The top five most played maps of all times!

Greetings soldiers,

In the past weeks we have released the top four most played maps of all times across Facebook and Twitter. We also asked the followers among you which map you reckoned to be on the, very honorable, first place. A lot of suggestions were given, of which a surprising amount incorrect to be honest. Very understandable however, as we made the most common mistake ourselves as well ;-) Now... we won't keep you reading any longer. We hereby present to you: The top five most played maps of all times!

5. Grudge Match - Played 21339 times

4. World War 3 - Played 26541 times

3. Headquarters - Played 30145 times

2. Urban Combat - Played 30766 times

1. Small House!!!! Played - (a stunning) 46949 times!

It is not completely decided yet, but we might just recreate most of these maps. To help us decide please fill in the new poll to let us know which map you want to see recreated no matter what.


The Development Team


Locust's picture

You're making me nostalgic, anywho, I'm shocked Farm Fight isn't there.
I remember first time I played was on UC, SPAWN hunted me down like four games in a row.

I think Small House had so many plays because every AG match was pretty much played there, if not in a rematch.
Loco64's picture

FF didn't make it on there because it was more of a nostalgic for veterans, so it didn't get played as much.
Rapidkiller's picture

If you bring WW3 back I will love you forever. Hail Windtrooper.
Chamberlain's picture

Missers you sweetcheeks!
Hades's picture

Seeing these maps really made me remember how much I miss this game. Insanely excited to see the new version.
Ryan's picture

Surprised SWAT didn't make it in over Grudge. Is that including grudge EX's numbers too?

If we ever get talking about CoC, Fayt is always within 3 sentences of telling us how good he was on HQ.
Erik's picture

Nope, only Grudge Match!
Chamberlain's picture

haha yes! i know it wasn't played much other then for campaigns. Just kiddin!
Rezurexc's picture

If small house was recreated, I'd be mind blown! By the way, are there plans for a single player campaign?
Erik's picture

Not at the moment. Building a multiplayer game is more than enough work for now ;)
bacchus's picture

the screen shot for the HQ map is the expanded version! grudge was played a lot early on. I think it would be great to see some of the buildings from the old favorite maps/fighting areas. might be a good place to begin testing the games playability down the road. not that many of them are realistic...
Erik's picture

You are right about HQ, good point, our bad. The original HQ is listed as number 3 ;)

The realism of the buildings/certain maps is a bit problematic, as we are trying to recreate maps with a realistic look&feel.; But as always.. its all about finding a balance between gameplay and realism.

cireofmi's picture

Farm Fight was robbed.
freddypaito's picture

i want headquarter to be recreate. because my computer very often get hang or slowdown when play this map.
freddypaito's picture

i want headquarter map to be recreated.
this map was often make my computer run slowly.
Costas's picture

I believe the way you interpret the statistic is flawed. Don't you think it's a coincidence all these are small maps allowing 3v3 or 4v4 max? First of all I assume that it's from AG games? There are 2 reasons these particular maps were played a lot.
One reason was because most AGs didn't have the actives to be able to get enough for large maps. When big AGs would meet, then the scenario was totally different. None of these maps would be played.
The other reason was that all of them for most of the games, would rely on ONE good nader to steal and maintain control of the VPS. Of course there were a lot of plans devised to counter this but essentially if you had someone that was better with hotkeys than his opponent, it was a guaranteed win. Think about all of them and you'll see my point.
I hope the concept on map creation would lean more towards strategy and team play rather than promote blind key clicking.
Erik's picture

Not sure who you are referring to, but we didnt interpret this statistic, we just pinpointed it ;)
You are completely right about why it were these maps in particular that were played so often. The amount of active players usually didnt allow for much larger games/larger maps to be played.
The smaller a map gets, the more likely it is that it becomes dependent on nading/specific players. Regarding your concern: our aim is to release a set of maps that meets the demand for both open field/close quarters combat and different battle sizes. So hopefully every player gets what they want :)
bacchus's picture

smaller maps generally finished quicker. the big maps u where lucky to play 4-5 an hour. at off peak times or small maps in general, you could play 4-10 an hour. no one wants to wait 10 minutes to get into another game. certainly that was caused by a lack of numbers in the old game:(
Pai-ku-han's picture

ANCIENT RUINS. That was a different map where you could find anything at the bend of a corner! hehe
Mudrunner's picture

OMG FF did not make it, ANCIENT RUINS was an awesome map. I can not wait until this is back up an running again my wife is going crazy since its been down she cant handle all the attention I giver her now lol :p
Pai-ku-han's picture

Make babys like i did! mwahaha
Costas's picture

When Argentina said they would have an economic boom, Pai heard of a baby boom....
Hello you :)
Pai-ku-han's picture

Argentina is near an ecomonic break down!! Soon we┬┤ll become like Greece and ask for aid.
eriksn's picture

I believe most the maps cause there all small n def played the most cause the idk last 2 years there was only 2s n 3s being played lol
Jeff's picture

Neat's strategy for the WW3 map was what made it so much fun haha! 1 man on the allied side defending the DZ whilst the rest rushed the hell out of the forest side of the map. always alot of fun!
Erik's picture

Official release? Next winter with a bit of luck :)

Playable version (beta)? Much sooner than that aka early fall!
NightShade's picture

Its all about Small House, map was fantastic
emmitt222's picture

so when do we get to play ? been keepin up on this game. seems better but its all up to the community so heres to high hopes.
emmitt222's picture

also I would put farm fight or at least 1 bigger map just in case you get a lot more people than you expect and the maps arnt 3v3 4v4
sopho's picture

glad that one of my maps made it into the hall of fame! Wouldn't be too fussed if none of these return though, I'm looking forward to seeing something new.
burster's picture

coastes does have a point more of the smaller maps were played more because most of the fights were less then 4x4. take note these maps should defiantly be recreated into a masterpiece for the upcomming version