What's coming next

Hey guys, it's time we update you about our situation and plans. We've been working to prepare a Crowdfunding campaign, and that has been quite a challenge, mainly because we'd rather do development work. At the same time, we know it's necessary if we want to keep being able to do development work.

Our other main short term activity right now is to prepare a playable alpha for you guys. ETA: pretty soon, but we can not be too precise for now, simply because there might be unforeseeable delays, which is always disappointing for everyone. But rest assured that it is coming.

We currently have a pretty enjoyable core gameplay prototype, and that is really great news. But it's still falling short on several aspects before it can be released. The chain of command is not yet implemented, there are no extra weapons. Usability is not quite fully satisfying. Florian is hard at work building a data gathering system that will allow us to analyse how the game is played so that we can iterate quickly and improve the game (very important for the alpha). Currently, the minimum graphics card requirement to run properly, would be a Geforce 8800GT (mid-high end graphics card from 2006) or low end cards from nowadays (works fine on an Intel 4400). We will optimize this, but not in the first alpha. Finally, we still need a user authentication system so that you can log in the game with the accounts you have already made on this website and forum.

As you can see, there is still work to do. Another example would be getting rid of that bug where soldiers do not want to die, and prefer to impersonate walruses instead.

As far as this blog is concerned, there's a revamp of the website coming to make it more appealing. The new forum was the first part of this plan. In the coming blog posts, I would like to talk about how we are going to monetize the game in order to turn this into a more sustainable situation for us. It's an important topic, and we would like to share our plan with you. Florian and Wessel are also preparing a technical description of how they are implementing the weapon hit chance system. We'd like to make more blog posts also, but maybe not only about Call of Combat. All of us in the devteam are doing this for the love of video games. So we will all talk about some of the games that we cherish and that inspire us. And I'll probably start with my own love hate relationship with Battlefield.

So, bare with us, guys, we're getting somewhere. Still some work before we have a playable alpha out for you guys, but it's almost there and we can tell you that the game is already loads of fun.