Game updated with lobby chat and more....


As we do every week we've released a new version of the game (v0.41) today. The main addition are a lobby chat system, soldier labels and an improved strategic map.

Here is a more extensive change log:

  • We've implemented a lobby chat system. The lobby chat spans different regions and it is also accessible in the game at any time! The design is largely preliminary, we'll most likely be going for a somewhat more functional design that works better at lower resolutions sometime soon
  • Regiments should now be fully functional
  • You now need to keep your mouse button pressed for a second or so to initiate looting (to prevent accidentally picking up weapons)
  • The strategic map now has a mini battle camera view
  • The player name is now always shown on one of the soldiers of the enemy or team mates. Currently it defaults to only showing on the first soldier of the enemy or team mate, but we'll be making a bit more intelligent system in the future.
  • The strategic map now shows clearly where you camera is and where it is facing
  • Added map labels to the Village Center and Farm Fight Classic strategic maps
  • Vastly improved soldier selection system (both your own and for targetting selection)
  • It should now be easier to throw grenades through windows
  • Fixed some path finding and cover issues
  • Chat text is now always outlined to make it more readable
  • Suppression has been redesigned. Suppression falls much more slowly when it is low and faster when it is very high. So suppressions tends to linger longer.

Don't forget! This Sunday at 8pm CET and 3PM EST/EDT we'll be holding a regiment competition and streaming it live on our Twitch channel! Do all join! You can set your regiment in your user preferences.