Can you help us?

Dear CoC soldiers,

We hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Years! Things on our side are going very well. Momentarily we are still working on getting the entire concept onto paper, making lots and lots of decisions as we go along. Later this week we will write a post about some of the features which we have decided on. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this.

As the start of the development is getting closer (this will start as soon as the concept is finished), we have already begun to look for people who can aid us in this fantastic project. We have already found several great guys who are very motivated to help us developing CoCv2. However, we are still looking for people who are skilled in the following fields of expertise:

- 3D Design (animation, models, textures)
- Application/game development (e.g. .NET)
- Scripting (e.g. Lua)
- User-interface design (UX or artists)
- Website development & design (knowledge of Drupal is a big plus!)

If you are skilled in any of the above fields of expertise, and are willing to work with us on this great project, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected].

Best regards,

The Development Team


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i had a dream to be doing graphic designing i tried to learn the software spent hours yet im still not good enough. maybe sometime in the future i will try learning it again except with a different program
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Did you choose .NET for your primary language? Are you planning on making it Mono-compatible for cross-platform friendliness?
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We still did not make a definitive decision on this yet. In fact we have deliberately not made a choice yet at this time. The first order of business is determining what kind of game we actually want. We are making very good progress on that. The second order of business is deciding what platforms we want it to run on. Only then will we look at the best framework/platform to built on!

That is the theory at least. In practice I of course already have lots of ideas on what would be the best approach ;). I also feel very strongly that multiplatform support is important. So the approach you are suggesting is a very serious option. A definitive choice will be made the coming month or so though.
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Jesus Burster. Anyone tell you how damn ugly you look?
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What you talking about Loco? I hear he's pulling girls left right and center! I was told he once had to fight off 13 girls with a pooey stick.
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Loco I think you are jealous, he must be better looking then you if you have to try and judge another man to make yourself feel better about your looks.
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I love how the ones who tell others that they're ugly never (EVER) have a profile picture of themselves.

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Im sorry Locust but i'm afraid you are terrifyingly ugly.
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Sorry I'm not talented in any of those fields but I loved Call of Combat and I wish you guys the best!
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Just wondering if you guys had any plans to accept Bitcoin or other altcoins for donations and in the future for the game add ons if any? Already emailed in that love to help at testing stage as guinea pig. Hope it goes well good luck!
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We might indeed accept such a currency in the future. At the moment however it isnt one of our priorities.
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Holy crap, the legendary burster is alive again! Haven't seen this kid in years!

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oh yes i decided to get back to callofcombat. i left because i became a dj and that really distracted me
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If I can draft a plan to utilize crowd sourcing to fund the project would you guys be interested?

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we have to create a new account for this game?
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Funny story, I stole the same drupal template as you guys when I built NSD's website a couple years ago:
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Thanks negative, we are aware of the problem. Our priorities lie elsewhere atm though ;)
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Hi guys,

Glad to see CoC still alive and trying to kick back in.
I am an Architect and have some experience in 3D modeling, namely Sketchup and 3Dstudio.
Let me know If I can be of any assistance.

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Thanks Von, we'll be in touch!
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Help me guys how to download??
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Fairly simple brdaris303, wait about a year. Then refresh the page, there should a 'download' caption somewhere at the top.