Regiments and a new update!

Last Sunday, we organized a tournament where the regiments battled each other. You can watch a recap of this event in the following video:

A new update has also just been released! Here's what we've done in the new update:

  • Improved soldier and target selection
  • Tweaked accuracy. Now less likely to get hit at long distances and more likely to die if shot from nearby
  • Fixed an animation issue after stun
  • Camera should be less jumpy
  • Fixed water reflections
  • Fixed chat (it was broken with 10+ people in it)
  • Lobby works better at very large resolutions (>1080p)
  • Hotkeys 'sticky' problem fixed
  • Game now has a custom icon

As far as development is concerned, our priority right now is the chain of command feature, a leveling system, customizable hotkeys and a much more informative debriefing screen. More updates will follow in the coming days, where we will also talk a bit how we think Call of Combat should move forward after the Kickstarter.