July Development Update

Hey guys,

I've posted a little development update in the form of a video on our youtube channel:

Oh, and please all welcome Brett (aka "UltimateGod") to the team! :)




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Oh and next time I'll be sure to record in 1080p HD quality ;).
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Good update, this is exactly the type of thing people want to see from the development team.

Seems intuitive enough, though the cover mechanics seem 'fiddly', for lack of a better word. Makes me wonder whether the pace of the game is going to be slower relative to CoC V1?
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What do you mean with 'fiddly'? Feedback like this is important for us to improve the mechanics :). Note though that the 'old' mechanism of simply moving next to cover is supposed to work (though it doesn't yet in the current prototype). So we want soldiers to detect whether they are very close to cover and automatically take advantage of it when they do. This is just an easy way to both decide what to take cover behind and where to face when you do in one easy gesture.

Regarding the pace. We took the deliberate decision to keep the pace similar to CoCv1 and thus fairly slow. It is not our intention to make it any slower. The main charm of the game I think is that it is generally a tactical/strategic game where you simply position your men wisely, but that at the same time you have occasional outbursts of action in the form of close assaults and grenade fights. Luckily we can still tweak the game pace quite easily.
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another good advise make sure you put your emotions into your voice and uplifted it helps inspire people to get interested in the game
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You need a woman with a sultry voice.
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But remember, I'm a nerd. I can't both be programming games and have proper social skills ;).

Seriously though, I'll practice a bit for the next video :).
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All of it looks very cool and the progress is very encouraging to those of us who are waiting anxiously!

I agree with what Ryan said up there. I kept on thinking while watching that, that it seems like the game is going to be very tough to play with 4 or more soldiers to control...It is looking like a 1-2 soldier game. Obviously it isnt even close to finished, but for those people who dont like hotkeys, they will be left in the dust. Just my 2 cents!

Keep up the good work!
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The controls/cover is very nice for how early in development we are.

The controls are not as slow as they look in the demonstration. Taking cover will be just as fast as V1, maybe even faster :)

P.S. Lets hear it for soldiers not running in place ;)

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agree with Ryan. everything looks bloody marvelous
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Love the Updated Info.. Cant wait for the launch..
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deciding weither to buy the ps4 for bf4 with some freinds or to buy myself a new gaming laptop to play this and bf4 on PC looks like i might be buying the pc so i can play coc again but im having doubts about it weither i would still like this game
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Looks great dudes!
But I'd still love to have the option for a control panel rather than HKeys.

Also, I told you I was going to be a father, well my daughter was born last Friday!
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By the way, there will still be a control panel of some sorts, as well as a small interface for each soldier. But Erik will make a post about that in the future sometime.
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I like the fluidity of movement and facing. No more choppy 90 degree turns to face. I have a question though regarding the animation of being in cover. How can you tell if someone is actually in cover and not just standing out of cover? Before it would tell you the status on the control panel. Will you change the animation or have something indicating one is in cover? I can think of one or two things such as periodically slight change of luminance of the soldier when in cover every couple of seconds (sort of like slight flashing if you know what I mean) or even the blue dot stay visible once in cover, but I'd like to hear what you have on paper. Cheers, great work so far.
Oh yeah, welcome to the team UGly :)
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Thanks Cos.

Kading is actually working on cover animations right now, so that should improve as we go forwards. :)