December Status Report


Today we would like to brief you on everything that the team has been working on in the last couple of weeks.

Call of Combat office
The Call of Combat office has been fully operational for almost two weeks now. Its cheap, but more than good enough. Overall its very effective and a lot of fun to work together in the same space. Check out our last blog post for some superfantasticawesome pictures.

Game Design
A new trainee has started this week: Antoine Meurillon. While working at Philips for more than five years, he has gained extensive experience in usability design. He translates this experience and his immense enthusiasm for gaming into scientific approaches for game design, playtesting and marketing. Its great to have him on board. You guys will probably see him on the blog and forum from time to time as he might mingle in certain game design/gameplay discussions.

The Art team has been working very hard. Gordon, our art director, has been working on briefings which the rest of the team then uses to develop 3D models for the first demo map. The whole art team is also working on sketches for a new Call of Combat logo (!!). Next to that Frans is still very busy with loads of animations. Last but not least we hope to welcome several new Art trainees in the coming weeks/months.

New website!
Our friends from Wales (aka 'the big walking area'), Luke and Zander, are putting a lot of effort into a new website! Meanwhile Marco (2D/3D artist) is working on a design for the new site. We hope to make the transition from blog to a proper game site in the early months of 2014. We have quite a few cool ideas (including nice art and an online chat). Hope to be able to show you more soon.

When this development blog was just put online, we remember several requests for accepting bitcoin donations. Well then, your prayers have been answered :-) Please check out the new Bitcoin donate button on the right. For those of you that don't know/care about bitcoin, please ignore it. For those of you that do, you know how it works :D

Due to our bitcoin notice above, it feels right to talk a little bit about our Kickstarter ideas as well. We are seriously considering to launch a Kickstarter campaign somewhere near the first serious prototype (+-6 months). For many reasons actually. But mainly because we have a great concept here... just need funding to get it close to, for example, AAA level (w00t!?!?). Our current team consists out of 13 guys, and only one gets a salary.. One of our Kickstarter goals would be to perhaps change this somewhat (among many other things such as allow for great new features to be implemented!!). Anyways, first of all we sincerely hope that you guys dont find it strange that we have a donate button up while we also want to launch a Kickstarter Campaign later on. And secondly, we even more sincerely hope that you will support us on Kickstarter. We will not be able to do this without you guys.. We would love to hear your thoughts about whether or not Call of Combat can succeed on Kickstarter.

Hope you like what you've read! More Art & Tech updates next week!


The Development Team


Erik's picture

When/if we launch a Kickstarter campaign: everyone who has already donated will receive the same Kickstarter rewards as those who back the campaign on kickstarter. We will not forget about you! A nice Kickstarter reward example: early BETA access? :)
Jeff's picture

Hey erik, hope all's going well! it sounds like production is coming along nicely! just wondering is there a minimum you have to donate to get the rewards (i.e. hopefully BETA access)? im still a Uni Student so im pretty broke but ive started making irregular donations as and when i can.
Erik's picture

Heya Jeff. Yes things are going very well thanks! Hope all is well on your side as well.

Kickstarter rewards: cannot say anything substantial about that just yet I'm afraid. We first need to figure out whether or not we feel CoC has enough potential for a Kickstarter. I'd like to think so :) But so far not a whole lot of response from the community here ;)
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Props to you guys. The CoC team is an inspiration to me and a few other diehard fans I know. I'll be sure to drop a coin in the bucket when the Kickstarter page is up and running.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!
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Please think long and hard about using Bitcoins as a method of payment. If you had taken my suggestion early in 2013 you would have raked it in and be sitting pretty. Think beyond just donations. Also suggest you get LiteCoins as well.

Crypto Currency Donations?
Submitted by PFC4LIFE on Sun, 01/20/2013 - 13:09.

Just wondering if you guys had any plans to accept Bitcoin or other altcoins for donations and in the future for the game add ons if any? Already emailed in that love to help at testing stage as guinea pig. Hope it goes well good luck!
Erik's picture

We have started to accept bitcoins! ;)