Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello everyone. We have been preparing this for quite a while now, and within less than two months we will start a crowdfunding campaign, most probably on Kickstarter, like it had been suggested in the older forum. The goal here is to gain visibility as much as getting extra funds in order to pursue the development of the game. We have been preparing this for a while now, and we believe this is something you guys should know about in advance.

If you somehow think you cannot be part of it, know that it is not true. Regardless of financial participation, you can be of tremendous help (really) simply by spreading the word. Simply by letting your loved ones know about it, your family, your friends, (your enemies), your online communities, your social networks, your colleagues, your professors, or anyone you meet, taxi drivers, Starbucks waiters, public servants, etc... This will help us immensely.

You will probably have a lot of questions. There will be other important announcements in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

This will mark the dawn of a new era for us.