Small development update

As promised in my technical progress report that was posted earlier today, let me show you some of the progress we made on the prototype we first showed a month or so ago.

Firstly, you actually command a team of soldiers in the prototype now. This obviously means you need to have the ability to select which soldier you want to issue orders to. Remember, unlike the old game there won’t be a large button panel to determine which soldier you will be commanding. In v2 you will have to explicitly select soldiers using hotkeys or by simply clicking on them on the map. A single mouse click will select one soldier while a double-click will select all of your soldiers that are currently in view. Using the CTRL modifier key you can also remove or add as many of your soldiers as you want to your selection and give them orders as a group. When giving movement orders as a group you can choose to either 'keep formation' or 'group together'. Check out the screenshot below. Note that the art on the selection boxes isn’t done yet of course, these white boxes are merely placeholders :).

Secondly, we implemented what is known as ‘local avoidance’. Simply put this means that soldiers will not bump into each other while moving to their destinations. This is important, because unlike the old game it will no longer be possible (thankfully!) for soldiers to walk through each other and stack that way. Now, we realize this is a pretty big departure from the original game. It will no doubt have a huge impact on both defensive and offensive tactics in the game, as stacking soldiers on for example corners or behind trees or haystacks was an important part of battling in Call of Combat v1. Keep in mind, however, that the game is no longer tile-based. Soldiers may not be able to stack, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stand pretty much shoulder to shoulder. In other words, you can get more soldiers behind a single piece of cover than you could in the old game if you didn’t stack. We also realize that maps will most likely have to have provide players with more cover objects than in the old game. The maps developed by us over the coming months will reflect that.


UltimateGod's picture

Bring on the cover!
One of my biggest pet peeves in v1 was lack of cover on maps.
Select mechanics sound great.
I like the white select box :)

P.S. Those soldiers need some rifles and grenades :)
Costas's picture

You can always use Serenna for cover :p
UltimateGod's picture

if bullets don't pass through infinitely I can finally use you as my shield :)
beno's picture

Great things take time, all sounds good.
Love_your_neighbor's picture

I always like hearing good things coming from my CoC friends. Thanks for all the effort so far.
Rezurexc's picture

This is going to be awesome!
Locust's picture

The control panel was awesome though!
Indeed, what about the option for a panel, because personally I think Hkeys require little talent, where as the panel was pure talent.
BrezzyBoy's picture

i liked the panel.. i always used it because of my bad ability to use hotkeys (which i feel is cheap anyways)
Florian's picture

Well, keep in mind that you don't need to use hotkeys. You can simply click on soldiers on the map to control them. In a way that isn't so different from clicking on a button, except that you won't have to move as far with your mouse.

So you can still use your awesome mouse clicking and pointing skills to gain a tactical advantage! ;)
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Yeah a map editor would be a useful pre launch tool to generate a buzz a couple of months before the release. Run it as a competition through some social media to get some more SEO friendly stats. Running multiple comps across the different platforms will help drive some additional traffic. If you want to run it as a business then i don't think you should become too forum reliant like in the last one. Link out the competitions from a forum post.
Erik's picture

I'm very sorry to say, that there will be no map editor before or at the time of the golden release. Developing a map editor is a very complicated project, especially with the way we want to build the maps. We will definitely try our best to build one at a later stage though.
BulletInAHeart's picture

so what is there
ballistic missiles in this one?
Colethemole69's picture

Work sounds like it is going very well...cant wait to test! :D
Rezurexc's picture

By any chance, when I get bored of this username, will I be able to change it like in CoCv1?
Erik's picture

We do intend to implement a name changing system again. And it seems only more than fair that those who have already registered get a chance to change theirs once the game is up (if we manage to export the drupal accounts to the game that is ;)). So either way, yep :)
Mudrunner's picture

Looks good cant wait to play again I'm still have withdraws my wife says she cant wait to see the game again so I will leave her alone at the late hours :P
lorekiller's picture

summer isn't summer without CoC :'(
Colethemole69's picture

I remember coming home at 12-1 at night and being coming down off my drunk and talking on vent with some idiots and just having a great laugh...also maybe losing some games too :P

WE NEED this game to come back and I am too happy it is :)
DedSharK's picture

I had some funny drunk memories playing this game.