to me, difficult for me to navigate i guess..

Anyhow, I feel you could take a new direction with the game by adding a few features the game could be a mixture of call of combat and call of duty. with minimal investment (seek investments lol) the features of buildings with 2 floors, a button to fire, all buttons tied to keys (makes game playable by 6yr old) ability to climb in/out windows, new terrain features are great, but in the end they are just graphics, we need to get off the ground and have "mountains" on the map, hills, mud, things

I do feel the game can be a little slow if you could work in fatigue and a faster paced run button so you could sprint but then fire more inaccurately as your fatigue raises

The wounded aspect of a similiar game is great, but depending on the wound you should be able to walk (slow) or crawl (very slow) and even able to fire, 2-3 shots/min so another player could basically walk up and shoot them, but not if they walk right at them for 4-5 steps or so

Grenading also needs to be altered, with terrain in mind i feel that grenades should roll or bounce off of terrain/walls, if you are running and throw it should roll, even rolling a small amount based on the incline

have alternate uniforms and weps that come with them, Revolutionary war WW2 Future! long reload dif weps etc you need an assault button and even bayonet would be awesome

You MUST! connect the game to social media, if you could raise money to program a CoC app and have playable version on iphone/droid the game would explode, but even on facebook the game would taunt your friends with comments etc

also to raise funding, be able to buy ranks for $/mo also $for so many bullets with a certain gun or even unlimited use of that gun for the month and if you really wanted to be money grubbing make even more $$ features, quicker unstun, better accuracy, longer grenades, always wounded, you do not have to allow these features in the "clan games"
Erik's picture

Thanks for the suggestions choco. As far as the 'blog forum' is concerned: its a blog, not a forum ;)

We deliberately decided to do it this way (at least in the early dev phases) so that we are able to stay in touch and pick your brains about certain issues. And at the same time arent flooded with hundreds of forum posts while we actually should be concentrating on developing the game.
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Do I see my old buddy Beer, and Redphoenix? Where's RISK?
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Its Ten-Bears!