CoCv2 = more soldier nationalities

Hey everyone,

There will be more than just two soldier nationalities in CoCv2.
Eventhough we will most likely start out with only the US and Germany (in the initial golden release). The plan is to implement various other nationalities as we go along.

We have asked you guys (in the poll) which nationalities you would like to see at war in CoCv2:

1. Russia (Soviet Union): 53%
2. The British Empire: 36%
3. Imperial Japan: 33%
4. Fascist Itality: 12%

Thanks for voting. We will try our best to prioritize the nationality additions according to the results above.
Of course other additions such as France and Canada are possibilities as well.

There are various options for integrating these additional nationalities. How this will be done exactly is still somewhat uncertain. For example: its possible to allow players to choose whichever nationality they desire on each map/mission/game mode. However, its also possible that nationalities are assigned to a player depending on the map/mission/game-mode. Etc.

I've put up a new poll.




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It should be map based in my opinion. I mean, you won't find more Germans in North Africa than Italians, and you could do era based maps, so you could have Dunkirk and Crete based maps where the combatants are the nations who battled there.
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You need to revise your history.

Look up 'Rommel v Montgomery' the largest battle of North Africa. Brits v Jerries.

The Itities pretty much only had a (failed) campaign in Ethiopia.

The Jerries & Brits were everywhere in North Africa.
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Italians had way more troops in North Africa than Germany, Rommel only had a token force, that token force though kicked ass and a lot of it. Research the total troops deployed by the two nations dude.
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Brainstorming outloud here. Perhaps it would be fun to implement the nationalities in a monthly clan war system. Each AG would be randomly assigned one at the start of the month and they would fight to win the war. Bonuses go to 1) the side that wins the war 2) extra bonus to the country that scores the most points.
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Ohh you and your witty remarks cookie
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This could even go deeper with all AXIS and all ALLIES being able to AG/Battle together, so not needing to be in same AG to play with a friend for monthly/weekly points. But this was brought up in CallofCombat v1 also.. so idk what your thoughts are.

Also is there a way to remove the CAPTCHA? it makes me mad

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Yes, great ideas. The nationalities can definitely be integrated in the AG system, or vice versa ;) We are not working on the AG system just yet but these ideas are duly noted.

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This was the idea for the new campaign room type.

It would also have meant AGs could team up together for a bigger AG game.

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I was thinking the new ways for a campaign to be done is similar to this however have the maps played on correlate to a larger scale map so that it might feel like an actual campaign instead of individual battles that really are quite meaningless except for the fun of having a massive game. From that, we could integrate a style of point counting where AG points will also correlate with how well that AG does in campaign games as well as individual AG vs individual AG. This suggestion is mainly to make campaigns more meaningful so that its not simply the fun of having a massive battle but also an ultimate goal to all of these battles.
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Hi there Godskills,

Definitely. When a campaign-mode is introduced the format should indeed be developed in such a way that it comes down to more than just large (fun) battles. There are many possibilities to realize this. The one you just put forward being one of them! We have decided to not implement a campaign-mode in the golden release just yet though. Therefore i suggest we let this feature linger for a while, and pick it up again when the time is right :)
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The Axis : Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria
Co- belligerent [ never axis but attacked axis targets] San Marino, Finland, Iraq, Thailand.
Non-belligerant [ axis, but never participated in war] - Yugoslavia.
Puppet States [ countries conquered by Axis] Japan-Manchuko, Mengjiang, Burma, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. Italy-Montenegro Germany-CzechoSlovakia, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Poland, France, Tunisia, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Norway, the Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Libya, East Prussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Somalia, Eritrea, Morrocco, Alergeria,
Axis collaborators- Vichy France,
The Allies- Poland, France, USSR, US, United Kingdom, China, Portugal, Norway, Nicaragua, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, eventually, more and more joined, including some deserting axis nations. Please note all nations joined at different intervals.

Note: Poland, France Norway Belgium Czechoslovakia were all nations from the Allies list that were Allied Forces that were at one point or another conquered by the Axis Forces.
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Ehm please... too much to correct. First of all, Norway was never intentionally on the Allied side, which means they were not in the "Allies List" (as you call it) before they were occupied... We were Neutral --> Occupied --> Forced to fight the Axis to be free. This goes for Czechoslovakia too, considering they were occupied by Germany before the Allied alliance was even started.
Cuba and Costa Rica goes under the US because they were territories.
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I consider myself a bit of a history buff, so in general I think that historical accuracy matters. In particular mixing different nationalities in one game might get a bit messy and might be a bit too unrealistic (like mixing Soviets and Brits or Japanese and Germans in one battle!).

On the other hand I also think it can depend on the game mode. I don't think we should necessarily make an issue of 'implausible' set-ups in, say, in less serious games such as in open or respawn.

So all options are still open, but rest assured we will not be making a fantasy game here ;).
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you must not get far in WWII games when you play as Germany then :P lol
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Opens should revert to star wars mode once a day randomly. Storm troopers vs rebels!
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No seriously. I leave for god knows how long and suddenly there is a Coc 2.0?

Btw This is Skippy, Pringle, MountainDew, Kaibutsu.
To many names to remember.
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I like the idea of new nations perform in different battle or call it maps. But, does it have more weapons and supports? Like for example, sandbag kit for building light defence as cover in one tile, barbed wires kit is to prevent them from going over in one tile by building and provide no cover but it can be easily destroyed by grenade.

German arsenal: FG42 (Assault rifle), STG44 (Assault rifle), Gewehr 41/43 (Similar to M1 Garand and Lee Enfield), MG30 (Similar to bren gun), Panzerfaust (German single disposable anti tank rocket purpose grenade (Always use one time)).

U.S.A arsenal: M1 Carbine (Higher rate of fire than M1 Garand), Browning M1917A1 (Machine Gun), M3 Grease Gun (Similar to German MP40), Springfield (Similar to German Kar98 and it supposed to be a starting weapon).

The rest is still unknown because of in developing. So, no point of adding other nation's weapon until finished.

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Hey Alfieq,

Our goal is to equip each nation with unique equipment (based on historic facts). Rfles, SMGs, MGs, grenades and perhaps more. The sum of each nations' equipment ability needs to be equal to the other nations in order to ensure a level playing field. We'll be working this out in the coming months.
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Something that would be nice is to add sniper rifles instead of MGs. MGs should be used to target several units simultaneously instead. I do know MGs were used for long range targetting with their very effecient and accurate tap/burst fireing, though that would make them the same as Sniper rifles in a game like this, if you're planning to have sniper rifles as a feature.
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So you mean have an option like "Sweeping Fire" to fire at quiet a few targets or something along the lines of that?

Personally, the MGs were unbalanced, a BAR against a 42?
They were made for different fighting, one being a first world war assault rifle the other the set standard for the title GPMG.
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Indeed, the way the MG/BAR worked in CoCv1 wasnt very realistic. We havent done so yet, but we will be having a very close look at all weapon possibilities given to us by our nationality choice. It would be great to make this somewhat more realistic. At the same time the gameplay should of course remain awesome :)
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how i can play the game??
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The game is still being worked on. As my title implies, it is not downloadable/playable yet. Be patient, because this game is the best ever if you're willing to learn it.
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Hi h2ck3r,

The game is still in development.
Please refer to the FAQ section for more information.
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There were some nice ideas up in the old forum about having customized uniforms... would this not be possible? So that regiments could decide their home and away jerseys. Considering customization is what people would like right. Always two sides Axis and Allies so let the regiments decide. In terms of opens you can have base uniforms and add to that as you go but for the regiments I think having your own kit should be something you can develop as part of the interface.
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We also think that this would be a great feature. Definetely something we are aiming for.
The degree of customization is something that requires some technical research though. We will be looking into this.