Crowd-funding and Game-playing

Hello everyone,

Two important events will take place within a couple of weeks:

- we will launch the Kickstarter campaign
- you will all be able to play the current version of the game

This will be quite a big deal since the success of the crowd-funding campaign will dictate how the game should be further developed. We will be making sure a lot of people hear about Call of Combat, but you can also be of tremendous help by spreading the word to your families, friends and online communities. If you are a dictator, please let your people know about the game.

And yes, all of you will be able to download and play an early version of the game. In no way will it be the definitive version of the game, but it will show you where we are now. It will basically be an open alpha that will remain online for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign: roughly a month.

Provided things go well, we will want to offer two ways to play the game after that. There will be a free preview version of the game. And there will be a full version with similar price to other indie games. We will give you more details about that in a later post, but our general idea is not to cripple the free version too much while offering a full game that is worth its price. It has not been easy to figure out the best monetization solution, but we believe this one to be the most realistic for you and for us when it comes to our ultimate goal: bring the best game possible to you and in a durable way.